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Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman series could debut in 2012

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison’s long-discussed Wonder Woman series, which he describes as “the hardest project I’ve ever done,” could arrive as soon as next year, “or thereabouts.”

The update comes in a newly transcribed Q&A session from this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival, where the writer again touched upon the bondage and “loving submission” elements inherent to the early Wonder Woman stories by her creator William Moulton Marston.

“The Wonder Woman strip had this weird, libidinous kind of element, and obviously on Paradise Island, it was this amazing Second Wave, separatist, feminist idea of an entire island where women had ruled for 3,000 years and what they did for fun was chase one another!” Morrison said. “So the girls would dress up like stags and run through the forest and another girl would chase them and then they’d capture the girl, tie her up and put her on a table and pretend to eat her at a mock banquet. This is a typical Wonder Woman adventure! In 1941. But then Marston died, and that energy left the strip, it just disappeared.”

Morrison said he’s attempting to reintroduce some of those elements, “but without it being prurient or exploitative.”

“Superman when he began was, he could throw people out of windows. You used to see him drop-kicking guys into the ocean, and obviously that would kill you,” he said. “You know Batman had a gun and sometimes he would shoot people. But those things weren’t intrinsic to the strips, you know, you could take out those elements, you could take out the murder element of Superman and Batman and the strips still worked. But when you took the sex out of Wonder Woman, the thing went flat. And the sales died immediately after Marston himself died and never ever recovered.”

Morrison, who revealed in 2009 that he’d like to tackle Wonder Woman after his Batman mega-arc — September’s Action Comics relaunch may have gotten in the way — said he’s immersed himself in feminist theory, and incorporated some of those ideas into the project, “but completely took them in a different direction.”

“Wonder Woman needs sex definitely because, you know, again as I said in the book [Supergods], they kind of transformed her into a cross between the Virgin Mary and Mary Tyler Moore,” he said. “This Girl Scout who had no sexuality at all and the character’s never quite worked since then. In the way that Superman’s supposed to stand for men but at least he’s allowed to have some kind of element of sexuality, Wonder Woman is expected to stand for women without any element of sexuality, and that seems wrong.

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Hmm, any other writer I’d be quite wary about going too far in re-introducing sexual elements to the character, but in Morrison we trust.

oh joy. Let the rumor gravy train start all over again.

Awesome. I would love to see this so-called Wonder Woman publication buried in the DC offices.

No, no, no, no, no…. I love what he’s done with Superman and Batman, but in this instance he’s so wrong it hurts.

Going back to the roots of the character. In Morrison we trust.

the only readable Wonder Woman is the golden age version. BUT two thirds of the fun was actually Harry G. Peter’s doing, not Marsten’s.

Whatever the case, it can’t get any worse than the last 60 years.

@Death Itself

I’m sure by reintroducing sexuality into the Wonder Woman comic, Morrison will manage to do it tastefully. I imagine he’ll do it the same way Alan Moore had dealt with sexuality in Promethea, which never felt sleazy or forced. That being said, the big question is if DC Comics would allow this to happen to their biggest female icon. Especially after the mini-drama over Catwoman and Starfire. While I’m sure Morrison wouldn’t be exploitative about it, DC management would probably be watching the comic very careful and be quick with the knee-jerk edits.

THIS I’m interested in reading! Could be the only DC title on my “pull list”.

Wonder Woman? Mehhh.

Why would a writer as great as Morrison waste his time on such a lack-lustre character? Doesn’t he have better things to do?

I would be immensely interested in reading such a comic-book! However, this being a title that would be published by a major U.S. company, about one of their iconic characters, I doubt Grant Morrison would get the freedom he would need to do the book justice. So it could very well end up as a half-baked attempt at something wonderful, but still a shadow of the writer’s original intent. Maybe if it was a european comic-book title, which sadly it is not…

Sounds good, but how long would his changes last?

Who cares?
It would last as long as he writes the character.

It’s not exactly like other writers at DC have the caliber to continue his strips in an interesting quality anyway….

Wonder Woman didn’t lose her sexuality. That is a made up excuse used to justify not using the character, or writing her badly, as we saw in Final Crisis.

The idea that she became a virginal character is one propagated by those who, like Grant Morrison, obviously never really read the comics.

Is Morrison taking over the current series or is this going to be a separate project?

In the past it’s been described as “an All-Star Superman approach,” so it’s probably safe to presume Morrison’s Wonder Woman project would be a finite series, separate from what’s being done by Azzarello and Chiang.

I dunno…this alleged “lost book” by Marston sounds about as real as that Batman script Millar claimed (and later admitted to lying about) Orson Welles wrote. I’ve been asking around and everyone from Bob Rozakis to Paul Kupperberg to Marty Pasko to Paul Levitz has said that they’ve never heard of any such book before – and they know the DC Vault better than anyone. I think Morrison is just using it as a reason so he can write Diana as a bondage queen.

Moore attempted a similar thing with Glory.

Wonder Woman’s sexuality is just as normal as Superman’s. Superman is in love with Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman is in love with Steve Trevor. Steve was the reason Wonder Woman left Paradise Island to help the allies against the nazis. I actually love the chemistry between Lynda Carter, and Lyle Waggoner in the 1970’s television show. However it only worked in the first season, because then the show moved from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, and Lyle Waggoner played Steve Trevor Jr, and it wouldn’t have been right for Wonder Woman to chase after a man who could’ve been her son. She’s not a cougar. LOL

@ Lackshmana: Uhm…hell no. I’ve read Wonder Woman for five years now. Diana, by virtue of being Diana, is beautiful (or sexy, if you want). But the very thought of her having sex kinda creeps me out in the same way that thinking about one’s parents having sex does. It’s…ew.

I can see Batman having sex. (In Catwoman 1. *ba-dum tish* Also apparently Detective #2.) I can see Superman having sex, though I wonder about the physics of it. And sex isn’t even a part of the base of those characters. But Diana, for whatever reason, has had that bit completely excised from her. Even when Gail had her ask out Nemesis, it was done in a very old-school, archaic fashion, hinting at the end result of several dates being a kiss on the cheek, like an episode of Leave It To Beaver.

If you don’t like Grant? Cool. If you dislike the way he portrayed Wonder Woman in Final Crisis? That’s fine. But don’t put out something that’s blatantly false.

@ Scott Mateo: He doesn’t really need that one comic you think he made up (somehow I doubt it). The other two examples he listed that seem to be actually PUBLISHED gives him all the basis he needs. The truth is in the ink. I’ve heard for years and years that Wonder Woman has roots in bondage when you go back to her Golden Age stories. If he goes back to that, it won’t be anything new.

I’d kinda have to agree with Morrison here
Until Azzarello’s run, no take on Wonder Woman ever seemed to get even close to the Marston era.
Until recently, it was the only run on the character I ever liked.

It’s nice to see he’s trying to bring back the character’s original essence

Sarah Palin Bachman Numbskull

October 14, 2011 at 10:18 am

Spot on!

Marston’s original take and run is one of the most fabulous in the history of comic books. For decades, DC has struggled to figure out how to make her “work” when it’s been there are along.

WW was a huge title until Marston died. DC continued to water her down and repress her until she was nothing more than Mary Poppins with a lasso.

Sexuality is more than having sex. It’s an attitude. A charisma. A compelling trait that can accent a character as opposed to the current – Azzarello excluded – Sister Mary Diana, who is essentially a nun in a bathing suit.

For those so short sighted as to think it’s either this or something like Winnick’s dreadful Catwoman, go grab a copy of the Wonder Woman Chronicles and see what an amazing character Marston created.

Oh, and no one has sex. No one.

Again, sexuality is more than having “sex.”

Those who wish to keep WW as the chaste, soulless nanny to the DCU, you have about 50 years of back issues to enjoy.

Bring it on.

“an entire island where women had ruled for 3,000 years and what they did for fun was chase one another!”

So can we expect relationships between Amazons, then (including Diana)? That would only make sense.

ehh, ill judge it when i see it.

wow. His Action Comics pulled him back from the precipice of me deciding he was an over-rated has been, but this nonsense about Wonder Woman hunting women dressed as stags for fun has shoved him over the edge. Especially after Brian Azzarello’s BRILLIANT opening issue of Wonder Woman.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I always thought Mary Tyler Moore was extremely sexy :)

“Ohhhhh, Rob!”

Can someone draw MTM as Wonder Woman! That would be AWESOME! LOL!

If Grant’s plan is to honor Diana’s roots and reason for being while translating them to modern sensibilities–like his recent work on Superman–AND tell stories with plenty of action, meaning and characterization–like Batman–then I AM SO DOWN FOR THIS.

Please make this an ongoing and fit into the DCU like Action is to Superman or all the Bat titles are to Batman.

People shouldn’t be so sensitive with sexuality anyways. I mean its a common part of all if our lives and news flash boys, girls like to have sex and we love to feel sexy (just like boys like to feel all macho). So keeping woman and sex as far apart from each other is absolutely ridiculous and sexist in my opinion. It seems to me only people that feel insecure about sex get pissed off about it haha

As long as this doesn’t interfere with Azzarello and Chiang I’m happy.

“This is a typical Wonder Woman adventure! In 1941. But then Marston died, and that energy left the strip, it just disappeared.”

And the world was better for it. The Marston era is terrible. As a historical curiosity it’s hilarious, but as a narrative, completely batshit nuts and is best left forgotten. So of course Morrison would go for that. Sigh. Despite everything that George Perez, Greg Rucka and Gail Simone did for WW post-Crisis, and all the much better writers that came after Marston, people still mistake his sheer astounding crack for good stories.

Wonder Woman seems to lack a definitive take on her. Every writer treats her differently. In the general public she’s well known, but it’s really the costume not the character that’s well known. The average person knows that Superman fights Lex Luthor and Batman fights the Joker, but they couldn’t name any of Wonder Woman’s foes. She really needs a consistent vision for her comics.

My favorite versions are the ones from the Justice League cartoon and the Brave and the Bold Cartoon. Wonder Woman really needs a movie to reenter the popular consciousness.

Morrison on Wonder Woman would make for an instant drop of the title. I know I’m in the minority, but his writing does absolutely nothing for me.

I’ve added WW to my pull list for the first time ever the the DCnU, so it would be a shame if he took it over.

Superman is Kryptonian. Are we sure even the pheromones of a native of Krypton and a human would match up chemically? Are we sure a Kryptonian wouldn’t consider Earthlings too far down the evolutionary scale to even considerr mating with them? Meanwhile, Diana was formed from clay and magically given life by several Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Would she even have, um… “parts”? Are we sure she’s not like Barbie “down there”?

Read supergods 2 weeks ago. Grant mentions the constant relaunches of wonder woman. It looks like he wants to add to the number. Best of luck.

Without her magic belt Wonder Woman is an ordinary woman with no special powers. That’s what Hippolyte told her before she left Paradise Island. So yes she’s a normal woman with all of her female parts in place.


Sorry, but Marston was the only one to ever make Wonder Woman good
All the other writers you named never did ANYTHING for the character
They may have been ok, but they were never able to make Wonder Woman relevant again, as she was when Marston wrote her
(only time will tell if Azzarello will be an exception)

Sarah Palin Bachman Numbskull

October 15, 2011 at 11:23 pm


Bingo. Marston’s take is the definitive WW. He was her creator and he knew the character better than anyone.

Perez, Rucka and Simone, despite their talents, contributed to the staid, soulless and tired Mary Poppins-knockoff that has been ossifying for years.

Bring. It On.

@ Casey

“but this nonsense about Wonder Woman hunting women dressed as stags for fun has shoved him over the edge. ”
But they did publish a Wonder Woman tale by the original author where it did happen:

Yeah, it’s gonna be epic bad.
Just look what those Brits have done to DC’s superheroes:
Kirby’s Sandman, completely obliterated into a pasty-faced goth.
Drake’s Doom Patrol became a bizarre surrealistic mess.
And then there was that train wreck, All-Star Superman. Oy.

Yeah, I’ll buy it. In hardcover.

Marston/ Peters wrote my favourite ever superhero comics run. I’m in for this one.

“Wonder Woman is expected to stand for women without any element of sexuality, and that seems wrong.”

Never thought of that (most probably), but that`s true.

I`ll probably get the Morrison WW-story.

Once again I notice, that Morrison is darn productive. Good for us. But is it good for him? Does he have enough free time? Oh poor Morrison…Well. At least he makes stories about stuff he loves.

just who is doing this show morrison or david kelly i have seen this clips for this reboot and i don’t see why it would take so long to get it on the air; just replace it wih one of those stupid reality shows.

It’s an isolated society exclusively populated for thousands of years by women – so it only makes sense that any and all relationships that form on Paradise Island would be same sex. Didn’t DC shoot down Gail Simone when she wanted to illustrate this by showing Hippolyta and Artemis (as well as other Amazons) as partners? If editorial was that closed minded only a few years ago, and as much as I’d love to see Grant’s take on Wondy, i just can’t see them letting him loose on this one.

@Michelle: totally agree with you.

The x-factor in Marston’s stories were so subtle, the comic simply blended in with all the other silly, mainstream, early comic book stories of that time. Her feminist nature (being the sole girl in a boy’s club) was what really set her apart at the time, not her sexuality.

Perez and Rucka wrote a powerful, intelligent, indepedent, iconic Diana, exactly what DC’s flagship female should be. Everyone seem to have forgotten how terribly Morrison wrote her in JLA. We were constantly reminded that Batman could take her down if he really wanted to (as well as the other JLA-ers), her personality was completely inconsistent, and he had no understanding of her fighting ability (she’d gotten punched out by some chick with a giant fist and sent through several buildings, getting a concussion…she can deflect thousands of bullets at once but can’t avoid a giant fist???).

Plus he’s gone on record numerous times saying he dislikes her. I always thought he was a good storyteller, but did not understand Diana in the slightest.

First off, there is a REASON that Wonder Woman lacks being heavily laden with sexuality.. She was created with no use of male seed. She was created of the clay of the earth. That is not to mean that she lacks any and all sexuality. She has Steve Trevor, just as Superman has Lois Lane.

The comments of “no one can really name a wonder woman villian” has little to do with the characters validity, as much as it does cinema and media shoving Superman and batman down our throats, CONTINUOUSLY. Warner Brothers keeps relying on their batman/superman cash cow, instead of utilizing ANY of the universe of other characters they have. (Seriously, i mean they actually RELAUNCHED the batman movie franchise, as well as the Superman Movie franchise, before even TOUCHING Wonder Woman. Its ridiculous.
And to those who say that Wonder Woman is not interesting, or valid, how about you actually READ a title, before critiquing it?? Wonder Woman is something that neither Batman, nor Superman are. A Warrior. She has stood toe to toe with Superman himself, amd nearly killed him. Her backstory goes back to the dawn of man. She has just as much history, and depth as Superman or Batman, if not more so.
She is just as iconic as Superman. And she has been the inspiration for many of todays modern female heroes. She is the “first lady” of comics, so to speak.
Much respect is deserved when it comes to Wonder Woman as a character. Saying she is “Lack-lustre” is like saying Batman has no intelligence. Batman is the Leagues’ intelligence, and a representation of courage. Superman is the Leagues’ brute strength, and a representation of morality. Wonder Woman is the Leagues’ heart, and a representation of love and compassion.
You remove the heart of any body, and it dies.try to rememeber that before you trash her validity.

Rucka could’ve also pulled it off. That guy knows how to write women…

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