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Dave Johnson helps Lex Luthor with his trophy wall

The internet is a beautiful thing. Before, things created by your favorite artists might remain under lock and key in the vault’s of a collector, but now we all get to see it. For example, this piece of art by Dave Johnson.

Inspired by Dave’s work on Superman: Red Son, this piece was commissioned by a collector named Chris Caira who has been working on a gallery of comic villains and their trophy wall. Click over to his website to see Brian Bolland doing Joker’s trophy wall, Green Goblin’s trophy wall by John Romita Jr. and Sr. and more! Someone needs to offer this guy a gallery exhibit to show these off!



OMG first typo in the history of oh whoops, who cares?

Thanks for posting this piece. I have had a lot of fun collecting and commissioning these pieces over the years. It’s a great way to get artists to give me a cross section of the characters they are known for without having to drawn some massive, involved, battle scene.

It’s an interesting enough and twisted enough idea to get most guys excited about creating something to be included. It’s been fun.


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