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Nike enlists Amanda Conner and Jan Duursema for new campaign

Art by Amanda Conner

Despite how well Amanda Conner might be able to slam-dunk a basketball, it’s her artistic ability that’s got her joining forces with Nike on a new campaign. Joining with Star Wars artist Jan Duursema, Conner has created a series of superhero-friendly illustrations promoting Nike’s women’s training line under the title “Make Yourself: A Super Power.” Here’s the artwork released so far, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there are some actual comics in the offing.

Hey Nike, how about this for a idea: bring back the “Bo Knows” campaign but with Amanda. “Co Knows!”

Ok, maybe not.

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Can’t wait to see the Duursema ads. Always loved her work.

Someday these will have a place in the Hall of Fame next to the Hostess Fruit Pie ads of the 70’s.

Well now, those pieces are lovely. I hope she’s a guest at this year’s Emerald City ComiCon…

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