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Future doesn’t look bright for Wally West

Art by Joshua Middleton

Peppered with questions over the past few months about the status of Wally West in DC’s New 52, The Flash collaborators Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have professed a fondness for the character, and even teased that he would crop up at some point.

But in a just-posted interview with Comic Book Resources, the co-writers revealed they’ve submitted a Wally proposal to DC. The problem is, the publisher doesn’t seem to be in a rush to reintroduce the former Kid Flash turned Fastest Man Alive.

“The pitch is on Dan [DiDio’s] desk,” a laughing Manapul tells CBR. “Let’s see if he finds it! That’s really all there is to say!”

However, when contacted by CBR, a DC representative said there are no plans for Wally West at this time.

Buccellato addressed the Wally Question on his blog in August, shortly before the relaunch: “We often get asked that very fair question, and we wish we had an answer that would satisfy. But the simple truth is we don’t. Our book is about Barry. We are focusing on Barry. And there is nothing we can say to put Wally fans at peace. Sorry, guys. I really am. And we are not bothered when we are asked about Wally. It’s okay to ask us … I’m glad there are people out that that feel so strongly about The Flash. Unfortunately, there is no new information to impart. I can’t tell you why there is no Wally.”

He did offer some speculation, though, centering on Wally’s origin being dependent on Barry Allen, and Warner Bros.’ interest in a Flash movie featuring the latter version.

Check out the CBR interview with Manapul and Buccellato for details of their plans for The Flash.



If anyone thinks that this will be the end of Wally, then you really haven’t been reading comics for very long. He’ll be back at some point, just wait and see.

I’m a Wally West guy. Wally was the only Flash I ever cared about. Period. Bart was fine as Impulse and Kid Flash. Barry is milquetoast and boring.

Trading Cyborg’s elevation for Donna and Wally seems like a pyrrhic victory.

The ONLY reason I’m reading the new Justice League book is Vic’s story is in it. The rest is a mess.

I must remind everyone, that my first exposure to comic books was a paperback sized omnibus of early issues of New Teen Titans and have a real strong feeling for those characters, when I started reading comics in earnest in the late 80s early 90s I was drawn more to Marvel, but the first DC book I picked up was New Titans: issue 71, the beginning of Titans Hunt. Which despite it’s bumpy road is still one of my favorite long running storyline. Tom Grummett’s Titans art always seemed more grand than anything he’s done elsewhere, maybe it was Al Vey, but it always seemed bigger, more Kirby-esque and dramatic. Love his other stuff, but would love to see him whip out some of that Titans stuff on some Marvel work.

Anyway, Titans good, New 52, not.

I thought the NEW 52 was about new takes on characters. Who’s to say Wally/Flash’s origin has to be tied to Barry at all?

Or they’re just lying and know exactly where Wally is. *cough*purple hooded cross-dresser*cough*

The first thought I had after reading this articles title was a very sarcastic sounding “Really?”.

I quite enjoyed the first issue of the new series (haven’t gotten to the store yet today, so I haven’t read #2 yet), but it’s a real shame that DC felt they needed to systematically dismantle and then (as far as anyone can tell) flat-out erase Wally West in order to get to this point.

I enjoyed the first issue more than I thought I would, but I’ve got the same issue. I followed Flash v2 for two decades because of the love for the character of Wally West I developed through reading the New Teen Titans. So while I’m still reading the new Flash series, I’d still like to see Wally in some capacity.

@DrunkJack, it’s funny you should mention Al Vey, I’ve not seen his work for years, and here he is today inking Chris Bachalo on Wolverine and the X-Men #1.

As for the Wally question, it’s weird the way DC talk as if some outside force is keeping Wally off the board – they could just, you know, make up a new story about him.

Nitzan Rotschild

October 26, 2011 at 4:21 pm

I’m with Drake – I think (or I’d like to believe) DC is saving his return till the first major event or some high-profile DCnU Wave 2 batch of titles.

What made Wally West the best character ever in comics (no sarcasm in that statement) is that he grew into the role of the Flash. No other character had the legacy placed on them like him and rose to the challenge. While I still like Barry, it is a shame that Wally is erased from continuity. Since Barry’s marriage has been dissolved, I have little hope that Wally is part of the DCNU. It was that connection that brought Wally into Barry’s police office where the lightning striked twice. But like what was said above…. just wait a few years and he’ll be back.

@Rob T.

Ummmm, Dick Grayson. The only reason he didn’t stay Batman as long as Wally stayed The Flash is because Bruce is just too damn popular. Which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion, though I could have gone with at least one more year of Dick as Batman.

Wally West will be back , hes to popular to stay dead.

I’m a huge Wally fan, so I’m with you Rob T.

Personally, I don’t think we’ll see him again under this DC “administration”. I think it’ll take new leadership to bring the character back. Same with Elongated Man and Ted Kord.

The problem isn’t that he’ll be back. That’s a given. It’s that he’s gone solely for the nostalgia of DC editorial and Geoff Johns. Nobody was clamoring to get Barry back. It’s not like Hal, whose death reeked of editorial meddling to begin with and was not in any way satisfying. Barry went out as a hero. Barry’s story was done, and bringing him back doesn’t help that. And it actively undermines Wally’s.

@ ChrisPV

I completely agree. I remember back when it was said that the reason Marvel was more popular than DC was because Marvel had heroes the average reader could relate to, like Spider Man and his girl troubles while DC had these larger than life characters with an almost unearthly aura around them. No one could relate to Superman or Wonder Woman, or even Batman. The one exception was the Teen Titans, who, under Marv Wolfman became very relatable. Wally was the best example of this, and over the years became the most human and grounded of heroes at DC. This is why I loved him, and Barry, with his complete lack of an identifying personality was one of the best examples of the old DC. There was no sensible reason at all to bring Barry back and it his return hasn’t done DC any favors. When Hal returned (and I am not even a big Hal fan, preferring Kyle and Guy) it invigorated the GL line and Green Lantern became the best of DC. What has Barry done. His series have been met with lukewarm responses so far and Flash is dying a slow death as a comic book. I say it’s time DC realized its mistake and returned Wally to the forefront, letting Barry fade away again, as he should. Barry should have stayed dead.

I’m sad since wally was my flash and i didnt need barry back.

Saint Barry went out like a hero. Hal Jordon’s death was disgusting. Wally’s abandonment smells of editorial BS again.

Wally was creatively driven to the ground. His stories after Bart died were boring and uninteresting. Barry was a change of pace. How long Wally will be benched? No one outside DC has any real clue. Maybe he’ll come back when they’ve built up Barry’s speed force friends (w/ Max Mercury and any other speedsters not on Earth-2)

No Wally West plans but there’s a Kyle Rayner and a Bart Allen? This DCnU is annoying. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good books. I’m just bothered by the legacy of DC right now. Marvels expanding and DC’s consolidating. I get it. It’s not a bad idea, I personally haven’t read anything that’s made me say “this is the reason why they needed to restart the DCU… HELL YEAH!” though.

Wasn’t Flash selling better with Wally?

If I recall correctly, they have this “Speed Force” series pitched, it’s been mentioned a few times, but nothing new has come up in the few months we last heard about it. I just thought of something they should have done: maybe instead of phasing out Wally altogether, they should have just made the book a team book, titled something like “The Flash: Speed Force”, and it would’ve had all three Flashes, Jesse Quick, Max Mercury, Kid Flash, and the new Impulse. Sure, they all have super-speed, but what separates them is the way each uses it. Would it have worked? Answer me that, people.

@Scud Not sure what you’re talking about, Batman is and always will be a Dick.

Reckless and completely uninformed speculation: Wally West will be the current-generation Flash in the Earth 2-based JSA.

Why should I care anymore?

I wish Wally was a part of the new DCU also. I don’t hate Barry, but he’s nowhere near as entertaining as Wally. I don’t get how they can find room for 4 different Robins, but Wally is all but erased. Couldn’t they have stuck him in JLI or something? Wally has a devoted fanbase that will buy whatever book he’s featured in. Why let him sit on the sidelines?

I_Captain Blanco

October 27, 2011 at 8:48 am

@ Shaun Manning – I had the same thought! I hope we’re right….

In a related story, the future does not look good for DC getting a single dime of my money on any of the New 52 books. No Wally, no money.

Personally, I think they should take a page from earlier DC history, and just make the pre-Flashpoint DCU into the new Earth-2.

MadameRogue, that would get me to buy more than the one DC book I currently am (the Shade).


‘Dis makey no sensey to me.

While I think he’ll be back eventually but not soon, I just hope he doesn’t come back and become some villain, with a meta-story about him being scorned or something like Superboy Prime (though I did like what they did with that character).

Wally will probably within a couple of years. Meanwhile, DC has a history of blowing smoke about these things. They also said there were no plans to bring back Barry as late as 2006/2007. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what DC’s brain trust says.

I’m skipping the book but for a different reason: I have no desire to relive the Silver Age. I wish the new creative team the best of luck, but I want to move forwrad.

My problem isn’t really Barry being there. I would prefer him dead, his sacrifice was meaningful. But erasing Wally is just…unfathomable to me. He has dire connections with a lot of characters (some that I was particular very fond of, so I’m not going to lie and say this doesn’t make me rather heated) and past stories. And if supposedly, Blackest Night did happen…it makes absolutely NO sense. All continuity is jumbled to a complete mess and no one knows where to place what with where. Hell, I think a new identity will suffice if they were so afraid to have two Flashes. He could return being Flash any time if need be for whatever storyline. There was NO reason for Wally to be taken out other than the pure fact that he has more fans and they didn’t want it to overshadow Barry’s thunder. Not even the half-assed excuse Johns gave worked. Actually, I don’t think he was even trying to defend this decision. There’s truly…no good reason. So why make it?

Personally, following the news of the new “kewl” Rogues, I’ve really run out of reasons for wanting to pick up the Flash. I can tell you when I think we’ll see an awesome new age with that book: when Johns and Didio leave and a new editorial team takes over. And despite Buccellato and Manapul’s claims that they’ve submitted a proposal for Wally to Didio…sorry, but I take anything coming out of any Flash writer’s mouth with a grain of salt. Not to disrespect these guys or anyone else, but if you’ve heard about the Kid Flash series, the Speedforce book, and the Wally West backups, you’ve heard this song and dance before.

Sorry. Not playing along anymore.

You know I really miss Wally West. There was a time I regularly read comics (in the early 90’s) and that Flash was Wally West. The only time I saw Barry Allen (during the time of the Return of Barry Allen) was just Eobard Thawne disguised as him. I witnessed the debut of Impulse and as far as I knew Barry Allen sacrificed himself in the Infinite Worlds Crisis. I feel there’s no need for DC to re-invent itself all the time

Wally is the deal breaker. No wally means I’m done.

Mark in Orlando

July 19, 2013 at 3:30 am

Wally West was the best character in DC Comics not just the best Flash . If the pinhead running DC Comics , and we all know who that is , wanted to start over from scratch with the new 52 fine , but make Wally West Kidflash again with all new stories about him that would be exciting . And it would bring in a lot more readers , AND SELL A LOT MORE BOOKS THAN BART DOES ! ARE YOU LISTENING DC ? Probably not , DC Comics doesn’t care what their reader’s want , that is a fatal flaw for any business . When they stop caring what their own customers want , they will soon be someone else’s customers . I will be boycotting DC Comics until they bring back Wally West , and I would urge every other Wally West fan to do the same . Vote with your dollars , and don’t reward DC for crapping on it’s customers and our favorite character anymore . Put the word out on Twitter , Facebook , and everywhere else , Boycott DC Comics ! And besides , the Flash comic book is so terrible now anyway , I can’t even stand to look at it . GOD I MISS THE BRIAN AUGUSTYN , MARK WAID ERA FLASH COMICS .

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