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Jim Lee asks fans ‘to have a little patience’ with DC’s Amazon deal

Jim Lee

In the nearly two weeks since Barnes & Noble drew a line in the sand, pulling 100 of DC Comics’ top-selling graphic novels from its shelves to protest the publisher’s exclusive agreement with Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, there’s been little visible change in the tablet wars. That is, unless you count the decision by Books-A-Million to follow the chain’s lead.

Both sides appear to have dug in, with Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million insisting that books be available in all formats to all customers — specifically, their customers and their e-reader — and DC and parent company Warner Bros. insisting they’re misunderstood, and more than a little disappointed.

There are hints, however, that behind the scenes things may be a bit less … concrete.

Although there’s been some indication that DC’s exclusive arrangement with Amazon will last just four months, meaning graphic novels like Watchmen, Fables, Y: The Last Man and The Sandman could be available digitally for other platforms by mid-March, the publisher has yet to say so, much to the frustration of some fans (and, I would imagine, certain retailers).

In its overview of the dispute, The New York Times notes the DC website trumpets the books are available “exclusively to Amazon’s newly announced Kindle Fire,” period. No qualifiers. But comments for DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee lend credence to reports that the Amazon exclusivity is for a limited time.

Although he cited a nondisclosure agreement with the online retail giant, Lee still told the newspaper that, “Just because we’re starting with Amazon, this is not the be-all and end-all of our digital strategy and distribution.”

And to DC readers frustrated by the deal? “We say to our fans, have a little patience.”



I’ll be patient with you for as long as you stuck with your “Draw the line at $2.99″ deal, Mr. Lee. That was, what, February through August?

Well I feel royally screwed by the fact justice league is 3.99 on Comixology and only 22 pages, forget the draw the line gimmick. Though I read on a blog that the print version had extra content. Which pisses me off more

Draw the line was always about $2.99 for 20 pages. They haven’t gone against that. The 4 #3.99 books have 28 pages of “content”. You may not like the art sketches & dialogue pages (in JL & Action) but it’s still content. They’ll have backups pretty soon anyways.

No, as Lee said, the digital version of Justice League had no bonus content. The also said that the higher price points would be reserved for special cases, not every issue of the two titles they thought would sell the most.


October 20, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Well I feel royally screwed by the fact justice league is 3.99 on Comixology and only 22 pages, forget the draw the line gimmick.

Give it a month, and it will be $2.99.

In the meantime, there’s a heap of great stuff for $1.99/99c on the site.

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