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Middleman‘s Les McClaine creates Batman poster-as-comic titled ‘Mayhem At The Manor’

Comics creators come into the industry with a lot of talent and a lot of professionalism, but sometimes they do a project just as a sincere fan that blows your mind. This elaborate piece by artist Les McClaine (Middleman, The Tick) takes on Batman and his entire extended cast in a room-by-room battle inside Wayne Manor… all at once!

Click below to see the full picture.

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On his website, McClaine says a color version is in the works, so look forward to seeing this online and perhaps for sale in the very near future!



That is undeniably awesome for so many reasons.

Want. Want! WANT!

That is hilarious! My favorite part has gotta be the Man-Bat watching TV in the attic. EXCELLENT!

Amazing! I would love to see a DC book where Les gets to play with all the heroes in this style. Call it 52 Pick-up and he promises to deliver 52 characters sprinkled throughout the stories. I would jump all over this. Far more enjoyment in this piece than in some of the all-ages pap that DC does. Their all-ages line needs this hyperactive creativity to it. Tiny Titans is great when you are 5, but loses its luster fast.

Quite simply one of the most astonishing Batman-related pieces of art, ever. I can’t imagine the hours of planning and work on this.

As soon as I can get a version that isn’t tagged I’m printing this out and putting it on my wall.

Stunning. Exactly why I love comics.

Brilliant! I can’t wait for the full colour version.Extra scores for including my fave villains: Egghead and King Tut.

My favorite little bit is the fact the Insane Clown Posse are Joker’s henchmen, that and seeing Batman knock them out! Nice little touch :)

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