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Former comics retailer Michael George found guilty in second murder trial

Michael George

The jury in the second Michael George murder case found the former comics retailer and convention organizer guilty today, according to the Detroit Free Press.

George, 51, was accused of fatally shooting his wife, Barbara, on July 13, 1990 in the back room of their Clinton Township (Mich.) comic book store. This is George’s second trial and second guilty verdict. Macomb County Circuit Judge James Biernat Sr. overturned the first verdict, citing prosecutorial misconduct and the release of new evidence that could lead the jury to believe another person was responsible for the murder of Barbara George. The first trail resulted in George being sentenced to life in prison before it was overturned.

The jury deliberated Thursday, Friday and today for a total of about 14 hours before delivering the verdict.



Dibs on the Lifetime movie rights.

Dibs on getting to play Michael George in R.J. Ryan’s Lifetime movie. On accounta we look exactly the same.

Who knew comic book retailers could be so violent.

He killed someone in 1990 and is just NOW being tried and found guilty of it? Damn, this legal system REALLY needs a major overhaul.

Justice is finally served… Just to punish him further, he got to see the Avengers trailer but WON’T GET TO SEE THE MOVIE!!

Dibs on the comic book adaptation of the story

What was the motive? Anyone know?

Concerned Citizen

October 11, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Yeah what was the motive?

Motive: Collects his wifes life insurance money. He was cheating on her with another woman. He ran off with the other woman. If he had divorced his wife, he would have likely had to give her half of everything he owned, including money from his comic business. Instead of doing it the honorable and legal way, he decided to have her murdered.

Dont worry about who I am

October 11, 2011 at 8:12 pm

Its really funny how so many of you have so much to say and think this is funny! If only you knew half of the b.s., misconduct, and lies involved with this case, maybe you would think differently and understand. But that goes to show how shallow and judgemental people these days are!!

What would the Comic Book Guy say?

“Worse Murder Ever.”

It doesn’t matter what group of business you’re in, eventually there will be a murderer in there somewhere.

I’m just shocked that Bluewater hasn’t put out a comic on Michael George yet. It seems as if they’ve put out a comic on nearly every celebrity/famous/(not so) famous person by now, that a person in the news that’s tied in with the comic industry would seem like a natural there.

I knew Michael back in the day. His shop is right around the corner from my parents house and, when I got out of comics back in the late 80’s, he was the guy I sold my collection to. Always loved Barb. This whole thing is a tragedy. I don’t in any way think he’s innocent, though. There was always something a little “off” about him. I know thats not a reason to assign blame or guilt…just a feeling I have.

YES!!! Its nice to see the justice system in this country isn’t totally incompetant…

@Dont worry about who I am

“If only you knew half of the b.s., misconduct, and lies involved with this case, maybe you would think differently and understand. But that goes to show how shallow and judgemental people these days are!!”

You’re probably one of George’s cronies that started the Penthouse brawl at the Pittsburgh ComicCon a few years ago that ended in the evacuation of the entire hotel. That was just the tip of the iceberg of heinous behavior that I witnessed as a convention participant.

So we’re shallow and judgmental? Yeah, I guess both of the jury’s were rigged huh? I’m sure there is a tin-foil hat explanation for that one.

The fact is this… Michael George is a MONSTER & a MURDERER and should be grateful he’s not on death row.

you guys have no idea what a totally happened, my friend was in the courtroom the whole time during this trial and they had noooooo evidence what so ever to convict him, you know why they want to convict him?? bc if he would of been found not guilty then he would go around and sew the police department for not doing their job, they asked him questions in august and the next day came back and arrested him with no evidence. he didn’t shoot his wife he was at home with his mom and daughter sleeping on the couch at the time
of the accident. the stupid police department does not want to risk losing millions and millions of dollars. they convicted him with no evidence they didn’t even do DNA test on other people. it’s total BS, he does not deserve it, he’s not guilty and the stupid system is sending him back with NO evidence. stupid system..


“he didn’t shoot his wife he was at home with his mom and daughter sleeping on the couch at the time
of the accident”

Accident? Hmmm… Do you know something we don’t know? Either you do or you know even less than than your nonsensical statement proves.

And how does one “sew” the Police Department? With a needle and thread?

2 out of 2 Jurys agree… George is a killer and will pay the price.


And if you really, truly believed that George was innocent, you wouldn’t have confused the word MURDER for ACCIDENT. If you CARED for his murdered wife you wouldn’t make that error either.

And you have a problem with the system?

I remember when this first came up here and some jack@$$ posted, “We’re all with you, George!”.

herp derp


Yeah, I’ve been following this since the start and his little circle of dudes from his old PA shop are constantly singing his praises and griping about police misconduct.

I guess they can still be pen pals with him!

As I’ve said before, guilty or not guilty, this shouldn’t even be covered by CBR. This isn’t comics, or the business of comics. It identifies CBR as the web equivalent of an LCD tabloid newspaper. Farmers Weekly won’t report on a murdered farmer’s wife. It has more respect for its industry and its readers than to dig into tangentially related gossip.

@ Alaric “As I’ve said before, guilty or not guilty, this shouldn’t even be covered by CBR. This isn’t comics, or the business of comics.”

Not only was he a owner of a comics shop (stores in different cities, if I’m not mistaken) but he ran a Comic Book Convention. If that doesn’t establish ties to the comic industry I don’t know what does.

You do know, that if you see an article that you don’t want to read, you don’t have to read it, right? You do have that capability, correct?

I just have to add, the “arguments” between posters pro or against those involved in this case would come off a bit more credible if those posting used their ACTUAL names. Unless your REAL names are insider, citizen or don’t worry about who I am.

That IS my real name, pal. McDermott is the surname, as per previous postings. Always helps to verify your snipes.

And I’m not pro or anti-George, as you would have understood if your comprehension was as swift as your knees jerking.

Per my example – a man who owns a farm has ties to the farming industry. But Farmers Weekly will still focus on fields, pigs and potatoes and leave murdered farmers’ wives to the Daily Muckraker.

If I see an article I think is out of place on a website I like, I’m entitled to comment. My understanding was that an article proposed for comment (by virtue of having a comment facility) was open for – well – comments.

Alaric, what about CBR’s reporting on this matter has been tabloid-esque? While the comments get a little crazy, the reporting on the events has been pretty much just the facts from where I’m sitting. And given that George’s current wife still runs Pittsburgh Comicon, I’d say it’s news.

Did you feel the same way when they reported on the robbery of Superman fan Mike Meyer’s collection? Or Ed Kramer’s arrest? These events are news, and I don’t think Robot6 or CBR in general have reported on them in a salacious manner at all.

And not to be a jerk about it, but the only Farmers Weekly I can find is in the UK, and they report on murders related to people in the farming industry.

I have to say that’s a good catch – and your non-aggressive approach (unlike the previous poster) does you real credit.

Well, it’s not the Farmers Weekly I remember. I’ll have to complain to them too (no-not serious).

I’m a lawyer by trade (UK), and day by day court reports irritate me as a matter of course, even in outlets that have (IMHO) a legitimate interest. Over here, it was argued by many that they were at least a factor in the wrongful conviction of Stefan Kiszko, when the real culprit was our own comic book shop owning murderer Ronald Castree. My own view is that reporting of in-process matters by the media (and particularly non-expert media) can have appalling consequences for a party subsequently found innocent. In recent cases the press have gone so far as to name suspects taken in for questioning (and subsequently released without charge), ruining lives. These days the media has little by way of a moral compass in these matters. I think CBR no worse, but unfortunately no better.

@citizen-I 100% agree with you that he is innocent and that there is sooooo much that people who where not there, that are not close to the family(either side), or were not a part of the trial do not know. And as for sueing the police dept-they have every right to! How many pages of evidence was hidden? Why did the prosecutor bring new evidence in AFTER the trial was started the SECOND time? It is a CORRUPT system!!!

@Insider-You must be someone on Barbaras side of the family. If thats the case Im sorry for your loss but putting an innocent man in prison is NOT serving justice!! Just saying!

Well, since you brought up the knee jerk comment Alaric, and had actually read my post PAL, I wrote “I just have to add, the “arguments” between posters pro or against ”

The arguments BETWEEN posters. Prior to my comment the only posters who arguing were insider, citizen or don’t worry about who I am. NOT you.

My comments to you were only attributed to what you wrote. That’s why I put your quote in my comment. And I stand behind what I wrote, that this article has a place on a Blog about the comic industry since George was involved in the industry, both by owning a shop and by running a large comic book convention. So no, this article is NOT out of place on this web site.

I note that you never bothered to comment on those facts. No, I guess you were too busy getting on your high horse, already to snipe at my instead of actually reading what I wrote.

But, you see, Richard, I did answer you. The fact that Chad showed that answer to be too optimistic doesn’t mean it wasn’t given.

Anyway, I took value from the more reasonable exchange, but unfortunately I didn’t pay for the full half hour with you (you’ll either get the reference or you won’t – no prizes either way).

I grew up with Barbara Kowynia George in Warren, MI. She was the kindest, sweetest person you would ever meet. The murderer got his 15 or so years of freedom. That was plenty. He got off lucky. There’s a book on this. It’s called “Dead But Not Forgotten” by Amber Hunt.

I believe the case was opened up because law enforcement around the country were given grants for trying to solve “cold cases” sometime around when they opened it up.

The book is very well written and is based on fact. There is no bias. Read it and then decide for yourself what you would think if you were a juror. I can’t say one way or the other and I just finished the book.

Have just read the book and was looking for an update from the second trial. It’s definitely not a coincidence that 2 juries found him guilty, let justice for Barbara be served!!!

I find it quite disturbing that comments posted on the day of the verdict would be that of who would get movie rights and who should play the murderer!!!


I had the opportunity to know Mr. George personally, Its easy to judge people we dont know and even easier to believe everything you hear on the news or on tv,

Im not saying that he is not guilty however the courts should never find someone guilty on circumstancial evidence. they do not have solid evidence that this man killed anyone, I was at the trial, was anybody else there who are posting opinions in here??, didnt think so, no solid evidence whatsoever, unless I missed something please fill me in thanks.

John Q Anonymous

September 6, 2012 at 2:07 pm

His alibi is that he was sleeping on the couch at his mother’s house. His mother took his kinds, age 4 and 2 at the time to a nearby park. Thus he was alone for awhile. His mother’s testimony/memory about when they left, how long they were gone, when they got back has changed over the years, thus is not very reliable. No one else can substantiate his alibi. There is a phone call that places him at the scene during the time of the murder.

Flimsy alibi with one unreliable alibi witness vs. phone call that places him at the scene during the time of the murder.

Plus he was cheating on her, cashed out the insurance policy, left for another state, never showed outward signs of grief, rage, etc.

John Q Anonymous

September 6, 2012 at 2:09 pm

@ Mike Ryan

You are right, it is easy to judge people that we don’t know.

That being said, I also knew Michael George back in his Michigan days before and after the murder. I have no kind words to describe him.

George is a sociopath, and the only place he belongs in jail. “Don’t Worry about Who I Am” is probably either his slutty mistress who stole the dead woman’s kids, or God help us, the stupid daughters themselves who betrayed their mom’s memory by siding with her killer and his horrible new wife. And the fool who says no one should be convicted on “circumstantial evidence”? How do you think people were found guilty before they ever had DNA and other forensic techniques? Right–circumstantial evidence. Why did George change his story as to motive in the 17 years he walked around shamelessly free? Why did his mom even come to her senses and admit that she hadn’t seen him during the time he claimed to be home? Why did he high-tail it out of town so quickly? Why didn’t he get a divorce when he was running around with the monster who stole the wife’s children? Shame on his whole family and god bless Barb’s friends and family. Anyone who really knew him knew what a creep he was. Just the fact that he put on that hilarious show of crying and flailing about when he was convicted initially shows what a spineless, self-centered creature he is–instead of trying to comfort the wife and kids he pretends to care so much about, all he could do was whine and sob about his own situation. I pray he dies in prison.

I don’t think there’s much question he killed or was at least involved in her murder. The question is if there is enough evidence. Personally, it sounded flimsy but the defense lawyers did a horrible job making the defendant likable. Michael George needed to come up to the stand and tell his side. But all he did was cry for himself and sat Ina wheel chair. Those defense lawyers were awful.

I read the book which was based on the trial etc. He lied initially about everything. His new wife admitted he was frequently a cry baby, now my question is; if he was such a cry baby and emotional guy, why did he not cry at his wife’s funeral. He did not even want to see her body at the hospital. And he knew she was killed in the back room before being informed of that fact.. And he was answering the phone at the scene when he supposedly was sleeping at his mom’s.

There was not enough proof to convict him of murdering his wife. God help anyone if they are found guilty on that circumstantial evidence.

Michael George is guilty. Most people with common sense know that. I couldn’t help but notice how every single person on this thread who defends George has the most hideous spelling and grammar…I mean seriously, sew the police department, sueing, would of, where not there? The list goes on and on…And Insider, you just about made me choke on my dinner…”How do you sew the police department? Needle and thread?” Lmao! Classic.

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