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Achewood is back!

Chris Onstad put his critically acclaimed webcomic Achewood on hiatus earlier this year, citing the need to recharge his creative batteries and take a fresh look at the comic.

Fortunately, “indefinite” turns out not to mean “infinite,” and Achewood is back, with a new strip that was posted on Wednesday and a gentle reminder that tips are always welcome to keep the comic going. There is no commentary with the comic, but Onstad says “The hiatus has ended!” at the top of the page, so it’s safe to assume he will be posting regularly now.

(Via Storming the Tower)



“HEY! Don’t you do cocaine at ME, you son of a bitch!”

Is it unreasonable to be just a little worried that Onstad might actually kill Ray? It’s just with all the talk he’s made about changing the comic on a fundamental level I wouldn’t take it off the table.

Diabetes, you are not invited to my pizza party

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