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Comics A.M. | Susie Cagle arrested at Occupy Oakland; more on Steve Rude

Susie Cagle

Legal | Susie Cagle, the cartoonist covering Occupy Oakland who was tear-gassed last month, was arrested early Thursday morning during the protests in Oakland. According to her father, cartoonist Daryl Cagle, Susie was being held at Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, Calif. and was charged with unlawful assembly, even though she was there covering the event and had a press badge. Update: According to her Twitter account, Susie Cagle is out of jail and was charged with a misdemeanor, “present at raid.” [Fishbowl LA]

Legal | Tom Spurgeon offers more details on comic artist Steve Rude’s Halloween altercation, which led to the Nexus creator’s arrest that same night. According to Rude’s wife by way of Spurgeon, Rude was in costume handing out Halloween candy to kids trick-or-treating when his neighbors’ dogs began barking. Rude threw rocks at the neighbors’ fence, which led to a confrontation with them. Rude tore the neighbor’s shirt and pushed him, leading to the assault charges. Rude suffered physical abuse during the arrest and in jail before posting bail. [The Comics Reporter]

Rex Ogle

Publishing | DC Comics Assistant Editor Rex Ogle has reportedly left the publisher for a position at Scholastic. Ogle, who joined DC in 2008, worked on such titles as Blue Beetle, Justice League International and Justice League Dark, and wrote the recent Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint miniseries. His departure follows that of Associate Editor Janelle Asselin, who left DC in late September for a job at Disney’s magazine division. [Bleeding Cool]

Digital | Jhonen Vasquez is preparing Johnny the Homicidal Maniac for its debut in digital form in January and notes that some fans have complained he’s making minor corrections to his original work: “I get what they’re saying, but it seems too weird to me to think that fixing typos, mistakes that were made not creatively, but simply on a grammatical level, changes the overall vibe or message of the book (be kind to others or stab them). Like I said, I get it, but I think the reaction is a bit…reactionary. I even made a joke about it in the announcement in the form of a George Lucas joke, but it went over some heads and those heads be upset about me adding Yodas into scenes where there weren’t Yodas before.” [Mindspill]

Uncanny X-Men #1

Creators | Kieron Gillen discusses working on the recently relaunched Uncanny X-Men, as well as his career as a video game journalist: “As a working creator there’s a limitation… You don’t want to pick fights, but there’s stuff where if you start doing critical theory, it becomes picking fights. So that’s what I kind of miss. I still do bits of games criticism. I do little bits of music journalism. Give me another 12 hours in the day and I’d still be doing it. I’m very into to the contextualization of culture. I talk to my own critics not to say, “You’ve got my view wrong!” but to generally say thank you. I’m always very pleased when I see someone hammer out 10,000 words on something I wrote… Being a journalist for as long as I was — you write a review, post it, and within hours you have 800 people calling you a c*nt just for having an opinion and giving something an 8/10 rather than a 9/10. And that makes you tough.” [ComicsAlliance]

Creators | Writer Joe Keatinge talks abut his other comic series announced at the New York Comic Con, Hell Yeah “I know where it will eventually end, but my hope is to not get there for a very, very long time. The way I look at is I know where the series will begin and where it will end. I have this all mapped out, but I’m giving Andre and I the freedom to go where we want. Maybe we’ll take short detours. Maybe we’ll go on entirely different path. That said, Hell Yeah is the direct result of almost thirty years of comics passion put into one book. I could write it for just about forever. A big goal of the book was to start something in the superhero genre, a genre in which I believe all others can exist, and go as far away from that as possible as well as exploring what other potential it has.” [iFanboy]



Imagine that, the police beating people up, abusing their power–who woulda thunk it?

What was he dressed up as?

Welcome to America Marc, hope you survive the experience!!! :-p

Police have no clue how to do their jobs.

I hope the HERO Initiative folks can provide Steve with some help in this.

George Bush (not that one)

November 4, 2011 at 10:37 am

Rude threw rocks at the DOG and ripped the shirt OFF according to the Beat. Big difference in the way you reported it.

So he THREW ROCK at the neighbor’s dog and RIPPED the shirt OFF the neighbor, and now wants people to view HIMSELF as the VICTIM! F***ER should have been beat and TASER by the police!

If my neighbor threw rocks at my dogs, especially if they were behind my fence, I’d kick his ass, too. That said, it sounds like this is an ongoing dispute between Rude and his neighbors and isn’t any of my business anyway. I’ll just keep on buying Rude’s work because I love it.

He threw rocks at the fence and then got into a fight. Frankly, I don’t blame him. Dogs are horrible animals, and people treat them with far more respect and allowance than humans, even if they’re not their own. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of crappy dogs with owners who just don’t care. I’ve called noise complaints, animal control, and even kicked a few because I wanted it ro stop jumping on me or stop chasing children. Every time without fail, I’m called a jerk, that the dog wasn’t going to bite me (just, you know, bark at and chase me at full speed), that they’re just curious, that they don’t know better. Its even getting worse in the city with people bringing them into cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores WITHOUT a leash. Nothing is more infuriating than a lab sniffing your butt while you check out the tomatoes, only to see that their owner is fifteen feet away.

I’m gonna buy as much as I can afford.

George Bush (not that one)

November 4, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Rude also previously stated that he wanted to kill the dog owners ,thus the restraining order. I hate dogs but come on man.

Shooting the dog would have been justified for all I care.

@George Bush (not that one)

If you’ll look at Tom’s original report, which is the same report that The Beat used for their post, Rude threw the rocks at the fence, not the dogs, and ripped the owner’s shirt. It doesn’t say anything about ripping the shirt off or throwing rocks at the dog.

Amazing the hoops people will jump to defend Rude, just because he draws comic books.

Rude is clearly in the wrong here. If he feels he is such a “bad ass” real “man’s man”, there are plenty of boxing gyms where he could go, instead of assaulting his neighbors.

You people actually think throwing rocks at someone’s house, potentially breaking windows or otherwise damaging their properties is an acceptable action? You also ignore that Rude violated a court order, meaning he’d been in trouble regarding this before (likely trespassing on the neighbors property).

If the dogs are such an overwhelming nuisance, why have other residents not complained about them?

Finally, shame on you people are believing Mrs. Rude’s claims that Rude was abused. It’s possible, but it’s just as possible that Rude was being violent and out of control, resulting in him being injured by police. I’m not one to jump to the police’s defense, but it doesn’t take much reading of Rude, from people dealing with him and words straight from his own mouth, to get a picture of a man who favors violent, aggressive actions and responses.

But it doesn’t matter, he drew some funny books so he MUST be the victim here.

Rude’s next self-published comic- Ultimate Neighbor Smackdown!!!!

I get so damn tired of people making blanket statements about police. Sure there are a few bad ones (just like in any group of people) but the vast majority of them are good people who risk their lives everyday and manage to do their jobs in a respectable way. If all of you cynical smartasses know so much about successful law enforcement, why not get out there and lead the way? Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to that question. Whine on, losers…

I get so damn tired of people making blanket statements about police. Sure there are a few bad ones (just like in any group of people) but the vast majority of them are good people who risk their lives everyday and manage to do their jobs in a respectable way. If all of you cynical smartasses know so much about successful law enforcement, why not get out there and lead the way? Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to that question. Whine on, losers…

Terrible argument in every regard. There are many awful police officers because “to protect and serve” is not the only incentive to joining the force. Being a police officer requires little education, pays well, provides excellent benefits, offers an immediate position of power, and involves less danger on a daily basis than faced by your average night club bouncer. I used to live in a lower middle class area of NJ and there I spoke to officers who worked on the force 10 years without ever having to unholster their weapon, much less discharge it. To say they “risk their lives everyday” is an exaggeration, and to many, the other attractions of the badge, besides serving the community, is enough to justify the risk.

As to your other point, it basically amounts to saying no one is allowed to criticize shoddy work unless they’re an expert in the field. So for example if your computer crashes every 10 seconds, well you better not complain unless you can build your own computer, am I right? And if the President is running the country into the ground, well you better not complain unless you’re up for election next term, am I right?


1) He threw rocks at his side of the fence, not at the house.

2) The same reason no one else in his neighborhood complained or got angry about the dogs is probably the same reason no one complains or gets angry about the dogs in my neighborhood: they don’t want to get into trouble. One time I was walking down the street, and this dog, out of nowhere, just jumped over the fence, and if his collar didn’t get stuck, I wouldn’t have a face right now. The owner appologized as he was pulling his snarling, viscious dog down and said it won’t happen again. I said, “Of course it won’t because I’m calling the cops.” They begged me not to, but I didn’t care. I waited outside their house until the cops came, but by then they got the dog all quiet and nice. Nothing came out of it besides me looking like a jerk. A few weeks later, I was riding my bike, and I passed by them walking their dog. The dog started barking and they just let it loose, laughing while it chased me a few blocks until a car almost hit it. Again, if I wasn’t riding my bike, I wouldn’t have a face right now. I’ve talked to quite a few neighbors, a lot of them have not only had the same experience them, but with other people and their dogs as well. They don’t want the same thing happen to me happen to them again. I couldn’t careless if Rude was a janitor rather than the exceptional artist he is. My opinion stands the same. He was probably just pushed over the edge because his neighbors are careless, selfish dicks. I don’t blame him at all.

Also, if anyone says “Why don’t I move?” Well, I’m broke. I can’t. With Rude’s recent money troubles, that’s probably why he can’t either.

And yeah, I’m still going to buy as much as I can afford.

George Bush (not that one)

November 5, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Its ironic that Rude finds modern comics too violent but is violent himself. Have fun in jail Steve !

Throwing rocks at a fence is clearly not the best way to solve a problem, but it is distinct from throwing rocks at dogs. (This “trying to damage your neighbor’s property” business is a little silly; it’d take a pretty big rock and a pretty poor fence for any real damage to occur.) Similarly, getting in a shoving match with your neighbor and grabbing his clothes is not okay, but it’s pretty much the bare minimum of what constitutes “assault”. I’m not excusing it, but it’s no fist fight.

(Also a little weird seeing the dog hate in the thread, but I don’t really think it deserves my time to even argue with it.)

And given that we’re talking about police brutality already — I’ve lived in Maricopa County all my life and I do not trust the MCSO. While I’ll agree with Harpo’s point that you can’t judge all police officers by association, the leadership at MCSO is rotten and I’ve never seen anything to recommend the street-level deputies either. (They once arrested one of my neighbors, right in front of my house, on completely spurious grounds. At least in Rude’s case we can rule out racism as a motivation for the arrest. But I find it very easy to believe he was mistreated in their custody.)

I am willing to bet that during the arrest of Mr Rude the phrase “Do you know who I am!?” was yelled.

cass, you are officially an idiot.

being a cop involves less danger than being a bouncer? really?

these people whom you have no respect for put their lives on the line every-single-day for you and me.
try talking to a husband or wife of a police officer, and find out how fearful they are for their loved ones every time they go to work.

less danger than a bouncer, ridiculous.

@Jimbo: But most of them DON’T put their lives on the line every single day. That’s Cass’s POINT.

And in Maricopa County — which is where we’re talking about, remember — many of them are more in the business of money laundering, showboating, and persecuting brown people.

High-level MCSO deputies are dropping like flies amid scandal after scandal — all the way up to Sheriff Joe’s sidekick, David Hendershott. His ally, former County Attorney Andy Thomas, is on the verge of being disbarred.

And this morning I awoke to the delightful news that SB1070 architect Russell Pearce has been successfully recalled.

None of which, of course, actually says anything about the deputies who arrested Rude. For all I know, they could be standup guys and they may have treated him just fine.

But I’ve met Steve Rude and I’ve dealt with MCSO, and if Steve Rude says MCSO mistreated him, I am going to believe him until I see evidence to the contrary.

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