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NYCC | Scarlet Spider returns, hits the road in January

Scarlet Spider

After months of teasers, Marvel broke their silence at the New York Comic Con and announced a Scarlet Spider ongoing series by writer Christopher Yost and artist Ryan Stegman that will kick off in January.

As for who is under the mask, well, that remains a mystery, but Yost has confirmed it is someone who has a connection to Spider-Man.

“After the events of Dan Slott’s amazing #spiderisland, Scarlet Spider’s entire life has been turned upside down,” Yost told MTV Geek. “ScarSpi (like ScarJo) has one motivation — get the hell out of New York. For reasons that are as yet unrevealed, ScarSpi is on the run, heading down Mexico way. But as the story progresses, those motivations will change because life gets in the way.”

The original Scarlet Spider was Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker who first appeared as a part of the infamous Clone Saga back in the 1990s. Reilly assumed the identity for a brief time before taking over as Spider-Man from Peter Parker. Later a villain took the name. Reilly eventually died saving Peter Parker from the Green Goblin. More recently, three “Scarlet Spiders” appeared in Avengers: The Initiative, wearing the “Iron Spider” armor Tony Stark once gave to Peter Parker.

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Aww he’s not wearing a tattered hoodie anymore. I guess it’s not the 1990’s anymore..

its probably going to be Kaine he got healed by the spider cure and looks more like peter now

Ok, so at the moment the only thing returning is the name? Big Whoop! New costume and most likely new character.

When we get more info I’ll know whether I want to get it or not. Probably not.

Its like DC with their new The Ray mini. New costume, New person. NO THANKS!

Nitzan Rotschild

October 14, 2011 at 6:48 pm

Ryan Stegman is fantastic. I’ll be picking this up.

another spidey title, wonder why the female versions never work

just wanted to be the first person to point out that that costume is pretty much Spider-Man Unlimited inverted. not complaining, just saying. here’s to hoping its Kaine! he would have the best reason for taking on the name.

Hey now, dont be slamming the new ray before it even starts. grey and palmiotti do quality work.

People liked the Scarlet Spider because BEN REILLY was an awesome character.

He never should have died in the first place, and if Marvel is gonna use the name, they should bring back the actual character.

Hell, there was a Wizard poll back in the day and most people wanted him to stay around, just not as Spiderman.

This is like the recent Azrael comic that DC did. Hey, its the same name and nothing else, and look… no sales.

Also willing to bet it’s Kaine. Logical choice since he’s a tortured character in need of redemption and searching for an identity of his own.
I’d have to say it’s equal parts potential hit and potential flop. We’ll see!

My money’s on the 616 Miles Morales.

@Andrew – I’m not slamming the writers. Like you said, its not out yet. What I said is I’m not impressed or interested with the companies trying to cash in on the name, when its a whole new concept/character.

Lackshmana brings up another good example with the latest Azrael series.

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