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Chester Brown’s Louis Riel among Canada Reads semifinalists

Chester Brown’s 2003 biography Louis Riel is among the 10 semifinalists for CBC’s prestigious Canada Reads program, which for the first time has narrowed its focus to works of nonfiction, or “True Stories.”

The books, all by Canadian author, were selected by public vote from a list of 40 nominees, and will be whittled down to five finalists chosen by celebrity panelists to be defended in February during the annual Canada Reads debates.

Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed Essex County Trilogy last year became the first graphic novel to make the program’s list of finalists. However, it was quickly voted down by judges who couldn’t get past its “lack of words.”

Published by Montreal-based Drawn and Quarterly, the Harvey Award-winning Louis Riel chronicles the life of the crusader for Métis rights, controversial leader of the 1869-1870 Red River Rebellion, and “Father of Manitoba.”

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2 Cents: if the judges get wind of his most recent work, I’d bet on a down vote simply based on uneasy reactionary modesty.

Coincidentally, my copy is currently sitting about two feet away from me.

Haven’t started it yet but I’m about to!

At the very least, this year’s panelists won’t be able to pull the “not enough words” card on Chester Brown. He footnoted the shit out of that book, and it serves as a really effective and humanizing biography of Riel.

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