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NYCC | Shazam back-up to run in Justice League

Just Imagine ...

Fans wondering if or when the original Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Shazam!, would make an appearance in DC’s New 52 can wonder no more. DC Comics announced today at the New York Comic Con that writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank will team up on a back-up feature, The Curse of Shazam, that will run in issues of Justice League starting with #5.

Beyond that, DC offered very few details. We’ll keep you updated as more news becomes available.

Johns and Frank have worked together previously on Superman: Secret Origin and Action Comics, and are the creative team for the upcoming Batman: Earth One graphic novel.

As I went looking for art for this post, I was reminded that this isn’t the first time Frank has drawn Shazam — back in 2002, when DC Comics recruited Stan Lee to “reimagine” some of their characters, Frank teamed up with him on a very different version of the character.

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Am I the only person who doesn’t like Gary Frank’s style? It’s realistic but not warm or human somehow.

alright, lets see what you got.

Ummm… so you can’t critique something unless you can do it better? WTH?

Liked Gary Frank’s art in Action Comics, so I imagine something like Shazam would be interesting w/ his style. Plus a nice little bonus to keep Justice League’s price tag feeling worthwhile.

Ah, Frank did the Just Imagine version. I was wondering why you picked that picture for a story about the Captain Marvel version of Shazam!. Makes sense now.

I wasn’t picking up Justice League, but a Captain Marvel back-up is one thing that will get me to buy it. I wonder if Johns is going to continue his Marvel Family story from his JSA run (where they were depowered) or do something new. And I wonder if he’s going to make them more like the S.H.A.Z.A.M. kids from Flashpoint. Should be interesting.

The words ‘Captain Marvel’ appear nowhere in that DC blog post, so I’m guessing they’re using the reboot to officially make him ‘Captain Thunder’ so they can actually put his name on the covers.

Curse of Shazam? Ugh! Not that I have a problem with Shazam family it’s just the title. Can’t just write marvel family with screw them up. Morrison. 52, and company destroyed the whole thing. Then we have a almost two years for anything with them. Now Curse Of Shazam? It’s not a curse and shouldn’t be consider that. What the hell are they doing over there at dc? I’m not okay with this if they can’t get characters right still.

Stoked that they’re bringing him in soon, as I love me some Captain Marvel. And also good that he will get a push by being in the highest selling title in the industry right now. However, Johns writing him doesn’t excite me at all.

I love everything about Gary Frank’s artwork except for Supermans creepy looking face! So this is great! ;)

Although Johns is turning into Bendis what with EXTRA decompression, so I’m guessing not alot will happen in these back ups.

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