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New Danger Girl coming from IDW next year

Danger Girl

Back in 2009, when IDW announced their intentions to collect Andy Hartnell and J. Scott Campbell’s former WildStorm series Danger Girl, they mentioned plans to publish new stories at some point. Today in an interview with Comic Book Resources, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall revealed that plans are in the works on a new Danger Girl series coming next spring.

Reporter Shaun Manning asked Ryall about Abbey Chase’s appearance on the cover of Infestation 2 #1. “Yeah, we were going to do her own [“Infestation 2″] series, but we’re actually doing a new Danger Girl series in the Spring, too, so we didn’t want to conflict with that,” Ryall said. “She’ll be part of the storyline but not have her own spinoff book attached to the Infestation event.”

While it’s been years since a Danger Girl solo comic graced the stands, Abbey Chase and her friends have popped up in other places, including the Danger Girl/Army of Darkness crossover series published by Dynamite earlier this year.



If JSC isn’t doing the artwork for this, then WHO CARES!!!

Yep, what Snikt Snakt said.

Exactly what Snikt snakt said.

I’ve actually enjoyed the various Danger Girl minis released over the years. There’s been different artists, sure enough, but I think the title has remained fun, sexy, and action-oriented.

I’ve picked up a few non-JSC-drawn Danger Girl series, and yeah, they’re fun because Andy Hartnell is a good writer. But man, it is criminal how long its been since Campbell has done any interior work, and I think Danger Girl is pretty much his perfect title. Even if he just drew a one-shot. I’d be there in a heartbeat.

I like Campbell’s work on this, and I thought Phil Noto was a good successor. What I want to see though, is the ultimate spy-spoof-crossover:
“Austin Powers and Danger Girl Get Smart!”
What do you guys think? Smashing thought, right?

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