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Krypto makes New 52 debut on Action Comics #3 variant cover

From the Action Comics #3 variant cover, by Gene Ha

DC Comics has released Gene Ha’s variant cover for Action Comics #3, previously only revealed at New York Comic Con, featuring Jor-El, Laura and a radically redesigned Krypto in what’s been characterized as the Superdog’s one and only New 52 appearance.

Entertainment Weekly has a preview of the issue, which takes us back to Krypton — Kandor, specifically — just before the planet’s destruction. Check out the full cover below. Action Comics #3, by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales, arrives Nov. 2.



It’s stuff like this that make the comments of ‘The relaunch is just Jim Lee’s way of bringing back the worst excesses of the Nineties, now that he’s in a real position of power’ sound more plausible. For today’s audience’s Krypto /can’t/ be the hound/terrier mix he’s always been. He /has/ to be ‘bad ass’, with huge fangs and wolf-like features. At some point, DC will have to show it’s cards. Why is such a design choice being made?

Wish Grant would’ve made Krypton some type of Kryptonian shapeshifter creature, so there’d be at least a chance of him ending up in Earth and adopting a dog form. I know a “superdog” is kind of silly, but I miss that damn mutt.

My heart sank when I saw the headline; it plummetted when I saw the reality.

Fraking DC just gave up trying to keep Krypton current and went back to the Silver Age bs.

Surely it’s a bit implausible for Krypton to not only have individuals who look perfectly human (an astronomically slim chance in itself), but dogs who looks exactly like Earth dogs as well? I also don’t think we can claim these are Jim Lee’s design choices: I’m sure Grant Morrison has enough artistic control to decide with his artists what he wants these characters to look like.
Granted, a wolf-type creature isn’t necessarily the best answer, but, I’m not sure it’s happening for money-grabbing reasons.

That sound you hear is thousands of Silver Age fanboys breaking their hip after they jumped up in joy to click their heels.

I also hate that “explanation” that “There can’t be a creature on an alien world that looks just like an Earth dog, it’d be impossible.” Well, you already have intelligent creatures on an alien world who look EXACTLY like human beings, and, according to Jim Lee, saber-tooth tigers… why not a Kryptonian dog?

What’s funnier is that a lot of suckers are going to pay 3.99 for each issue when they could just buy the Man of Steel tradepaperback for less than 9,99 or each individual issue for like 50 cents.

Krypto should have been a Thought Beast, not a dog.

Gene Ha is a fantastic artist! I like how Jor-El resembles a young Bruce Campbell. Forget Brando! Heck with Russell Crowe! Get Bruce Campbell to be Superman’s Dad.

Michael Sacal,

I’ve seen you online before and you always obsess over these Silver Age fanboys ruining DC. But the problem isn’t the Silver Age being focused on to the exclusion of modernization. Because if you talk to actual Silver Age fans, they hate the modern comics and find them trying too hard to be kewl, too full of gratuitous violence and sex, too cynical. For example, I can’t see many classic Silver Age fanboys being a fan of a sabretooth wolf looking Krypto who is killed before ever even arriving on Earth.

DC’s problem isn’t trying too hard to be cool and modern and it isn’t that it’s trying too hard to bring back the Silver Age. DC’s problem is that it’s trying to do BOTH. It takes the worst aspects of the Silver Age, minus the good parts (the fun, the creativity, the not-taking-itself-too-seriously) and the worst parts of the modern age minus its good parts (nuanced characterization, thoughtful explorations of social issues, willingness to evolve in logical directions). DC is taking the worst parts of the Silver Age, the worst parts of the modern age (which to them seems to be the 90s) and producing product that I can’t really see pleasing either the Silver Age camp or the progressive camp.

The silver age elements in this clip are superficial at best. Look at the mayhem, murder and death. Look at the badass monster Krypto. Those aren’t Silver Age elements.

@Michael Sacal What are you even talking about? Surely this cover shows a particular delineation from the Silver Age? Do you even read action comics

It seems that every decision that people think are bad are always accredited to Lee, Didio and Johns and every good decision is by someone else. That’s a built in bias that colors all the statements. Grant Morrison has enough pull to make his own decisions without editorial forcing too much on him. Krypto could have been a more Earth-like dog but he doesn’t have to be. This change is not ruining people’s childhoods.


I dunno, a sabertooth Krypto doesn’t suddenly make Action Comics a bad book or guilty really of any of those things you mention.

Why are the outfits so different from what we saw in Supergirl?


Look at Jor-El, then search for images of the Silver Age version.

The Didiots making this comic gave up trying to come up with a design that would be contemporary and have clearly rehashed the design from the 60s, except that instead of cloth he is wearing an armor.


You make good points. The aesthetics harken back to the SA designs in order to make them visually appealling to fans of that era, while the content, as you point out, tries too hard to appeal to fans of the modern era. (i.e. Lyra Lerrol doing a nude scene in a movie. That tries to appeal to fanboys who like the idea of Krypton having movies – a human invention – and fanboys who like to see movie stars naked).

ALIEN doesn’t mean extraterrestrial, it means something from outside, it means something different to that which we are accustomed to seeing (which is why, for instance, people that jump over the border from one country to another are called “illegal ailens”. It doesn’t mean they are from another planet, it means they are from another culture).

To portray Krypton as a world with movies, movie stars, and dogs nullifies the alien aspect of the story, and turns it into a glorified human colony in outer space.

Now, where Krypto a Thought Beast who is more than a pet, not exactly a domesticated animal the same way humans domesticated dogs, that would be alien, both biologically and culturally.

The writing here is outdated, it simplifies things to appeal to fans of simplified comics.

That preview looks really rad, if all people can do is whine about a dog then they’re pretty short sighted


For the same reason that after One Year Later rebooted Jor-El from the version seen in Birthright to the version seen in Last Son, he was portrayed that way (with the long beard in both Supergirl and Brave & The Bold even though Zor-El was still portrayed like he looked in Birthright, because the people making these comics are incompetent.

If the people at DC knew what they were doing they wouldn’t have brought Barry Allen back from the dead in Final Crisis and Flash. Rebirth or rebooted Superman in Secret Origin when they KNEW that two years later they were just going to reboot the whole DC Universe and nullify both stories.

who gives a shite…after Morrison is gone so am I.

The choice of costume is not a rehash, its an homage. And that alone does not make the whole book guilty of pandering to the Silver Age, much in the same way a throw away line about nudity and mention of television doesn’t equate to a shallow attempt at being modern or appealing to fanboys. I dunno, I’ve heard pretty much every criticism you have to give on this matter through comments and posts on other forums and you never really have anything to say that makes actual sense.

Homage my ass. Homage at DC has been a word used by people who need an excuse to hide behind their lack of imagination and fanboyism.

If they wanted to homage the visual appearance of Jor-El, they wouldn’t need to reboot the character SIX fraking times to do it. There are much smarter ways to homage something old. DC has been doing everything half-assed, specially regarding Superman.

Just how many more times must these Didiots screw with people until even the fandorks realize they’re being screwed with? Is the wool over your eyes really this thick?

I actually like a lot of the new 52 so far, including Action Comics. But dammit, i miss Krypto. They wanted to make Superman relatable, but they don’t include his dog?? One of the most relatable things about Superman was Krypto!
As for this new design…meh.

“[…]because the people making these comics are incompetent.”

Or, ya know, there’s that whole reality thing where two different creative teams aren’t taking notes from each other.

It’s comics. There are going to be some happy continuity coincidences but, unfortunately, some toes may be stepped on, too.


“Or, ya know, there’s that whole reality thing where two different creative teams aren’t taking notes from each other.”

That’s the incompetent part. The Didiots are only concerned about themselves as individuals, they don’t work together as a team. That’s why Mark Waid in Brave & The Bold used the Bronze Age version of Steve Lombard at the same time that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank were introducing the visually-distinct current version, or why even after Johns rebooted Superman with Last Son and Secret Origin other writers and artists were still using the then-null visuals from Birthright.

I can tell you that visual continuity between comics in a shared universe is NOT impossible to attain. I’ve seen it from DC while Carlin was the executive editor. This problem didn’t arise until Didio became boss.

@Michael Sacal

You throw around the word fanboy with such vitriol, but you fail to realize that when you say the things like “Didiots” , well thats exactly what you sound like, a bitter fanboy. I’ve never seen you once state your opinion rationally; could you explain exactly why its not an homage?

The wool isn’t pulled over my eyes, I’m just appreciating action comics for what it is, a well written comic book.


So, what you’re saying is that Jim Shooter is a fanboy given that he is the one who coined the term Didiots.

If Jim Shooter can be a fanboy, then ALL the Didiots can be fanboys

That’s not what I’m saying at all, I’m saying you’re a hypocrite for calling people fanboys when that’s exactly what you’re acting like.

Just the very fact that you would make such an abstruse jump in logic speaks volumes about you.

I’m someone who’s fed up with the bullshit from DC Comics and fanboys who defend it like it was mana from heaven.

How many fking times must DC reboot Superman, seriously?

According to Waid the Didiot his reboot was justified under the belief of a magic reboot clock that strikes every 25 years signaling the time for a reboot.

What’s their excuse for rebooting three times in the last three-four years?

totally wack dc 52 c’est vraiment de la merde en boite pour l’instant mise à part red hood eet deux/trois autres sortie CELA N’A RIEN DE TRANSCENDANT …



You do understand that you’re not defending the reboot, you’re defending the credit box, right?

As long as the name in the credit box is the right one, fanboys will keep defending their half-assed tactics.

I’m defending a story which has so far been a good read, and that I’m sure you yourself aren’t even reading and don’t intend to. I don’t care about reboots or your grippe with Didio, Johns or whomever. You sound like an old man yelling at a wall.

I already read Superman’s origin! I don’t need to read it again,and again ,and again, and again, and again just because the Didiots at DC are too fraking stupid to settle on a direction.

YOU’RE THE WALL because you refuse to listen.

It’s because of bullshit like this that people don’t want to read comic books, and prefer to play video games and watch TV.

If you haven’t read it then what is your criticism worth? On what grounds can you critique something if you’ve never actually familiarized yourself with it, the cover? You’re calling people idiots and saying that they refuse to listen when you yourself refuse to read something before you harp on and whine about it like some self righteous old crank?

I’ve listened to what you have to say and none of it means anything to me. I don’t care how you feel about the reboot or the current DC, this is an article about a single issue of a comic book. A comic that you haven’t read and don’t really know anything about.

I read the preview, that’s enough to know that it’s a crap story that doesn’t do anything new.

It’s ANOTHER mother fraking reboot, two years after the last one, and three-four years after the previous one.

This reboot is visually far more derivative of the 60s than any of the previous reboots, and the content is also derivative of the 60s (Lyra).

If I wanted to read 60s crap, I’d buy 60s crap, it’s be much cheaper than the new crap.

Reading the preview isn’t enough. Its five pages, not a full issue.

You can’t call something derivative cause of a costume and a characters name.

DC reboot argument. That’s the epitome of fanboyism.

It doesn’t have to be a full issue, the preview is enough to show that this Krypton, visually and content-wise, is a rehash of the old Krypton. It also shows that it’s a reboot of the last three or five Kryptons DC has done in the last decade.

You keep defending that crap, be a good little fandork.

No, durka. Demanding more from the Didiots at DC is not the epitome of fanboysim. Being compliant and accepting their crap and asking for more is the epitome of fanboyism.

Cut out the ridiculous, juvenile name-calling — including “Didiots.”

Aw, my mostly good-natured (and admittedly self-deprecating) wikipedia citation was removed? Boo. Would it have been ok if i had cursed as well?

^still good-natured ribbing.

Oh, and if you’re arguing who is, derogatorily, the bigger fanboy, chances are it’s a tie.

Apologies, Kevin.

I apologize for the name calling

Really? That’s called clever? Making Krypto into a wolf-sabretooth tiger hybrid? DC just keeps helping the independents succeed more as they continue to fail. Pity, too, because after all their years in business as a publisher, you think they’d understand what it takes to produce a decent, fun comic book.

I…LOVE this! Krypto looks so cool. I can’t wait to read this.

I’m glad I got into DC when I did.

Who cares about Krypto?!

In Action #4 I want BEPPO the SUPERMONKEY back or else I quit !!!


Not surprised by some of the favourable responses to the “new & improved” Krypto. They’re probably the same folks who think it’s okay for noted thug and dog killer Michael Vick to be allowed to play for the Philadelphia Eagles.


“Surely it’s a bit implausible for Krypton to not only have individuals who look perfectly human (an astronomically slim chance in itself), but dogs who looks exactly like Earth dogs as well?”

No more implausible than yellow sunlight giving those same aliens super-strength, flight, invulnerability (except to magic), super-speed, heat vision, X-ray vision, microscopic vision, telescopic vision, super-hearing, ice breath, and eidetic memory, and *red* sunlight taking all that way.

I’m more disturbed by DC’s decision to establish that Krypto got shot up into space and died, like Laika. What, exactly, does that add to the story?

Wahh wahh wahh. Did all of you have horrible childhoods or something? Grab a box of tissues and stop crying over something as insignificant as a dog’s comic book re-imagining.

Kryptonians looking like humans is only illogical in stories that don’t bother to have logic. In all others, it makes sense.

Aw, no Krypto? :( @Sphinxton, no need to be such a jerk. He’s a character that people would like I’m sure others would be upset if it was a character of similar value to them, like Red Robin not making it through the DCNU.

“What, exactly, does that add to the story?”

Krypto doesn’t add ANYTHING to the story. Never has, never will. That’s why after the initial introduction most writers send him off into space or to live in the Fortress, so they don’t have to use him on a regular basis.

See, Krypto seems right up Morrison’s alley. Yes, granted he’s going for Golden Age Supes and not Silver Age, but still and all, can Silver Age wackiness be far behind?

This isn’t your grandfather’s Krypto!! This comic is not very good.

Well, if they are so obsessed with silver age then Krypto would be in, not out?

But what is the definition of silver age anyway? the DCnU is seriously flawed, and a big part of it is regressive nostalgia of tyhe “Didiots” as Sacal keeps saying. But my take is that they are going more for early 80s than 60s.

Maybe, I dont know really… the whole thing seems schizphrenic like they did no market research or real planning, or its being driven by some hokey theory of attrition warfare on the shelves – make product and sell it, regerdless of what in it cuz they can just market the hell out of it to get the sale out of somebody…?

So the accepted theory is that comics arent for kids anymore, but adults… but this is a narrative oriented to deal with the fact that 12yr olds cant afford the prices they want to charge (they could charge less if the sold more advertising in their books… house ads dont pay anything). So they create for people of working age that may have disposable incomes to blow. the DCnU seems to be an extension of this, shooting for the 40-50 bracket with the nostalgia combined with the absurd idea that sex and adult themes make it all okay for adults to buy.

Meanwhile there are no entry level comics apprpriate for 12 yr olds. Comics leap from cutesy stuf for 5 year olds to stuff for 20 year olds. In 52 titles thare are no all ages books, even on central/flagship/iconic characters. We always hear the “Didiots” whinging that kids are playing games instead reading comics so something needs be done etc blah blah, but if you go into a games shop you will find a full spectrum of age appropiateness, where the kiddie stuff is pretty cool to play and teaches them all the basics of the gaming medium/ entertainment idiom. There is no break in generational succession. But comics havent been nurturing this at all. Between the whole comics-are-for-adults schtik and the direct market stores which create a narrow bandwidht for product delivery (Games are available in supermatkets, department stores, toy retailer and even music/dvd stores alonside gamer specific stores) these geniuses of industry have strangled themselves for the short term buck of the 20-35 constructed consumer identity we now call the Geek.

The irony here is that the so called gold/silver/bronze age comics, and the great stories that DC are trying to emulate/imitate were all all ages (due to the whoile comics code thing) with the exception of a couple of books. Yet we dont see this in their attemmpt to recapture magic.
The heart of regressive story telling (and there are good aticles on comic blogs about this) is that people try and recreate what they thought was great when they were kids but from within the new paradigm of their adult conciousness… so its not about what was gret in the day but what they think was great now. Thats why we get rhetoric about returnig to some great age of comics, but read books that do not connect at all with this.

The Marvel/DC empires were built on all age appropiate content that was sold in various outlets. It wasn’t so called legendary stories/events like ‘Dark pheonix ” or “Crisis” (as legendary status gets attributed through time and reflection not by design), nor was it simply the fact of a particular character existing, nor was it the idea of prestige or exclusive products like hardcover editions. The reason why there were so many people buying comics in the 80s early 90s was that there were more kids getting into comics young, not because Barry Allen walked the earth. If they want a heyday they need to invest in the long game and create the audience, not scramble over current or ‘lapsed’ readers (and I dont advocate censorship. Restrictions – be it an editorial policy or poetic structure -are a good thing in creative processes, as they force creative and new solutions to problems instead of just blurting out the ego as expression.)

As for krypto – well the cape is a little lame, but the wolf thing takes away from the spirit of mateship that having a dog friend signifies. But why cant he be there… no dumber than some of the ‘more realsitc’ metahuman stuff going on….

End Rant. get back to work…

Googam son of Goom

October 27, 2011 at 11:18 pm

So Krypto is a grim and gritty sabre-tooth-wolf hybrid? Comics.

Googam son of Goom

October 27, 2011 at 11:19 pm

ps @Sphinxton. You seem to be the one crying. It’s just a blog comment section.

I like the old school looking Krypto. Why would you every feel the need to change his image? He looks scary to me!! I would crap my pants if he showed up on my doorstep!!

Killing off sabretooth Krypto in a rocket experiment doesn’t mean that terrier Krypto can’t appear later.

Although that wishy-washy waffling would be precisely the wrong move for DC. Pick a direction and stick with it. The multiple variations and tweaks on Superman’s history in the last decade weakens the clarity of the character and sets an undercurrent of desperation, that DC is scrambling to figure out why their flagship property is relevant to modern audiences.

If they haven’t, DC should do more competitive intelligence. Great to forge a bold, new risky direction but you can still check out what works. Arguably, Marvel has now established a solid commercial take on their golden age boy scout character (Captain America)… DC can do the same. Or, check out Tom Strong (do they own that character? I’m not fully sure about what the deal is with ABC characters) where there are stories published at different times in his life. Grant Morrison’s new Superman reminds me of Tom Strong, t-shirt, jeans, less godlike powers, and political leanings.

It seems like newKrypto may have been inspired by . Certainly Mesonychids had “hooves” and a similar facial structure to what is pictured.

Why has nobody mentioned the Harry Potter-esque depiction of Clark? So far the new Action Comics has really been sub-par compared to some of the other titles being produced. I’m not happy with the direction this is going so far at all.

“Demanding more from the Didiots at DC is not the epitome of fanboysim. Being compliant and accepting their crap and asking for more is the epitome of fanboyism.”

Didio apologists. They keep growing every year and bad taste, too.

I love that they’re making Superman more interesting again and it’s killing people inside. BWAHhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I love it!!!

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