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Victoria, Australia to offer custom license plates featuring DC heroes

As I continue to wait patiently for word that I can put a Snoopy license plate on my car out here in California, Andy Khouri at ComicsAlliance brings word that Australians in the state of Victoria will soon be able to sport DC Comics heroes on theirs.

The character plates include Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern, and for all but the Flash, you can choose a plate that either features the hero or their associated logo. Or, in the case of Supergirl, a pink license plate. As Khouri points out, the plates will sport images taken directly from the DC Comics Style Guide circa 1982, drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano, rather than the recently redesigned “New 52″ versions of the characters. They’ll become available on Nov. 30, along with several Looney Tunes plates.

Check out the plate after the jump, and for more information, visit the Vic Road Custom Plates website.




Too bad we can’t get something like this in the States. I’d gladly pay the novelty plate rates if I could have a Superman plate on my car.

Why the hell does Batman’s say, “Bam!” He’s not fucking Emeril.

jesus christ, what year is it? why not use newer designs?

Licensed plates! HA!

Who cares if the used the style guide from the year I was born. This is great news for comics fans and the industry as a whole. Wish they’d do this in the States!


José Luis García-López is a MASTER.

Well, I won’t be satisfied until I can drive around North Hampton with a Rorschach licensed plate.

I’d get one in a hearbeat if they had this in the States. LET YOUR GEEK FLAG FLY, PEOPLE!!! :-O

Why doesn’t Flash get his logo plate? Everyone gets at least two designs except for the one guy associated with speed? Does not compute.

Vicroads has some pretty interesting personalised plates for drivers. I’m tempted to get the Green Lantern or Superman plates, but I’m not sure if I can jutify the $200 fee.

Can US citizens get these plates or are they only for Australians?

I love a sunburned country

She has a pink one.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

@chris – 70’s style character designs for both Marvel and DC always seem to be used on metal platings, so it makes sense to me that the same would be used on actual license plates. Plus, these simpler designs translate much better on most products.

Fun fact about Victoria’s capital city (via Wikipedia):

Melbourne was founded in 1835 by John Batman.

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