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NYCC | DC unveils cover for second volume of Superman: Earth One

Just ahead of its “DC All Access: Superman” panel at New York Comic Con, DC Comics debuted the cover of the second volume of Superman: Earth One, the bestselling 2010 graphic novel by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis. Presumably the publisher will announce a tentative release date during the presentation.

See the full cover below, and check back with Comic Book Resources for a report from “DC All Access: Superman.”

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Ha! Red undies!

While the first one was a pretty bald-faced attempt at seeming “hip,” it wasn’t half-bad as just another retelling of his origin, so I really hope this one’s pretty good. I really like this illustration.

I was not a fan of Earth One for a lot of reasons. Hamfisted dialogue (who quotes famous dead people as often as the people in Metropolis?), exaggerated parallelism (Pa Kent’s remembered lectures to Clark through textboxes fit exactly against the images of Superman fighting in the panels. Complete lack of subtlty), and the color scheme was lifeless, red, and dark. The story was paced poorly with the threat coming in two pages…too much exposition via dialogue from that terrible new villain (and then Straczynski even pointed out how awful that is, but “cleverly” hung a lampshade on it). I have real writing to do right now and I could go on, but basically I thought Earth One was awful.

The S looks all sorts of wrong to me…i dont think its his strongest cover but i think the interiors will be good like last time

They kinda changed the S a little bit in the first one. I think they’re trying to come up with different variations of the S symbol for trademarking purposes.

Bring me Batman: Earth One.
Bring me World’s Finest: Earth One.

umm… tits?

yeah he looks like superman i will buy it!

Why does Earth One Superman look so pissed off and menacing all the time? Is that really what the kids want out of Superman these days?

No thanks.

And another thing… what’s the point of this Earth One stuff? Is it to introduce new readers to Superman? If so, doesn’t that kind of/sort of butt heads with the New 52 initiative? Great job. Now you have THREE different looking versions of the same character running around (Action costume, Jim Lee costume, Earth One semi-classic costume). Two versions are (maybe) the same character, one is some weird graphic novel version. If I were a new reader, I’d be pretty confused.

Meh… what do I know?

its called adolescent power fantasy.

if you want superman written for grown-ups buy Action Comics.

I guess Dc Comics is really hoping to continue to cash in on the success of the first volume which allows us readers to see a kind of similar look almost like Superman’s original appearance with a few modifications to the costume.Can’t say I can blame them for wanting to do this while they still can since they own the other half of the copyright to the character though once it’s 2013 then it will be entirely a different story.I’ll definitely check out the book but most likely borrow it from my library.That’s where I read the first volume.

I really like Davis’ updated costume so much more than the one Lee came up with. Long live the shorts!

Yeesh, this looks like some Grim N’ Gritty parody cover of Superman than an actual about-to-be published one.

Did Superman just kill those 4 poor sods or what? Sure looks like it judging by this cover!

I am curious about the upcoming graphic novel, not excited, but still interested. However, as powerful as this cover looks it has some pretty noticable mistakes in my opinion. First of all Superman’s face looks ugly, in a deformed way, as if he is Bizarro not Superman. Secondly, his abs look bloated, as if he has a weird inflated belly. Other than that, it is an impressive cover.

I actually thought the first one was ok and am looking forward to the second one, but in this drawing, it looks like Supes has glowing nipples.

So, this Superman has already shown himself willing to kill one bad guy, something which goes utterly against Superman’s most basic principle, and here he is surrounded by corpses stripped of flesh by flame, something that could easily have been accomplished by his heat vision. In addition, this book will apparently contain a Superman who cannot have sex because of his powers, and who in the last book was unwilling to use his powers to help people until coerced into it by an outside threat. Not even using his powers covertly, he just never used them.

Basically, I’m saying that JMS doesn’t understand Superman in the slightest, making the Man of Steel do things that he has never done and should never do. J. Michael Straczynski he should go back to writing Hyperion in Supreme Power, a Superman-like character he can understand and write well.

And on another note, DC needs to use Jim Lee’s redesign because it has the opportunity to catch on and be popular, but only if they market it. Nobody is even gonna know it exists, they keep making backpacks and stuff with the old costume, and putting out comics where he’s still wearing that same old costume doesn’t help.

JMS? Ham-fisted? Unsubtle? Inconceivable!

According to Davis at the panel, the scene is from Superman imagining what he could’ve done to a bad guy but didn’t.

Hard to believe it’s going to be TWO YEARS between volumes.

This looks SO ugly it’s scary. The composition of the body is odd and makes little to no sense at all. The underpants are especially ridiculous, as are his abs and that strange shaped “S”. His face is also very ugly, which is very different from scary or angry. It’s neither of those things. It’s just ugly, as in ill drawn. The colors and the FX fire doesn’t help at all.

Between to buy or not this issue based on the cover, Superman: Earth One #2 is out.

I don’t understand why they’re waiting so long between volumes. It totally kills any momentum the series could have with new readers.

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