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Richard Pace asks DC heroes ‘How did the New 52 affect you?’

Actions speak louder than words, and comics speak louder than any description could give. Without further ado, look at comic artist Richard Pace‘s humorous take on the New 52 from the characters’ point of view:



If that’s the reason for all the gratuity in Catwoman, I’m all for it. She should be proud of her latest haul from Victoria’s Secret. Never realized she was such a clotheshorse.

Only like, one of those isn’t mean-spirited in nature. Ah well, whatever.

Pretty funny stuff


Lol, funny stuff.

Nearly spit my lunch out while reading this in my cubicle @ work. EPIC!

Batgirl should be pissed that she’ll never become a Batwoman.


Bro-fives for Batman!

The middle panel made me LOL.

That was funny! Esp Aquaman, Catwoman and Spiderman.

But lets be clear that Aquaman was amazing (and way cooler! haha..) during Peter Davids run, and Morrisons JLA! ;)

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