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Batman Beyond returns as ‘digital first’ series

Batman Beyond Unlimited

DC Comics announced today that Batman Beyond, which went away for awhile when the DC New 52 line-wide relaunch happened, will return next February as, in their terms, a “digital first” series. The comic by Adam Beecham and Norm Breyfogle will be released as weekly chapters digitally prior to being collected each month in a 48-page printed series, Batman Beyond Unlimited.

Batman Beyond will actually entail one-half of the print comic; the other half will be Justice League Beyond by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolf, which will also be released digitally before it hits print. This “marks the first time that DC Entertainment is launching an ongoing series digitally ahead of its planned monthly print release,” the Source said.

Fans of the previous Batman Beyond series might remember that it was one of DC’s first comics to be released on the same day in digital format as it was in print.



Sounds good…we’ll see how long the double issues last!

Finally, they’re willing to take a shot at something different. My only question is what the price will be for each version, the weekly digital and the collected print.

How much will the digital series cost and how many pages will be shown weekly?

Breyfogle! At last! (of course, Dustin Nguyen is fantastic too…)

Breyfogle back on a Batman-related comic?!? Excellent! Looks like the blackballing of him @DC is over…

Oh god, what do I do? One of my favorite comic artists ever on a title with one of the worst Batman writers ever… Fuuuuuuudge.

Great news! I was very sad to loose this one to the New 52 machine.

Count me in. This sounds great!!!

This seems appropriate for a series set in the future. I really wish they’d do a free webcomic, though. They could use it to push their paid series with tie-ins.

The monthly book is costing $3.99 for 48 pages, which nowadays is considered a bargain, which I like.

Great to see Breyfogle with a regular DC gig … and back on Batman!!!! … kinda! ;) I think it will most likely be $4.99 for the print version. And maybe $1 a week for 8 page chunks of story.

32 = 2.99
40 = 3.99
48 = 4.99

Anything cheaper than 4.99 is a major bargain!

Apparently its 3.99

@Seth – yeah, just saw that on the solicits. $2 each!!! Amazing!!! I’ll be picking it up!! Hopefully this does really well so that DC does more of them.

Marvel = 20 pages $4
DC = 40 pages $4

Pick this up people!

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