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Artist examines secret identities of superheroes (in clear plastic bags)

"Peter Parker," by Simon Monk

Daily Design Discoveries spotlights Secret Identity, “an ongoing series of paintings” by U.K. artist Simon Monk featuring plastic figures of superheroes in clear polythene bags.

Monk explains on his website: “Superheroes are icons of male power and potency whose comic book and film adventures see them engaged in epic battles across the universe, yet these mythic figures have another life as consumer objects to be found in commercial and domestic contexts. Placed in carrier bags and hung on a hook in a domestic space they become recently purchased objects, robbed of the enormous power they wield in their narratives, their dynamic energy stymied. Despite this reduction they remain irresistible in their cartoonish rage and pride.”

Check out more from Secret Identity below, and on Monk’s website.

"Clark Kent," by Simon Monk

"Donald Blake," by Simon Monk



These paintings show that the artist has a great talent. Amazing painting abilities!
These paintings also show that the artist lacks worthwhile direction. Seems to me a waste of time and talent.

Painting plastic-looking super-hero action figures in plastic bags? I don’t see the reason (other than showing off his talents, which could be done in many other ways). And I don’t see the appeal. But then, I don’t see the appeal of reality TV shows or what passes for popular music these days.

But I applaud his painting ability!

why is it a waste of time and talent if the artist finds joy or likes painting the things he paints. Art should be fun. And you should do art about subjects you enjoy. Just because you find no value in what you does, doesn’t mean the artist doesnt.

drunk octopus wants to fight you.

It’s like…. shopping for boy-hood toys at Vintage Stock.

I don’t find it pointless at all. It’s an expression on the commodity of superheroes and their consumer identities. I do think that it could be expressed in more clever ways, but I’ve seen much MUCH worse from artists who have a point to make about human culture

Wow! I looked at those pictures before I read the article and I thought they were photos. Simon Monk has some amazing painting skills.

Hmm I kinda of get it. The concept is interesting but execution is flat….but the painting skill is awesome

The artwork is amazing. I thought they were photographs at first. Amzaing use of light and reflection. But the whole experience is ruined by his idiotic explanation.

I read these works as condoms. Male power all wrapped up and safe from icky STDs

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