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Ben Katchor resolves labor disputes the hard way

Last month, The Cardboard Valise cartoonist Ben Katchor used his strip in Metropolis magazine to envision a world where corporate CEOs were forced to work in their own stores — by which we mean all of them, every day. This month, though, the 1% is striking back. In a strip entitled “Johnny ‘The Pump’ Clematis,” Katchor chronicles a day in the life of the title character, a working stiff hired out by the heads of various multinationals to take out labor-union officials using the massive robotic boom of his cement truck. Hey, I’m sure those unions were a public health hazard, right?



How do you even read this comic?

I’m glad someone else had trouble with it! I like Katchor a lot, but that layout does not work at all…unless he was going for a Chippendale Maggots type thing

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