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New 52 Pickup | Week 9 — Issue 2 decisions!

It’s the end of the road for the second round of the New 52. This week had some major all-stars on the pull – but did they live up to their first-issue counterparts? At the end of the overviews, we’ll take a look back at the highs and lows of the month, which titles get to move on and which ones will get the ax.

Also, if you’re still interested in No. 1 issues, the new Legion: Secret Origin miniseries debuted today, and at select stores you get a replica Legion flight ring with purchase. If you’ve been confused by some of the other Legion books, this might be a good place to start.

Onward and upward!

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

All-Star Western
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Moritat and Jordi Bernet

This issue probably offered the biggest story value of the week. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray continued their Holmes/Watson dynamic with Dr. Amadeus Arkham and Jonah Hex but also introduced some key Gotham mythos, like the Crime Bible, and added much more action. There are three pages of Jonah taking out a dozen hooded gunmen all on his own depicted in amazing, gruesome detail by Moritat. The issue has a great structure with tight pacing, and on top of the original story, readers get the start of an El Diablo co-feature drawn by Jordi Bernet that pits the character against a zombie horde. Both parts of the book are strongly written by Palmiotti and Gray, although I would have liked to see some more of the investigation dynamic we saw in the first issue. A very strong second installment.

Written by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis

I love what Geoff Johns is doing with this character. Much as he did with Green Lantern, Johns is taking key aspects of the character and bringing them into the modern era (with Mera along for the ride). While this issue felt much shorter than the first, it has some great character moments between Arthur and Mera, with the added mystery of what these new aquatic monsters are. The cover image is especially interesting, with the first issue’s cover reflected in the monster’s eyes. Ivan Reis does a great job with the action sequences, and I hope he gets more of a chance to flex those muscles in future installments. This is one of the stronger ongoing series of the New 52 and continues to bring relevancy to a character who had fallen out of vogue.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men
Co-plotted by Gail Simone and Ethan van Sciver, written by Gail Simone, with art by Yildiray Cinar

If you needed more proof that Gail Simone writes great characters, look no further than the second issue of this book. While the three core heroes all get great development, the villains trying to hunt them down have an opportunity to shine as well, giving readers a better idea of the big picture. There’s so much information in this issue, but to the credit of Simone and artist Yildiray Cinar, it never feels like exposition. The entire issue has a feeling of urgency, a huge testament to the pacing and layout. This book goes a mile a minute, and I’m enjoying every second of it — from Jason and Ronnie’s arguments to the mystery of the Fury they combine to form.

I, Vampire
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Andrea Sorrentino

If you were at all confused by the state of Boston in the first issue, Joshua Hale Fialkov sheds some light in this installment. With a focus on Mary, Queen of Blood and her plot to take over the world, we’re given details of the character’s origin, her relationship to Andrew and the events leading up to the slaughter in Boston. This second issue provides a much better understanding of the first, building on the plot and story that Fialkov set in motion. Andrea Sorrentino is great on this book, bringing a gothic horror flair that falls in perfect step with Fialkov’s script. Moving forward, it seems as though I, Vampire will be as much about the relationship between Mary and Andrew as it is about evil vampires taking over the world.

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Written by George Perez with art by Jesus Merino

One of the things I’m really digging about George Perez’s Superman is that it feels like an old-timey comic book with a modern sensibility. While the second issue directly follows the events of the first, it could also easily stand alone as a Superman monster-of-the-week story. There’s definitely a greater plot and purpose here, but Perez makes the book work on its own, which is a great direction for a New 52 title to take. This issue focuses much more on Superman’s relationship with Lois and (surprisingly) General Sam Lane. Even after the monster-of-the-month fight, the issue still makes you want to come back for more through the tiny seeds of the main plot sprinkled throughout. This is a great Superman book for anyone to pick up.

Teen Titans
Written by Scott Lobdell with art by Brett Booth

There are a couple of other Titans who make short appearances in this issue, but for the most part it’s the Tim and Cassie show in the continued origin of the new-new-new Teen Titans. It’s interesting to see how Scott Lobdell is developing the relationship between Tim and Cassie while giving us a taste of the rest of the eventual roster. We’re introduced to some new characters — Skitter, a bug-like creature with acidy spit, and Solstice, who appears on the very last page — and briefly check in on Superboy and Kid Flash. The end of this issue teases that the new roster should be set by Issue 3. A lot of this installment seems like build-up, but the villains are interesting and Lobdell is doing a good job so far writing these kids.

With that, we’ve come to the end of the second month and it’s time to see what will move on to Issue 3.


Animal Man continues to be my favorite book of the New 52, with Action Comics coming in at a close second. Out of this month, Swamp Thing, Batwoman, Demon Knights, I, Vampire and Resurrection Man led the pack in terms of quality continuing from the first issue. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Justice League entertained me enough that I’d like to see what happens next.


Although enjoyable, Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League International, Red Lanterns, Stormwatch and Superboy didn’t quite live up to their potential this month, and it’s time to take them off the pull.


Believe it or not, there are so many other great title this week that it’s difficult to decide which of them I should carry over. So once again, I leave it up to the readers: Which of these books should get a shot at the IN list? The top three entries will get one more month on the pull and a chance to be the last New 52 book standing.

Cast your vote and make yourself heard in the comments! Do you think last month’s wildcard, Frankenstein,Agent of S.H.A.D.E. deserves another chance? Is Teen Titans piquing your interest as DC’s premier teen team? Sound off!



Teen Titans was totally great this week, and the promise you mentioned at the end of the book made me wish a month has gone by.

I haven’t read this week’s or last week’s books yet, so I’ll refrain from voting for now. But I, too, had a couple additional drops this month, and Stormwatch has one more month to impress me. I really, really want to like it but I’m not there yet.

Agreed that Action and Animal Man are the runaway favourites, though I’m yet undecided which comes first and which second.

Loving Flash so far, mainly because it’s that rarest of things, a superhero comic build around offbeat art. The writing is not amazing but the storytelling is.

Blue Beetle is getting cut from my list.

Superman is dropped. Too boring. I don’t get what is modern about it. If you mean Clark with awful Harry Potter hair and moping …maybe. Thank god for Action and JL. I could do without the soap opera crap hitting me in the face from #1.

Wow, how do I choose between Batman, Supergirl and Green Lantern (as a wildcard)?

Easy, I don’t. I get all of them (as well as Teen Titans). ;)

GL Corps was awesome! Don’t understand how it could be in the out list.

All-Star Western is better than Batman, that is all.

Voodoo has been the best comic of the relaunch. Its sad that your reviews of it can’t look past the skin. Shows how sexist some people can be.
Voodoo is IN.

Steve, Newsflash, bro! The Jonah Hex story was drawn by Moritat. Jordi Bernet drew the backup feature. I hope you can recognize there’s quite a difference in their styles.

I’m a big fan of Jordi Bernet, but I have no love for Moritat. Moritat has one-tenth the storytelling abilities of Bernet. Moritat’s pages don’t always flow in a readable manner, and his panels lack the deeper expression of great artists like Bernet. Plus, Moritat’s inking is flat and lifeless.

When reading through Moritat’s pages, I feel like half the story isn’t there, and even less of the emotional nuance.

I think the red hood should be on the options list for choice of pull list.

@Jake Earlwine

Thank you for your keen eyes, sir! The article has been corrected.

I dont see whats so modern about Superman…except that they use new media lingo. Otherwise its dated in its exposition style. Some of the information dumps, like that stuff about krypton,is painful to read given that after 70 years Superman, Krypton and Kryptonite have become standard cultural ideas that don’t need to be explained any more – people who never read comics know this stuff,so why spell it out to people who do?
Jurgens work on JLI is just as tiresome,which doesnt bode well for when he replaces Perez! Its a missed opportunity to set Supes up for the next generation of readers,and wastes Morrisons efforts on Action.
Its proof that the new 52 is not about new readers,but middleaged readers confused by new idioms.

There needs to be a reboot reboot on selected titles, call it something snappy like The New 52 Point One!

So far:

Green Arrow
Frankenstein (ditch the secret agency – worn out concept)
Catwoman (less tits and ass, more Oceans 11 – shes a master thief goddammit!)
Hawk and Dove (or ditch it outright)
Voodoo (or ditch it outright)

what else…??

Batgirl has been far and away my favorite book of the New 52 and I suspect that contiued good sales will reflect that many people agree with me on that one. Beyond that, I think Stormwatch will get better and has enough of my interest, same thing for Teen Titans. The fact that the Titans are getting their first gay superhero soon should make it that much more interesting.

GL Corps is off my list too, it’s to gory and that’s not what the corps are about.
Considering taking Demon Knights, The Flash, Aquaman, and Catwoman off my list but they were good enough to warrant another issue.

@ Ursus273 : “I dont see whats so modern about Superman…except that they use new media lingo. Otherwise its dated in its exposition style. Some of the information dumps, like that stuff about krypton,is painful to read given that after 70 years Superman, Krypton and Kryptonite have become standard cultural ideas that don’t need to be explained any more – people who never read comics know this stuff,so why spell it out to people who do?
Jurgens work on JLI is just as tiresome,which doesnt bode well for when he replaces Perez! Its a missed opportunity to set Supes up for the next generation of readers,and wastes Morrisons efforts on Action.
Its proof that the new 52 is not about new readers,but middleaged readers confused by new idioms.”

Totally agreed. It is sad DC can’t get some GOOD YOUNG BLOOD on SUPERMAN like Action and Justice League has Morrison/Rags and Johns/Lee. You can feel the energy in those books. Young Superman makes a real impression and now it all feels meh. I was like wth is this?

DC you are making a big mistake trying to keep old whiny readers happy and sticking to old school. I read Jurgens is going to be there to rein Giffen in? What the hell for? This title is going to flunk if you guys do not try to bridge Action/JL and make Superman compelling fresh and explosive.

Just give Blue Beetle more time; everything is getting set up. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming and I think it is best judged by the first arc. Give it a little longer.

Animal man is great and I have to say its number 1 then batman, action comics,green lantern, justice league

Superman is probably the greatest comic reboot for all time. Feels like the best of the 80’s TV shows: Stand alone, episodic stories with overarching connection, golden age pacing with modern takes, and the characters dynamics are all spot on. New take on Lois is working nicely ! Also great: New take on Lois and Clark’s dynamic.

And why oh why are you dropping Blue Beetle? It’s great!

And Batman should be taken out of the poll. It’s on a class of its own, you need to read it month by month.

Why cut it down to only 13 books a month? From a supposed professional in comics journalism, that is a pathetic amount of coverage, especially considering the sample size and that it is only two issues in.

I agree with those who say Blue Beetle is great!

Blue Beetle has a great “Silver Age Spidey” vibe that I am enjoying immensely.
All-Star Western is just brilliant, with Palmiotti and Gray making a character I already enjoyed in their previous run (Jonah Hex) even cooler by contrasting him with Arkham.

That said, however, I cannot go past Snyder and Capullo’s Batman. They tell amazing stories that are somewhat resolved each issue whilst building a fascinating over-arching tale of mystery and clashing ideologies.

So, my advice (and my vote) is “Go with Batman, man !!”

I believe that Batman #2 was overrated but I still don’t see how you could count out Batman or Batgirl. I would also continue Green Lantern because if you drop now then you won’t be able to pick it back up for a long while.

Of that list, definitely All-Star Western.

There’s something awkward and arbitrary about this whole exercise. The stated standard for being IN seems to be that the books that entertain you enough that you’d like to see what happens next. But then you’ve got “a great Superman book for anyone to enjoy,” and “the biggest story value of the week… very strong” as MAYBES for the readers to vote on. Plus your praise of Simone’s characterization on a book you’re “enjoying every second of” and what seems to be genuine interest in the direction of Teen Titans. I never met you and I’d be pretty surprised if you didn’t pick up the third issue of both of these. Maybe the problem I’m having is with the concept of cutting the list in half every month. That’s the arbitrary part. It’s just an exercise and it’s meant to be fun, so I guess I’ll leave it at that.

The interesting thing is that you seem to like basically half the line. Maybe that’s just the kind of voracious and enthusiastic comic fan that you are, in which case I suspect you’ll probably stick with almost everything that’s left at this point. As much as I love comics, I’ve never been the “loves EVERYTHING comics” type, but I know the sort and I’ve seen them drop a hundred bucks a week every week on a giant stack of books, three or four of which genuinely interest me. But if that’s the case, I wonder why you’d keep whittling down the list until you’ve found the best one (which was pretty obviously Animal Man as of week one).

Again, not trying to be TOO critical of the process, but you’ve reached the point where you’re forced to cut books that you obviously enjoy and would continue reading (for the time being, at least) if not for this column. I sort of almost get the general idea, but the format is too arbitrary to have much use, I think.

Teen Titans artwork and focus on action at the right time led the pack this week. This was followed by Green Lantern Corps, and cover be damned I Vamp.

Lukewarm. Flash ain’t goldlocks but it’s been in the middle between hot and cold for a while now. Aquaman and Hawkman aren’t bad just not living up to the potential of the name.

Jonah Hex still is pretty lukewarm/cold for me. I prefer Jordi Bernet on pencils for one. It just feels really plain.

Best comic of the week was Wolverine and the X-men followed by the new Hulk. Silvestri is on point. Superman is still one of my favorite characters and I actually like the new look, book just can’t get to the top of the pack yet.

Frankenstein is awesome. Best thing on the list. Its hilarious and the art is fantastic.

I’m enjoying Demon Knights and Birds of Prey. Demon Knights is the only comic that made me laugh out loud this month, and it did it twice. Birds of Prey is pretty intriguing, but Poison Ivy seems like she’s too powerful and will overshadow her teammates in a fight.

uhm, i think robot 6 just wants to drop until theres 3 titles or something, at the rate theyre cutting the books, its just pretty lame.


October 27, 2011 at 12:49 am

First off:
Am I the only person here who likes Justice League Dark? I think the book is setting up a nice atmosphere and introducing a cast of really unique characters (most with lots of personality) into a pretty freaky scenario. I get the feeling that, given a little time, this story is going to turn into something very interesting. After only two issues, Milligan has inspired me go pay too much for a copy of Rogan Gosh and to start contemplating the most cost-efficient way of obtaining a complete run of X-Force/X-Statix. I have minor quibbles with the art, but I still think it’s better-than-average for a modern DC or Marvel superhero book. If Janin will learn to draw more than one female face, I’ll withhold any other complaints and accept that he’s incredible. Everyone: PLEASE buy this book even if you hate it so DC will keep it in print for me to read. FSM knows it’s getting hard to find Rockstar Cola and Kazoozles, and I need SOMETHING in my life.


I am not enjoying this particular tournament-style review format. All but six of this week’s titles have been axed after only two issues? Are we just judging books so rapidly that if issue #1 didn’t immediately live up to a mysterious set of subjective standards, then it doesn’t get a second chance? It seems like a very hasty, short-sighted, and superficial way to critique.

I would really, really, really love to see some well-written and insightful reviews comparing and contrasting the New 52. I’d be interested in knowing how the books fare as art, how they fare as cheap entertainment, and how they stack up against each other… but with details. I want to see in-depth analysis of the writing and illustration. I’d like to know what the criteria of judgment are, if there are any.

Let me tell you why:

I’m not a superhero fanboy. I appreciate art and entertainment in a variety of media, one of which happens to be the “comic book.” Some of these happen to involve superheroes, but most do not. From my experience, mainstream superhero books typically revolve around adolescent male fantasy subject-matter: abnormally powerful muscular (mostly white/straight) men smashing each other up, plus a few impossibly-endowed girls in impossibly-tiny and/or -tight outfits. There is MUCH mediocre writing (even the most entertaining stuff is often very one-dimensional and shallow), and I almost invariably find the illustration appalling. I’ve also been pretty strict about maintaining a policy of not following any kind of series that is ongoing (comics or TV), rather waiting until a completed work has been collected so I can acquire it all at once and enjoy it at my leisure.

I also work in a store that sells comics. I walk past a new comics rack four to ten times every day. It’s always there tempting me. In other words, I’m a prime example of a potential “new reader” of the sort that the New 52 is supposedly trying to attract. I’m on the cusp of maybe buying some mainstream serials, but I have grave reservations – inconsistent quality of writing and art, convoluted decades-old shared-universe continuity, and the looming threat that a publisher will hook me on a series only to stage a huge crossover event that will require me to spend my hard-earned money on a bunch of other titles I have no interest in. DC is supposedly rebooting its comics to open a door for people like me to walk through.

The problem is, where do I start? I just pick up stuff that looks vaguely interesting. So far that’s been OMAC, Demon Knights, Batwoman, and Justice League Dark (the former two of which are already trying my patience). I’ve discovered sites like Comic Book Resources, ComicsAlliance, Comic Vine, and Bleeding Cool, and they’ve been sort of helpful. Still, I can’t tell you how much I see criticism (some from the sites themselves, many from the peanut gallery) that basically amount to “Supes wouldn’t talk like that,” “I don’t like Harley Quinn’s new costume,” “Aquaman used to be a wuss, but Johns made him BADASS,” “I (a male) don’t see any reason anyone should be offended by the portrayal of Starfire in Red Hood, so all these girls should stop whining,” “I (a white, hetero, conservative, American male) see nothing offensive about [insert Frank Miller book that involves brutally beating and killing highly stereotyped evil minorities],” and “Watchmen 2 will be badass cuz Rorschach is cool, and fuck what that old pretentious bearded dude thinks – who does he think he is anyway?”.

Comics, I like you. Comic Book Resources, I like you. Comic fans, I like you.


Out of that list, there is only one i am picking up & thats Teen Titans… the rest are just not worth it… Especially Superman, which is possibly the worst single issue of a comic book i’ve read in the last 2 years (and only because Frankenstien doesn’t count, as BPRD the book its ripping off directly was great). Seriously, how can one fuck up telling a Superman story? Thats like messing up ice-cream, as a meal.

Of course they fucked up Superman the seond they said “hey lets update Superman.” Superman is timeless guys, he takes the best out of every era: Turning him into a mopey emo kid, who wears armour & has a harry potter hair cut, flys in the face of the base concept of who Superman is.

Yeah because nothing says building an interesting book like destroying the Daily Planet in issue 1, having Lois sleep with some blonde pretty boy & then having superman fight an invisible alien in issue 2.

*yawn* somebody wake me, when soemthing destroys that stupid aromoured costume & we get a real Superman story please.

@AnalogousGumdropDecoder: Yes you were the only one to like JL:Dark. If DC wanted to make a new Shadow Pact book they should have. But this Vertigo version of magic as “Dark Grim” is just silly & incredibly uneccassary conisering how many other titles in the reboot are doign the same thing. This book is in no way Justice League, heck its not a team book at all.

Still on my pull list:

1) Red Hood & The Outlaws,
2) Teen Titans,
3) Justice League International

I keep hearing Animal is the best new book but the concept itself fails to grab me. Why is this book considered so great and better than everything else? This is a serious question.

How can you keep doing this fun article is you cut everything and only cover half of the titles each week?
So far a definite In: Aquaman, Batman, Catwoman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Demon Knights, All Star Western, JLA Dark, Voodoo, Red Hood and Blue Beetle.

the rest still have another issue to prove themselves!

@momaw: Is not all that popular with real readers, so much as it is hypothetically popular, for the same reason Action Comics is…. Because Grant Morrison was once involved & as such people are speculating that those books will one day be worth something. But you are right, the actual book itself is shit.

The good thing is that 6 months from now, the sales numbers on it will totally bottom out.

First time on the boards, but I’m a loyal CBR reader. Just had to chime in here. I’ve never enjoyed a Supes book like Morrison’s (previously All-Star, now, of course, Action). While I love Perez, I think infusing modern sensibilities to classic characters is a particular skill set unique to a handful of creators. Why not throw Mark Millar on the book? Millar’s one of the hottest writers right now. Personally, I’d love to read that.

@Matthew Lane

I really like Justice League Dark and a lot of people I’ve talked to like it too. Also Animal Man isn’t popular with “real readers”? I don’t know there were fake readers. Yet again that is another book I’ve heard nothing but praise about. No one is speculating the books will be worth something one day, people are just reading and enjoying the stories. You sound like a very lonely and angry person, you should probably seek help.

In addition to Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, all of which I consider “heavy hitters” and favorites to be kept on many DC readers’ pull lists, my favorite titles of the new 52 include quite a few books that I wish more readers would try: I Vampire, Swamp Thing, All Star Western, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Demon Knights, and Batwoman. Not only do those books represent diverse themes and characters, they could benefit greatly from simply being given a chance by more readers. In every case the second issue took the story further and excited me for what is to come.

@HPWT: For what it’s worth, most of us comics journos still pay for our comics (though we do get some comps). 13 titles from one publisher seems entirely reasonable in that context, especially considering the nature of Steve’s column here. We do have other writers covering DC for interviews, etc., and still others doing reviews.

As to the “it’s only the second issue” thing that a few people have brought up, well, serialized stories need to grab you right away, and hold your attention every month. Especially with 52 new series dropping all at once, it would be difficult to stick with every series through its first arc, or even stick with all halfway decent stories for three or four issues. I dropped several books after the first issue (and New 52 wasn’t the first case of this), a few more after issue 2. By the third issue, it should be very clear whether a series is for me, and there are still a couple on the fence. That won’t be the case for me after next month, even if it does mean breaking off in the middle of an arc. “You just need to give it time” doesn’t work when you’re paying per episode. Especially if you have interests other than comics.

I dunno. I like Steve’s column, sounds like some of you do too, and just because he’s no longer reviewing certain titles doesn’t mean they won’t be reviewed on this site.

Readers should try to read those books you mentioned, Stryke, but they won’t because
a lot of comic books readers are close minded and don’t like diversity.
Yet, they complain about not having diverse books in the market.

I’m loving Frankenstein. Solid start, decent art and just a lot fun. I’m still pulling Justice League and Swamp Thing. Still not sure about Animal Man, but I’m sticking with at least through early next year. Overall, I think Superman has been just okay.

I’m also staying with Stormwatch and Suicide Squad. Stormwatch is really about nostalgia for the past; and I like the idea of Suicide Squad a lot. Hoping they both get better fast.

@Shaun Manning: I agree with the latter. But Steven seems to be dropping several books he enjoys. That is just an odd concept to me. That is what I meant by the ‘only two issues in’ statement.

What if some of his choices turn out to be duds, while others he dropped only get better and better? I suppose he will check them out later, but to me at least, it seems better t bite the bullet now rather than scrambling to catch-up later.

@matthew lane – In some ways, you’re very much right about Justice League Dark. Milligan has said in interviews that it’s never going to be a case of Constantine or Shade saying: “We are Justice League…DARK!” It has been acknowledged that it was a case of branding the book to get more eyes on it. Dc kind of took a cue from Marvel w/ the Avengers franchise branding of titles with that book.

As far as your assessment of Animal Man? Nope. Wrong. That book is awesome for many reasons. Its sister book, Swamp Thing, is not as good in my opinion. This surprised me. I thought Snyder would be the standout writer of the New 52, and both his books are good, don’t get me wrong. I don’t even care much for Frankenstein. But Lemire is writing circles around almost all of his colleagues in Animal Man.

How do you make horror work? You make it real. And that’s what he’s doing, with the very tremendous help of Foreman on art. People actually talk the way that Lemire is scripting the Bakers’ dialogue. That’s not something you can say for a lot of comic book scripting. That guy’s got the goods, and he’s strutting it all over Animal Man, without all the extraneous exposition employed by many of his peers.

It’s got classic story elements. You know stuff’s going to happen before it does, yet you root against the inevitability. This is a classic trapping of noir, horror, etc. And Buddy and Maxine have started on a journey. Many great stories have had similar feels to that which Animal Man has so far had. It also feels like a lot has happened so far. This could be because it’s kind of telling part of what seems to be a larger story, with Swamp Thing telling another part. So in a sense, maybe more HAS happened, since there has been developments spread across four issues rather than the two issues most stories of the New 52 have so far been developed in. That is, unless you’d like to count the barely-linked-by-asterisked-editor’s-footnote-thingy in Stormwatch #1 that referred to “events” in Superman #1.

Animal Man is actually popular, and not “hypothetically popular,” because it’s really well done, not because people want to be hip by saying they read it, or make a good investment by purchasing it. There have been very few instances of floppies from the big two having any after-market value in the last decade. No one in the know is speculating long term on the extremely overprinted New 52 issue number 1s, of all things. You’re better off buying random indies, so you can strike gold with like a Mouse Guard #1, or something that becomes popular by way of being made into a movie, like 30 Days of Night or something.

Anyhow, the point is that Animal Man by Foreman and Lemire is awesome.

Loved animal man, at first I hated the art but accept that it’s part of the tone of the book, some great stuff going on there. I thinkim enjoying the more mature titles in the dcnu batman and catwoman are my top 2, while aqua man is a close 3rd, and wonder woman is finally interesting!

Ammar Yassir Khan

October 27, 2011 at 2:40 pm

For me, the standouts have been:

Wonder Woman
Animal Man
Swamp Thing

However, at the risk of sounding like a fanboy I really don’t see how this all fits in continuity wise; the decision to incorporate most of the histories of GL and Bats and change much of others leads me to doubt how it will all mesh in the future. We shall see. But I am loving the above books I mentioned.

I’m giving Red Lantern and Green Lantern Corps at least another month to prove themselves. As of October, I went from “The New 52″ to “The New 42.” I have a feeling next month it’s going to be “The New 32.” Overall, DC has done a great job, and the duds are definitely forgiven and overshadowed by the runaway successes!


So far it’s 16 out for me. Batwing, Blackhawks, Captain Atom, Catwoman, Deathstroke, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Grifter, Hawk & Dove, Hawkman, Men of War, Mr. Terrific, Red Hood, Resurrection Man, Static Shock, Suicide Squad.

I looked at all of these on the shelf. Three of these I tried and dropped. I’m open to the idea of reading Resurrection Man, but I thumb through it and it doesn’t grab me. I’m excited about the creator shake ups on Green Arrow and Static Shock and expect to give them another look.


So far it’s 18 definitely in for me. There are 10 in the top tier — Action, All-Star Western, Animal Man, Aquaman, Batman, Batwoman, Flash, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman — and 8 in the next tier — Batgirl, Batman & Robin, Birds of Prey, Green Lantern Corps, I, Vampire, Justice League, Superboy, Supergirl.


There are 9 more that still stand a good chance to be ruled in for me. There are 3 that are basically in, but I want to see that they will remain consistent — DCU Presents, Frankenstein, Justice League Dark — but 6 more that could also be in, but I need to see them develop a little bit more before I’m sure — Nightwing, O.M.A.C., Red Lanterns, Stormwatch, Superman, Voodoo.


There are 9 that I want to like but have serious skepticism about — Batman: Dark Knight, Blue Beetle, Demon Knights, Detective, Green Lantern: Guardians, Justice League International, Legion Lost, Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans.

@HPWT – I see what you mean. But, assuming a limited budget, sometimes we do have to make choices about what to buy. Sometimes we choose poorly. I have a certain baseline—still subjective, but based on a standard that’s been pretty consistent—about what is and isn’t worth my money. I’ve dropped some books that, yeah, there was some fun in them, but if there are other things that entertain me more, I’m going to spend my time and money on those other things.

Googam son of Goom

October 27, 2011 at 4:43 pm

All-Star Western. Gray and Palmiotti are really great story tellers. To be honest I’ve always avoided the Western genre in books, comics and movies, but I own every single issue of their Jonah Hex series. It all started with picking up a copy of Jonah Hex in a bargain bin and really enjoying it. Then Darwyn Cooke illustrated an issue and I really enjoyed it. It went from there. I kept reading and then sought out back issues and I was never let down. Great stories, dialogue characterization and they always worked with exceptional artists. To be honest I wish they weren’t Gothamizing Jonah. It’s a different kind of story but still a top notch production.

Now why couldn’t they have done the movie right? I hated that movie. Oh well I just ignore it and read the comics. Give it a try it’s not what you might think.


October 27, 2011 at 5:12 pm

@Matthew Lane

Although I’ve never read a Justice League book, I have a suspicion that if they tried to shoehorn these characters into that type of story then it wouldn’t make any sense at all.

I also didn’t pick the series up because I saw the words “Justice League” on the cover. I picked it up because I loved Constantine and Deadman in Moore’s Swamp Thing run, a close friend had already recommended some Deadman and Xanadu books to me, and I have always eyed back issues of Milligan’s Shade series with interest. I know nothing about Xanadu and very little about Zatanna (except that I think she popped up in either Swamp Thing or Sandman or both). I’d also heard good things about Milligan.

By the way, could you please define what constitutes a “real reader”? I’m curious.

No more artists writing comics please. This means you:

Perez, Jurgens, Daniel, Van Sciver, McDaniel, Maguire, Adams.

Funny how those working in teams (Manapul, Lanning, JH3, Van Sciver, Palmiotti) are all doing well. Well, except Finch, but I’m not sure how much Jenkins was really involved in #1.

But seriously, Tony Daniel needs to draw only. Seriously.


October 28, 2011 at 3:44 am

I might be the only person in the world but I hated Batman.
It was decent until both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson where thrown into the cult murder. This is not gonna end well, that train is headed right into copout central.

I was in Barnes and Noble last weekend and I read through a bunch of DC’s new 52..I have to say that I dont know why DC had to do ANOTHER reboot. All Darkest Night, Brightest Day, Crisis, Batman RIP and other storylines completely ereased. I think that DC is not thinking about the loyal DC reader..they are sacrificing the loyal readers to grab new readers. Is there a lack of creative talent or ide……as at DC? To me, its just DC taking the easy way out. Marvel has characters and stories that have been around just as long and they have yet to do a REBOOT like this. I know plenty of hardcore DC fans who are dropping all the DC titles because of this. Its hard to get invested in a story or character when you know that DC is just gonna do this AGAIN sometime in the near future.

Good morning everyone! Here on the west coast I wanted to pop in with some thoughts.
1. Not every comic in a line will be good. I don’t care if it was Valinat in the 90’s, Marvel in the 60’s, any Image stuff, Epic or others. There are Gems and then there is stuff we may not love. You may love art, you may love story. Hell you may even love a colorist or inker! Love what you love. Give stuff a chance. If you liked it but stopped then pick up the trade in a few months and see what you think then. The great thing about comics is yes you can always go back again!
2. Please stop using the foul language. I used to let my son (who is 10) and my daughter (who is 9) come on here and read the comments because I think debate is a healthy thing. I think we are all better for hearing what others have to say. I think that we should all take others in consideration when we talk. I know that it is your rite to say what you want and my right to filter what my children see. I just ask some people take a moment and think if there isn’t a better way to express your opinions. All parents will thank you for your consideration.
3. I am a big comic collector. I buy about 85 titles a month. I buy old comics and new. I buy the bright shiny superheroes (Justice league, and X-men) I buy the fringe heroes (Swamp thing, Animal man) and off the beaten trail (Monocyte, Locke and Key). We buy what we can. We buy what we like. Just because I don’t like JLI doesn’t mean it is garbage. It just means it is not for me. I know people who love that book. I like Keith as a person having had the pleasure of meeting him. I love going to the conventions. I love meeting all the different people at them. We are a very special community, I mean really comic con has been around for decades and we have had 1 violent incident. How many other groups have gathered people in the millions and can boast that stat?! I love the medium as a whole. I go to about 5 different stores and talk to literally dozens of people who do all kinds of different things. We all talk about the comics, and the cartoons and the movies that they inspire. I have no affiliation to any thing related to comics. I don’t sell them. I don’t work on them. I appreciate that there are hard working people out there trying to make me happy for 10-30 minutes at a time. I reward them by buying their books and praising their work. The others I just don’t discuss.

Finally sorry to be so long winded but thank you robot 6 and Steve for your honest opinions and thoughts. I may not agree all the way but I appreciate the chance for the discussions.

I just want to say I look forward to these articles each week. This is a really cool idea and a great read. Keep it up!

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