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The numbers are bad, Wonder Woman! The numbers are bad!

From Wonder Woman #2, by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang

It’s perhaps a little fitting that Wonder Woman’s first post-relaunch visit to Themyscira, a magical, hidden island that can teleport to any location or time, should have echoes of Lost. In the preview of this week’s Wonder Woman #2, from the Maxim magazine website of all places, we get our first exposure to the (re-) rebranded Paradise Island, complete with unnerving, and downright threatening, whispers, and Others Amazons emerging from the shadows of the jungle.

Also worth noting: Queen Hippolyta is blonde again, for the firs time since, when, the 1987 relaunch? Wonder Woman #2, by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, goes on sale Wednesday.



She does bear a tiny resemblance to Wonder Woman, doesn’t she?

Posting comics previews on Maxim now? I guess DC really is trying to reach out to new audiences… Or are they?

Liking the dye job. Or in dye job. Also the new look island…

Except that in this, when Wonder Woman manipulates everyone to get control of the mysterious locked briefcase, the toy airplane inside is INVISIBLE!

As a Lost fan, I’m ashamed to admit that at first I thought this was about sales figures.

Looks more decent, now that we’ve got another look at the costume.

@Medieval Guy
What did you think of Jimmy Fallon’s “eulogy” to Lost at the Emmys last year?

I don’t like the new costume.

As a former Lost fan, I’m ashamed to say I wasted six years watching that show.

I’d say you really only wasted one year watching that show. The first five were great.

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