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Bernie Wrightson’s Heavy Metal movie short gets spin-off

Standing as the most prominent English animated film based on comics, 1981’s Heavy Metalfeatured a number of American and European cartoonists contributing art and stories. For American comics fans, chief amongst them was Swamp Thing artist Bernie Wrightson and his short, “Captain Sternn.” Now 30 years later, it’s getting a second life.

According to this press release, Longtime movie VFX artist Kevin Kutchaver (Lost, Return of the Jedi, Robocop) is joining with the Digital Animation and Visual Effects (DAVE) School to produce a new animated short based on Wrightson’s story. Kutchaver is a long-time fan of Wrightson’s work, and approached the artist about reviving the character in a new short. After being turned down by several studio execs, Kutchaver & Wrightson partnered with the DAVE School.

The short will be created as an in-class project for DAVE’s Block 4 Production class, with the students doing all aspects of the short. To watch for details as the project is developed, go to



Two things:

1) He needs a bigger jaw
2) Eugene Levy for Sternn’s voice, or it’s no good!

I’m sure it’ll be good, though. I worked with the DAVE School a few years ago, when I was brought in to co-write the script for their X-MEN: DARKTIDE Mini-Mates animated project. They know what they’re doing.

Wow! I didn’t know we were turned down by several studio execs! Shit!

Kevin: That’s the understanding i took from the press release that was sent out about the project which stated “studio development executives weren’t so quick to sign off.” Is that incorrect?

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