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Rafael Grampá’s grenade-wielding, high-flying Batman

Batman by Rafael Grampa

I may not understand what the text says, but there’s one thing I did take away from this blog post by artist Rafael Grampa — his Batman, like his Wolverine and Madman, is truly awesome. The image appears to be something he’s created for the RioComicon 2011, coming up Oct. 20-23 in Brazil.



It’s Portuguese. Rafael stated that it’s been a while since he updated, thanking those who still visit regularly despite the lack of updates, and mentioned that the Batman picture is from the 2011 Rio Comicon.

It appears to say “To Frank Miller 2011″.

Best artist of all time!

DC, are you seeing this?!?

Get him to replace those Batman artists from Detective Comics and/or (both would be great if possible) Batman; The Dark Knight or give him $$$$ to create 80-Page Special project or even a graphic novel (or 2).

Right, bat-fans?

I totally agree with you, Nicholas. DC, we want Rafael Grampa doing a Batman graphic novel. NOW!!!!! BEST BATMAN EVER!!!!

Thanks Steve!
Let gather more serious protesters as “Occupy DC Group”


His Marvel work in Strange Tales 2 was great but brief. Put him in any Marvel/DC title and I’ll take it.

I don’t care what Grampa works on, I just want to buy it.

This is rad. I could totally see this working in Batman Inc. for reals.

he’s is working on his new book, furry water, for dark horse comics. can’t wait to grab it, I think it will be the most incredible comic of all time. BUT, I really need to see him working on a batman title. maybe something like a modern batman year one…

Oh yeah. Good, good stuff.

Wow…I mean…WOWOWOWOWOW!!! Perfect, the best Batman costume ever, for sure…

Wow! Love Grampas artwork! Where can i get this print? Somebody hook me up!


I absolutely love Grampa and treasure my Mesmo Delivery tpb.

But what is up with Furry Water?
It was supposed to come from Dark Horse in 2010 :(

Cich, I heard that Furry Water was late so Dark Horse decided to publish it in 2012 to take advantage of the post apocalyptical stuff. Marketing… I can’t wait to put my hands on it, Rafael is the man!

Did you guys see it? Grampá’s creation process for this poster and more:


X-force cover and redesign for Nightcrawler:

Rafael Albuqueque and Rafael Grampá proposing new costumes for Superman and Batman:

Now a have a reason to learn brazilian portuguese…

He’s not only working on Furry Water, the comic book, but also in Mesmo Delivery, the film. So don’t expect a lot of new material from him in the next few months. But I think he twitted sometime ago that Furry Water is indeed completed.

I agree guys Rafaels work is unbelievable I wish he would do more. His Batman is the best I have ever seen. If anyone figures out how to get a print of any of his work please hook me up!!

Everyone stay alert, because Grampá did the front page of X-Force magazine that will come out december this year. Look the site below.

The picture of Batman is a one hundred limited and exclusive for fans in Rio ComiCon 2011. I have one signed!!!!!

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