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Quote of the Day #2 | Comics > everything else

Comics are the visual representation of language. So comics are the most ancient and the most vital and most important art form that humanity has ever known. It’s also the oldest….Cave paintings, having the form of an image that represents an idea, is what comics are. I wrote an essay called, “Fuck Other Forms of Art.”

Skibber Bee-Bye cartoonist Ron Régé Jr. represents for comics in no uncertain terms. As well he might: His next book, The Cartoon Utopia, is nothing more or less than an attempt to distill thousands of years of esoteric human endeavor — “Angels, Jung, alchemy, patriarchy,” “all the systems before science and religion and philosophy were all split into different things,” and “peace on earth” — into graphic-novel format. It’s a tall order, so comics as an art form had better be up to the challenge.

Read all about Régé’s amazing-sounding project, and see a lot of eye-popping art from it too, in his interview with Vice’s Liz Armstrong. And you can read pretty much every page from his under-the-radar masterpiece Skibber Bee-Bye on his original art sales page at Comic Art Collective.



I read that essay. Thought it was funny that you’re supposed to not be such a snob and pretend to like Hagar the Horrible, but the dude’s still so offended at the idea of Kevin Smith and “some popular mainstream hack” that he can barely contain it.

Give this man a beer!

Holy shit, that page is the greatest thing I’ve looked at all day.

Illy: This beer, perhaps?

Glad to hear it, Terrence!

Where can I read this essay?

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