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Green rabbit from Marvel’s Star Wars comics competes to become an action figure

Jaxxon ain't no rodent

Back in the 1970s Marvel Comics was saved by a little film called Star Wars, according to Jim Shooter. As Marvel’s editor-in-chief at the time notes, Marvel’s adaptation of the film “sold and sold and sold” no matter what format they released it in.

And after Marvel adapted the film into six-issue series, they continued to tell tales set in the Star Wars universe. Issue #7 sported a cover promising new stories about Han Solo and Chewbacca, as the duo appeared in a “Seven Samurai” style tale with a whole bunch of new characters, including a big green rabbit named Jaxxon. While Jaxxon only appeared in a handful of Star Wars comics at the time, he made enough of an impression to achieve a sort of cult status with some folks. IGN ranked him as #97 in their top 100 Stars Wars characters, while Bully the stuffed little bull advocated that they should have replaced Jar Jar Binks with Jaxxon in the prequel films. And he even appeared in a webcomic at

And now the Bugs Bunny tribute character is up for the ultimate form of recognition, as Hasbro and Star Wars Insider magazine are holding a “Fans’ Choice Poll” where fans can vote on which action figure Hasbro will make next. Jaxxon is going up against some other “expanded universe” characters and the expected “Hey, weren’t they on the screen for five seconds? Make a figure!” characters from the films.

The polls close Dec. 1, so head over there and show your support for the rodent, er, rabbit.



Kind of amazing some of these characters haven’t already been made into figures.

If this happens, my life shall become complete. Completer. Going over to vote!

Voted for my boy Jaxxon. I love how one is like “The Emperor….with added THRONE!”

I always assumed Bucky O’Hare was a ripoff of Jaxxon. So technically, he already has not just one toy, but an entire line.

I’m not a Star Wars collector, but I would buy a Jaxxon figure in a heartbeat! My vote has been cast!

ditto for me, don’t collect SW figures anymore, but I’d buy this one in a heartbeat if it was made! LOL :-D

I’ve loved Jaxxon since I was seven years old. Voted and will buy, even though I haven’t bought a Star Wars figure since the original line wrapped in the early 80s.

Like many, I haven’t picked up a Star Wars action figure in years, but I voted for and will purchace a future Jaxxon figure.

Wait! Was BUCKY O’HARE a rip-off of this guy??

Would make it really cool if he came with a couple Hoojibs just to complete the rabbit theme. But still, yeah I voted for him too.

As a lowly piece of SW fanboy scum, I felt obligated to vote for Darth Plagueis.

Sorry Jaxx. :(

This Jaxon Bucky question needs to be answered, is this a job for CSBG’s legends

Brian Cronin has been alerted!

I will not rest until Bea Arthur, Lumpy and Itchy the Wookiees, and 50% of Jefferson Starship enjoy a full-blown renaissance in popularity and acclaim.

….Yeah! Now that you mention it, why AREN’T there action figures of Mallatobuck and her ugly kids? Why don’t we have Art Carney in plastic yet? Priorities, Hasbro!

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