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Lisa Hanawalt draws up a review of Drive, or so I’ve been told

Look, I have a baby. The only movies I have a chance to watch air on Saturday afternoons on Lifetime. (Odd Girl Out is the best.) But Lisa Hanawalt has provided one of her patented “illustrated responses” to Drive, the instant cult-classic crime film starring Ryan Gosling as … I dunno, someone many people find attractive, I’ll bet. I haven’t seen the movie, and so I’m not reading the review, in hopes that I can eventually see it, perhaps if Lifetime acquires the broadcast rights. But don’t let that stop you.



It’s an amazing movie, but tough. Not a date movie. Worth seeing on the big screen.

I loved the movie, but I love Hanawait’s review more. That’s sort of the way it is with ALL her reviews though.

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