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Marvel teases ‘It’s coming’ at New York Comic-Con

An ominous-looking postcard from Marvel arrived today at the Comic Book Resources offices teasing “It’s coming.” What It might be is anyone’s guess, but the note on the back from Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso promises we’ll find out more Oct. 15 at the “Cup O’ Joe” panel at New York Comic-Con.

Comic Book Resources will, of course, be covering the entire four-day convention, which kicks off Oct. 13 at the Jacob Javits Center. Marvel also encourages those who can’t attend to catch the announcement live at 5 p.m. ET Oct. 15 at “Because trust me,” Alonso writes, “you won’t want to miss this.”



please be something surprising

Is it the phoenix?

I’m calling it now. Phoenix is returning.

As a really observant geek, having read most of marvels comments about the 2012 crossover, I know what it is. Marvel has repeatedly said that Hope Summers is the center of the coming MU crossover (X-Sanction being mentioned as the first step). The x-books have been hinting for 4-5 years that hope is Jean Grey. They’ve outright said that Hope is attached to the phoenix, which in the last 4-5 years has only been seen leaving other people is was previously attached to. The Phoenix is behind those letters. Stupid cosmic parrot.

Calling it:
Line wide reboot

10 bucks on the Phoenix. Who wants to take this action?

ill also put 10 against a line wide reboot.


Hopefully Bishop was right about Hope being the destroyer and Jean comes back to combat her in an ultimate fight

That’s what she said.

Hm… Phoenix returning and maybe that’s next summer’s event that is supposed to heavily feature the X-Men in the Marvel Universe?

I’ll put fifty bucks on another half baked event that will change the Marvel Universe FOREVER!!!!

Part of me says Phoenix Mega-Event featuring Hope Summers as the new vessel. Although part of me senses this is bigger than an event. Bigger you say?!? Yes, I have the distinct impression that Marvel is going to announce something with digital comics, perhaps with Amazon’s KindleFire (or maybe the iPad). This went out to retailers, and I have this sneaking suspicion Marvel wants to be more aggressive when it comes to pushing digital media and digital media devices. Marvel isn’t DC and I simply do not think they will try to fix a broken leg with a band aid by doing a line-wide relaunch. Marvel doesn’t really need to, they are still killing DC in most regards and there is nothing to suggest the DCnU will have legs.

The return of FOOM!

yeah…the fire makes it too obvious, something with the Phoenix force…bleh…not excited at all, i don’t know that i’ve bought a marvel book since secret warriors finished…

It’s the new 152!!!

Maybe cousin It from the Addams family is finally coming to the Marvel universe.

Then end of vague advertising and teasers would be nice.

It likely will be the Phoenix…barf.
Jean Grey needs to be the Uncle Ben of the X-Men and stay dead.
The Phoenix Force needs to be like the Neo and get wiped from existence.

They should bring in the Goblin Force from the old Mutant X series…that was at least a different twist on an existing concept. Plus it was Madelyn Pryor instead of Jean.

It’s coming all right…a dollar increase for every Marvel book.

Mickey Mouse: The Marvel Comic!!!

A character bought in from DC.

I can give 52 reasons why I don’t care.

A line wide price reduction too $2.99!

But knowing Marvel, its more like a line wide price increase to $3.99! And all with 18-20 page stories!

Putting out a porn comic featuring the Living Colossus is certainly a daring move.

“It’s Coming” ?
The return of …

Maybe it’ll be another Stephen King adaptation I don’t read.

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