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Creators come together to Occupy Comics

Starting out as a small group of protesters, the Occupy Wall Street group has become a movement — and that movement is coming to comics.

Organized by director Matt Pizzolo, Occupy Comics is the name given to an activism-inspired charity anthology intended to raise funds for Occupy protests while also creating art to symbolize the movement’s themes. Using the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, Occupy Comics‘ goal is to raise enough money to fund the creation of a hardbound book as well as pay the creators involved, who will in turn donate directly to the Occupy movement.

The roster of talent includes a host of A-list talent such as Charlie Adlard. J.M. DeMatteis, Joseph Michael Linsner, Steve Niles, Tim Seeley, Ben Templesmith, Susie Cagle and others. The plan is to release the comics as a rolling series of digital comics in early 2012, followed by a print edition and later a hardbound collection.



I just wish the real world occupy guys would shut up for a few hours so I can sleep. Just because you hate fat cats doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me at night, or during my walk to work, or being assholes about needing money, wearing name brand clothing, when I just want a bagel.

Ah ha ha h thank you LT. So I think it’s really just jealousy… so the bar is really high. Just work real hard and you too can become part of the 1%. Heh, I know I want to, speaking of, I am going to go and occupy my goals. I hate any form of hippies… I grew up in Boulder, got out the second I could drive. And you know I think I am going to occupy a bagel too….

You live in an area where they’re real nearby, don’t you? I can relate. I live in Seattle, and I go to college on a campus a few blocks away from where Occupy Seattle just moved (Seattle Central Community College is where they are now). At least those guys are quiet.

It is funny how they want the very people they protest against, despise and hate to donate money so they can continue their little protests. What a joke. To call them a movement gives real movements a bad name. They are just freeloaders living in squalor. I can’t wait until the first blizzard and we get to see the real committment these people have.

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