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Wonder Woman gets a fill-in artist in January (Plus, DC covers!)

Wonder Woman #5, by Cliff Chiang

DC Comics has begun parceling out its January solicitations ahead of the full release this afternoon, revealing Tony Akins as the first fill-in artist for Wonder Woman. As noted last week, Cliff Chiang will still provide the cover for Issue 5, which finds Diana back home in London dealing with “two of the most powerful deities of the pantheon.”

Chiang and Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello had one of the most acclaimed debuts in DC’s New 52.

Beyond that, the creative teams in the Justice League, Superman and Batman groups, the only solicitations released so far, appear stable in the fifth month of DC’s relaunch. The covers range from dazzling — Wonder Woman by Chiang, Batwoman by J.H. Williams III and Batgirl by Adam Hughes are particularly noteworthy —  to confounding. Starfire appears to be bleeding from her hair on Red Hood and the Outlaws (damned cheap Tamaranian dye jobs), while the covers of Detective Comics and Superman employ some oddly executed split images.

And then there’s the enormous demonic creature gnawing on Nightwing …

Check out some of the highlights, and lowlights, below, and visit Comic Book Resources at 2 p.m. PT to see DC’s full solicitations for January.

Aquaman #5, by Ivan Reis

Batgirl #5, by Adam Hughes

Batman #5, by Greg Capullo

Batwoman #5, by J.H. Williams III

Catwoman #5, by Guillem March

Detective Comics #5, by Tony S. Daniel

DC Universe Presents #5, by Ryan Sook

Justice League #5, by Jim Lee

Nightwing #5, by Eddy Barrows

Red Hood and the Outlaws #5, by Kenneth Rocafort

Superman #5, by George Perez



Did Catwoman melt? I can’t figure out that anatomy at all.

The lump that is bloody and torn is her shoulder, the other curve is her hip. The white rectangle is a post for the barb wire to hook to. In her goggle is the image of who is beating her.
Don’t worry I imagine she will lift her top and get out of this problem pretty easily.

Horrible catwoman cover

Akins is good but I hope Chiang is back in February.

george perez superman #5 cover really sucks big time!!

Wow..Red Hood is actually going to get to #5….

Jim Lee is a terrible, terrible artist.

Meanwhile, J.H. Williams never ceases to impress.

What the hell is going on with the Detective, Nightwing and Superman covers? They are just…. bad. Very, very bad. And that Catwoman cover? Has she been mutilated? What appendage is that above her head? Lmao!

On the other side of that coin Batwoman, and Aquaman look great. Love the blood on Batgirl, and Starfires hair also looking like blood looks great. And Aquaman and Wonder Woman look amazing on the JL cover.

Yeah… what is that behind Catwoman’s head? A boob? A butt? Talk about unnatural anatomy. Oh well Winick & Co. were always good at making bad fan fiction.

The Outlaws cover is great… Speedy has the body of a 16-17 year old pretty boy, while he’s holding his Victoria Model Mannequin doll. Lobdell is right, there is a lot more to the story then what it seems on the surface.

It doesnt look to me like catwoman is going to get up in a hurry.

Who IS that girl who’s beaten her?

Whoever she is, she’s turned catwoman into a bloodspattered MESS.

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