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NYCC | Marc Bernardin to write DC’s Static Shock

DC Comics has selected Marc Bernardin as the new writer of Static Shock, replacing John Rozum, who announced his departure from the relaunched title last month.

Bernardin, a former senior editor for Entertainment Weekly who co-wrote The Highwaymen and The Authority for DC, will join current artist/co-writer Scott McDaniel with March’s Issue 7.

“As a Black comic book fan and as a father of Black children, it’s really important that people see themselves reflected in a media they like,” Bernardin tells “I remember growing up and looking at the Cosby Show for the first time and getting to look at people who were like me and doing things like I did, people who were my age going to college and studying for exams. I think for a long time, a Black kid picking up a comic book never got the chance to see himself, so I think that characters like Static are incredibly important.”

Static Shock #2, by Rozum, McDaniel and Andy Owens, was released last week.

Update: Comic Book Resources talks with Bernardin about his plans for Static Shock.



Awesome news — congrats Marc!

I’m sorry, but it’s extremely hard to get excited for a writer with very, very little comics writing experience under his belt. All the luck to you Marc, but recent examples of writers with no experience at DC have been guys like Wallace and Krul, lord knows how that turned out.

The guy seems to have the right impetus, that’s for sure. That’s one good step in the right direction. Now I just hope he can write!

I really liked the Highwaymen and hope Bernardin is given the freedom to experiment with Static. There are too many books on the shelves to play it safe with a niche title.

That being said, it means Static Shock will actually make it to issue 7. I think each of the 52 may actually get 12 issues minimum.

RetroWarbird: My thoughts exactly.

Do BET always write ‘black’ with a capital letter? Is that a thing?

I’m not expecting to see a significant increase in readership for this book. I may check in when his first issue hits stands though.

@Debaser: you some kind of idiot?

He’s written for Marvel, DC and Indepedants


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