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Quote of the day | Jason Latour on superheroes as ‘product logos’

“I can tell you for a matter of fact that when I draw work-for-hire stuff, I get into the idea that I’m drawing Wolverine, the guy from the stories I love. I’m continuing his tale. I don’t think that I’m drawing the dude on the underwear. I legitimately love Wolverine as a character. […] I heard Ed Brubaker say that he treats all of his stuff like it’s creator owned stuff. That’s the only way I can do it. I feel like I’m wasting my life otherwise. Listen, I have seen Wolverine juice boxes. I know that ridiculous thing exists. But the fact that it does, in some way, makes me feel like I’m getting away with something. Like knowing the depraved person I am and that I put all of my energy into drawing this Wolverine story, and then I turn around and see some kid with a Wolverine toy, and that seems subversive to me. I slipped some possibly bad, possibly raunchy art, into that kid’s life. You just get caught up in it while you’re working on it. If you care, it’s really hard to think of it as underwear. And sure, it’s overwhelming and sickening to walk into a Walmart and see nothing but Spider-Man bed sheets. Sometimes, under the right light, that’s kinda cool, though.”

– writer/artist Jason Latour, talking at length with Michel Fiffe about, among other things, working on characters that are licensed to sell toys, underwear and, yes, juice boxes



So, it is somehow bad that a child, whom superhero stories should primarily be written for, might grow to love a character and want to sleep with said character on his pillow?

Jason, you are totally correct.

Jason the previous comment maker, not Jason Latour.

Guys, I’m very flattered this was posted here but I’d ask you to read that quote in context. I was attempting to make the case for superhero characters as more than products or logos, stressing the idea being that doing work for hire can be more than the merchandising tail wagging the creative dog. All it takes is a genuine investment.

Understood. Thanks for clearing things up.

I really enjoyed this interview. I didn’t like every answer, on like a spiritual level or whatever, but it was good time. Thanks.

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