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DC Nation commercial reveals return of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

Last Friday’s broadcast of the DC Nation trailer on Cartoon Network got a lot of fans buzzing about the future of this renewed partnership between the network and its sister company DC Comics. And one of the animators behind the work reveals that one of the scenes glimpsed in the 1:35 commercial is leading up to an animated short featuring DC’s Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. First off, here’s the excerpt from the trailer:

“To clear up the confusion over this part of the DC Nation commercial, she is getting a short,” said animator Brianne Drouhard. ” I am working with a group of fantastic people to put this together.”

Drouhard, who is also working on the upcoming Teen Titans shorts, was given the task of doing the Amethyst part of the DC Nation trailer on short notice, and was assisted by Claire Lenth on color help and video composite work from Will Feng.

“It’s been rewarding and a lot of fun to work with such a great team,” Drouhard continued. “Later in 2012 you’ll get to see our efforts!”



hope this means a comic is also in the works!

Lot of interesting stuff in that trailer. Teen Titans Go!, Doom Patrol, a few female Legionnaires, and of course a lot of off-brand Batman stuff.

I’m fascinated that it’s taken this long to get an Amethyst cartoon of any kind. It was basically Sailor Moon in the DCU — but in 1983, a decade before Sailor Moon and two years before She-Ra. If there had been an Amethyst cartoon back in the day, it could have made metric shit-tons of money.

Amethyst’s origin:
Her parents, the rulers of Gemworld, are assassinated. Princess Amethyst is magically transported to Earth, where she is raised as a normal child.

At the age of 13, she is attacked by her parent’s killer. When transported to Gemworld, she assumes the form of a full-grown woman. Gemworld has magic, royal houses, and court intrigue.

So she’s dealing with the normal teenage stuff, plus being an adult on Gemworld.

So, you’ve got Batman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman, plus the “Doorstop Baby” trope later assumed by Harry Potter.

So, DC, wil you PLEASE finally collect Amethyst into a Showcase collection? 32 issues, plus two specials.

Among the hundreds of DC Direct action figures, is there an Amethyst figure?

So, DC, wil you PLEASE finally collect Amethyst into a Showcase collection? 32 issues, plus two specials.

Don’t forget the preview from that issue of LSH, and the DC Comics Presents issue!

Thanks to all of you for the sweet things you still say about Amethyst. She was dear to my heart then, she still is, and seeing this clip is a bittersweet vindication. And you’re right, Evan, she could have made tons of money and been a popular culture phenom. So it goes.

Oh, if we’re going to see a collected edition from DC, let’s please leave it to the original maxiseries, and maybe the LSH preview — the latter with a note from Gary and me on where it fits into continuity since, on the face of things, it doesn’t.

Amethyst was way ahead of its time and still has the potential for one heck of a franchise. Now, it even has around 30 years of history behind it.

The best part is that Gary and Dan are both here to see it.

Dan is right. The original mini was great. The rest, not so much. It would make a GREAT animated feature, maybe even an animated TV series.

Amethyst remains one of my favorite characters. So, I’m happy to see this short! The original mini is awesome and I hope this is the start of new things for the Princess of Gemworld.

I want Amethyst collected into FULL COLOR collections, not the Showcases! Seriously though. Two, maybe three deluxe hardcover collections could collect her entire story, and I’d buy every single one! Maybe this cartoon will lead DC to want to see what interest there is in Amethyst, and release collections of the classic stuff. Hopefully it’ll also lead to a new comic series!

Wow, I read some of the Amethyst comics when I was about 8/9 and have never forgotten them! I would love to read the whole story.

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