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NYCC | Remender, Hardman take over Secret Avengers next year

Secret Avengers

It’s probably not surprising to find out the writer who works in the “black ops” areas of the Spider-Man and X-Men titles will swim in similar waters with the Avengers. Today at the Avengers: Shattered Heroes panel at the New York Comic Con, Marvel announced that Uncanny X-Force and Venom writer Rick Remender will take over Secret Avengers with issue #21.1. He’ll be joined on issue #22 by regular artist Gabriel Hardman (Hulk).

“Yeah, it’s going to be a fun year,” Remender told Newsarama. “I’m definitely planning on interconnecting the three titles, and having a lot of things hopping from one to the other, which is fun. I can create my own little covert universe.”

The team roster will go through a bit of a change, as you can see in the promo art above by Art Adams. Hawkeye will lead the team, with new additions being Captain Britain and Giant Man. Issue #21.1 will introduce a new Masters of Evil and will feature artwork by Patrick Zircher.

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great, I can buy the book again!

Giant-Man and Hawkeye, Bendis-free? Sign me up!

(And that Point One shit is never gonna end, is it?)

@Other Chris
Why not just campaign for more standalone tales being told and less 4-parters, if you’re so tired of the Point One thing?

awesome. Remender and Hardman sound like a great team.

Is that Hank Pym though? I wish they’d just keep the Irredeemable Antman.

I assume the big guy is Hank Pym, and if you look closely at one of Hawkeye’s arrows, you’ll see the Irredeemable Ant Man is there … at least I assume that’s him, and not the recently returned Scott Lang.

Wait, what? When did Scott Lang return? (Not that I am complaining…)

In Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade.

Ah, thanks, JK. I will have to track that down in the trades. I love all things Arthur Adams, but man, his Hank McCoy has rabies. :)

Yeah, I was not expecting to see that version of Beast outside of Juan Bobillo’s run on Astonishing X-Men. Hardman’s interpretation seems a bit more subdued.

I’ve been trade-waiting Secret Avengers, but I think I’ll jump onboard with that Point One issue. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Remender’s work on Uncanny X-Force and Venom, and this looks like more of the same.

Awesome line-up.

I see that Pym and Clint will be doing double time as teachers at the Academy and then covert missions.

I really hope that is Scott Lang hanging onto Clint’s arrow.

I just wish someone can do something about Hank McCoys beast form, as it keeps shifting up and down the feline scale, almost looking classic simian. Maybe it is time to give Hank some shape shifting powers so he can morph into different animals (although, they would have to find a way to distinguish him from Beast Boy in the DC universe).

Crossing over with Uncanny S-e-x-force? Please god no. You can take so much self indulgence. Maybe he kills them all off and makes them the Secret Franken-vengers?

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