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Frank Miller blasts Occupy protesters as ‘pond scum’ and ‘rapists’

No stranger to controversy with such works as 300 and, most recently, Holy Terror, Frank Miller has waded into the political fray with a tirade against the “Occupy” movement that blasts the protesters as “a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists” that “can do nothing but harm America.”

In a blog post that blew up over the weekend, garnering the attention of everyone from the comics community to Entertainment Weekly to the New York Daily News, the creator who nearly 25 years ago wrote the influential Batman: Year One — “You have eaten well. You’ve eaten Gotham’s wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over.” — unleashed on the “pond scum” engaged in nationwide protests aimed primarily at perceived economic and social inequality.

“’Occupy’ is nothing short of a clumsy, poorly-expressed attempt at anarchy, to the extent that the ‘movement’ – HAH! Some ‘movement,’ except if the word ‘bowel’ is attached — is anything more than an ugly fashion statement by a bunch of iPhone, iPad wielding spoiled brats who should stop getting in the way of working people and find jobs for themselves,” Miller wrote. “[…] In the name of decency, go home to your parents, you losers. Go back to your mommas’ basements and play with your Lords Of Warcraft. Or better yet, enlist for the real thing. Maybe our military could whip some of you into shape.”

Yes, Lords of Warcraft. Miller’s rant somehow dovetails into a favorite subject of his, the War on Terror, with the 54-year-old artist advising the aforementioned “losers” to come to their senses and fight the real enemy.

“Wake up, pond scum. America is at war against a ruthless enemy,” he continued. “Maybe, between bouts of self-pity and all the other tasty tidbits of narcissism you’ve been served up in your sheltered, comfy little worlds, you’ve heard terms like al-Qaeda and Islamicism. And this enemy of mine — not of yours, apparently — must be getting a dark chuckle, if not an outright horselaugh — out of your vain, childish, self-destructive spectacle.”

Miller characterized the Occupy movement as “anything but an exercise of our blessed First Amendment.” However, in a belated response to’s survey asking Batman writers how the Dark Knight would respond to Occupy Wall Street, Miller, through a representative, wrote, “Batman would respect the First Amendment,” which was later amended to “Batman believes in the First Amendment and decorous behavior.”

Criminals are a cowardly and indecorous lot, it appears.

While his screed burned up Twitter over the weekend, it probably didn’t come as a big surprise to those who’ve followed his work, the most recent of which is Holy Terror, is long-gestating revenge fantasy created in response to 9/11. Still, his comments generated plenty of response from creators and readers alike.

“ is a great link if you like absolute bullshit,” said Batgirl writer Gail Simone.

“I just don’t expect that from a guy who wrote Year One, the best cape comic ever: a work of careful thought, psychological nuance, beauty,” novelist Joe Hill, writer of Locke & Key, tweeted.

“Dear @FrankMillerInk what those on Occupy Wall Street want is simple — for the rich to pay their fare share of taxes,” Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen wrote. “Is that so wrong?”

“I think Frank Miller saw them filming the giant fight scene for Dark Knight Rises in NY & confused it for [Occupy Wall Street],” Shade artist Cully Hamner tweeted. “No wonder he was pissed…!”

“Instead of yet another Republican debate I would pay money to see Frank Miller, Steve Ditko and Harlan Ellison debate the issues of the day,” writer Christos Gage said.

However, Ty Templeton had the most elaborate response, breaking out a special “Frank Miller Funnies” edition of his Bun Toons webcomic. See the full strip on Templeton’s website.

By Ty Templeton



Regardless of whether you support Occupy or not, I think we can all agree that Frank Miller’s speeding train has gone completely off the rails.

Is “Islamicism” an actual, honest-to-gosh word?

Once, long ago, I respected Frank Miller.

For the love of all that’s holy, would somebody PLEASE give Frank Miller a hug before he opens his mouth again?!?

Now all the presumptuous, sanctimonious Miller apologists who characterize his recent work as farce or satire (“No, no, you just don’t GET what he’sdoing”) can sit on it…Miller actually believes this stuff. Now all that’sleft is to pinpoint the moment when Miller the brilliant writer/artist(TDKR, Year One, DD, Sin City) went insane (All-Star B&R, TDKSA, Holy Terror).

I found Gordon: YEAR ONE actually quite uneventful, bordering on boring. This one lives more from its art, i think.

I would but he’d probably call me a whore

I’m glad I stopped buying his work after Martha Washington.

Its sad to see a creator who used to be so relevant but now just rests on his laurels cry out for attention like this.

Despite what I said earlier, you have to at least kind of respect the chutzpah of a high profile creator saying exactly how he feels with no sugar coating when most right-leaning celebrities and politicians (I mean real people, not talk show hosts) are treating the whole Occupy thing a little daintily.

Templeton has the best response.

Mocking his idiocy from a safe distance behind a computer is nice, but it would be nice to see a comics journalist call him on his BS, like in an interview–for instance, pointing out the various veterans groups involved in OWS as an obvious rejoinder to his claim that these people hate the military, blah blah blah.

I fear that Frank’s legendary status has prevented anyone from seriously criticizing his easily refutable worldview, his proud ignorance regarding Muslim culture–maybe this will change things.

Good links; I’d seen the Templeton one (and noticed the io9 disparity) but not the responses from Gage and Simone.

For all the haters out there, I say BRAVO to Frank Miller. Someone is finally speaking to the reality of the “Occupy Wall Street” assholes for what they really are … spoiled brats who don’t want to work for a living. Instead, they want the government and “rich” people (i.e. people who worked hard to achieve the American dream like Frank Miller) to give them every handout possible. Look at impact these “protesters” have caused … debris and destruction of public property, increased cost on cities for city workers, police and other emergency responders. Not to mention the crimes being committed in these camps like rape, theft and now murder, and you people want to stand up for these idiots and blast Frank Miller. I say thank you Frank for finally speaking the truth that the media and other celebrities won’t mention when it comes to the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd.

I_Captain Blanco

November 14, 2011 at 9:00 am

I don’t get why everyone is so surprised. Isn’t it common knowledge that Miller’s cheese slipped off his cracker quite some time ago?!?

“’Instead of yet another Republican debate I would pay money to see Frank Miller, Steve Ditko and Harlan Ellison debate the issues of the day,’ writer Christos Gage said.”

He’s not the only one!

um, its nice to see everyone’s comments, sentiments, and opinons on what Miller said. It really is. But my initial, and continual, response Why should anyone, in or out of comics, give a rat’s hiney what this maniac says?

as for grey ghost – how do you know any of this? have you spoken to any of the occupiers?

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 9:13 am

We need Alan Moore to interview Miller about anarchy. Any one live in Northhampton ?

Wow… I think what is the POW of Miller in these kinds of tweets. It is not an easy one to explain in a foreign language, but, please, do not be upset by the “raw” words employed in his tweets.

See more away than these words. Think more than only being an US citizen in his own protected country (no, not the Big Stupid Brother one with dumb armed civilians, dumb white-only civilian militias, drones, vidcams and phones spied – you know the Echelon program, that we, Europeans, hate a lot, but by the fact that the USA are well protected with these two large oceans – Atlantic and Pacific). Think like a worldwide citizen, OK?

Do not forget that is your own security agencies top thinking heads and a bunch of dumb politics at the White House which conduct the USA to have the 9/11 which in turn conducts to the war in Afghanistan and the S&D of Al-Qaeda (whose members were trained and supplied in armaments by your own CIA guys!!! From your own hard earned money!!!!!), and a second and illegal war in Irak (for a pot of… white salt!!!! Or was it for the oil?…)…

Yep… The “USA Dream” for us, foreigners = liberty, freedom, the Green God, the power, the more money… Finished!!!!

It is more now like the “United States of Ass-holes”!!!!

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 9:14 am

LOL Grayghost Its a good day for trollin ,eh matey ?

HEY THIS is for mr and GRAY GHOST YOUR FULLOF SHIT. Maybe we shoud all be thankful for the minimul wage not going up in 30 years! OUR all the rpaist in wall st wake asshole!

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 9:17 am

Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?

Thank you, GrayGhost. It’s refreshing to see someone in pop culture able to think for himself instead of adopting leftist thinking because it’s the cool thing to do.

Not a fan of Miller’s work, especially in the last 15 years or so, and I’m about as far left as you can go before you hit commie, but I can’t fault the man for speaking his mind (even if I very much disagree with him). Especially working as he does in the art/comics world which happens to lean pretty far left. Kind of over the top language though (rapists? where the hell did that come from?) probably designed to get attention, and now he’s got it. Guess it’s easier than writing a decent comic (or an on-time one). I did like Larsen’s take on his art a while back, forget the exact wording but it basically said he looks like he inks with a baseball bat.

This whole thing is just silly. Our entire lives our parents told us, “Work hard and go to college so you don’t end up flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s!!” And now that we have good college degrees and can’t get the good jobs we were promised, they throw McDonald’s applications at us and call us slackers for just following what our parents told us.

That’s because you CONTINUE to shove Mcdonald’s diet into your US pie holes!

Someone has to flip the burgers you eat i guess?

I never knew before this year that Miller was one of those cowards that hides under his bed because there are terrorists everywhere out to get him. What a sad, scared little rabbit he is.

Thank you Frank! That’s what I’m saying. Glad YOU said it.

Frank Miller went nuts years ago. I have made it a personal rule not to read anything he’s done after 1989. Remember this is the guy who directed The Spirit. He has often made ignorant comments in the past, to put it bluntly, his attitudes towards Muslims are racist.

I still enjoy Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and his 1980s art in comics despite his insanity and willful ignorance.

Frank miller hasn’t been relevant since the late 80s, just another attempt at getting some publicity going for himself, don’t dignify his BS with a response.

Sorry robrock360, but everytime the minimum wage goes up, another small business has to higher less people and can’t expend on their businesses, it’s a FACT!
The only people these protesters are hurting is the small business owners, not the Wall Street fat cats. You want to hurt Wall Street? Get rid of the lobbiests and eliminate the tax loopholes! All their (OWS) actions are doing is costing the taxpayers money to pay for their idiotic protest that, in the end, will amount to nothing.

Frank Miller is at his core a huge pervert. I love a lot of his work. Dark Knight strikes again is awesome, especially since it pisses off dc fans so much. All his opinions here just seem like jealousy though. He calls young people rapists just because they are getting laid and bucking the system the way he wishes he could

I totally agree with Mr. Miller. It is a shame the media attention “Occupy” has been getting in comparison to their actual size and their actual impact, while the Tea Party, which is an actual movement of people that sprung up from nowhere, gets no coverage at all. At least the Tea Party didn’t have contacts with the media and get advice on how to frame their “movement” and ask what their demands should be. Nor has the Tea Party sparked numerous riots and arrests, nor squatted in and on private property.

“Daddy, when I grow old, will, I become like HIM!??”

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 9:31 am

Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?Crimes happen in NON-occupy spots don’t they?

Who was ever promised a job regardless of whether or not you have a degree? I certainly wasn’t. No one in my family was ever promised a job. None of my friends were ever promised a job. Getting a degree is only the first step. You still have to actually work to get a job and to be successful.

” …engaged in nationwide protests aimed primarily at economic and social inequality.”

Thus proving your bias by the end of paragraph 2.

Dear Grey Ghost,
Your view is shockingly narrow. There are millions of people who all have varying stories of how they got to the point of poverty and very few of them are sitting around waiting for handouts. What about the WW2 vets down there? Stupid geriatric hippies? I can only tell you my story; started work at 10, worked 3 jobs to pay my way through university, got blood cancer, survived w/ 10 fractured vertebrae, can only work a few hrs. a week. Should I just be left to die? (In fact, if I was in the U.S., I probably would be dead) Everyone has a story and pigeon holing occupiers as you have is shamefully ignorant and bordering on fascist.
As to Frank Miller, dude’s been pathetic and irrelevant for at least 15 years.

Someone take the internet away from this man. Hey Frank, the war’s winding down-time to start getting over it.

Jesus, this from the man that wrote Batman fighting a Regan-errand boy Superman?

Time to put Grandpa Frank in a home….

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 9:41 am

Much love to you Sexluthor. And a great name LOL.

It could have been worse. Frank Miller could have hid his opinions—ill-informed and poorly expressed as they were–behind a made-up screen name like “GrayGhost” so he could express his feelings without having to stand by them.

At the very least, Miller’s not afraid of having people connecting his thoughts and ideas to his name, the ways “GrayGhost” and other message board commenters are.


Frank Miller is only 54 years old?!?!?!?!?!?

I thought he was in his late 60s, he has not aged well….. sorry Frank

Years ago, being an American was a magnificent goal. The start of an exiting new life with freedom, liberty…
I have believed in it, I wanted to be a truck driver (I LOVE the Kenworth’s long noised trucks!!!).

Today, being an American, is to put his wood into the hole of the so called American Pie or to being fucked by all the gov authorities in the santo name of “National Security”…

Between being fucked or to fuck the fat white-collars of Wall Street, I have made my choice!!!!
Come here sweety!!!! Sweety sweety sweety!!!!!! Come to Popa!!!!!

Obviously crazy, but I thought he was more creative than poop jokes and regurgitation of anti-occupy, anti-hippie cliches.

“I totally agree with Mr. Miller. It is a shame the media attention “Occupy” has been getting in comparison to their actual size and their actual impact, while the Tea Party, which is an actual movement of people that sprung up from nowhere, gets no coverage at all. At least the Tea Party didn’t have contacts with the media and get advice on how to frame their “movement” and ask what their demands should be.”

Wow, what is the address of the rock you live under? Because I’ve love to find a single news outlet that hasn’t been mentioning the Tea Party ad nauseam since before the last midterms.

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 9:49 am

Internet names are standard practice,not inherent cowardice. Plus Miller can afford security, me I was laid off.

Miller has burned out and is living on reflected glory.
The master plan to move into film directing has failed. His loyal comic-fans mock his recent efforts.
If anyone calls him out you get the standard “you just don’t get it!”
What is sustaining him? Lazy editors, pushover web-journalists & starstruck fans who can’t get over the Dark Knight.
Miller is a twat!

“It is a shame the media attention “Occupy” has been getting in comparison to their actual size and their actual impact, while the Tea Party, which is an actual movement of people that sprung up from nowhere, gets no coverage at all.”

WHAT are you talking about? The Tea Party has been covered 12 ways to Sunday. Object to Occupy coverage all you want, but come on.

The New York Times has a whole page of articles on the Tea Party.

Dear Alemander,
You have it backwards. The Tea Party did not spring up “out of nowhere”. It was created and funded by right wing billionaires such as the Koch Bros. and shell organizations like Americans for Prosperity. These groups had training sessions for Tea Party “leaders” and then sent them out to get naive, scared (racist?) old white people worked up. That is why they seem so focused (thought the message “take back American” is meaningless and empty). The America they want to take back never existed outside of Leave it to Beaver or other suburban fantasies.
Hurray for arguing politics on a comic book website!

@GB (not that one): yep, it is true. It is so easy to express what you want to say without being “fired” ‘coz you are using a fake name.

As for me, it is my true name. And the initials are FM, like the best author I love!!!! (Did I tell you that my drawings signature is the same as the Miller’s one?? :)

Go, Franky, go!!!!!!

I think I have seen a great white fat white-collar of Wall Street… Sweety!!!!!!!! Come here!!!!! Sweety sweety sweety!!!!! Pop’s coming!!!!!!

I love that Frank recycled his 300 line into his rant. “THIS IS GARBAGE!” hahaha,

Go Frank ~ they should have turned the fire hoses and tear gas on these lawless degenerates weeks ago.

The amount of demonization the 99% (<-see what i did there) peaceful Tea Party movement got from the media -vs- the amount of lionization and subsequent covering up the Occupy "movement" has gotten should be extremely alarming…

Who cares what FM says, it’s his opinion, OWS is the new tea party, people just need to ignore it with all its idiocracy

Why didn’t say this when DC gave him the check for DK2? Alan Moore he ain’t.

A true douchebag…. I’m glad I was never a big fan of his work.

The man is correct and many at this website show how little they understand how the world actually works. Many think the war is over or should never have started. Many seem to think that the economic system we live under is so flawed that we should scrap it, without any way to get to some thing else, or who think other systems that have provided nothing but multiple decades of suffering and want will work here. The lack of understanding is truly horrorfying. I weep for my country thinking that people like this will move into positions of authority as the years roll by.

[A] Yes, because it’s all the rich spoiled brats who are complaining against the gap, because they are so hard done by. :o/

[B] So, yet again: Freedom of speech/religion etc, as long as it’s vetted by the US. Get a clue. It’s not all followers of certain religions that are the “problem” just those bad-apples that give the rest a bad name. Kind of like you have done sir, for the US & it’s single-mindedness.

Seeing comments like this its no wonder Lynn Varley divorced Frank Miller. The dude is BANANAS and full of hate!!!

I don’t think there is enough attentiion being paid to the fact that he got the name of the most popular MMO in the world wrong. “World” of Warcraft, Old Man Frank. Get with the times…

But seriously, this is ridiculous. They’re out there fighting for what they believe in. If he is so afraid of “Islamicism”, he could be doing something about it. But he just posts on the internet about it.

Like I am doing….

I love when people don’t agree with someone they label them as being “full of hate”. I really think its just a difference of opinions.

So some folks go to college, expensive colleges, and then can’t find a job in their “field” and bitch about payin back their loan?? Take a job you can get, not one you want. A lot of us have done it over the years to support ourselves and pay the bills without bitchin that it’s the government’s fault.

Yep, on some points they are indeed whiners.

Who on Earth would care what an egocentric, hack like Miller has to say about anything? Finish some of your work Frankie boy and shut up.

I just find it funny that folks were quick to condemn tea partiers, while rushing to praise the occupiers. I wonder if Joe Quesada and Ed Brubaker will lampoon the occupiers like they did with the TP.

Miller needs to do some research on how the world really works…and what ‘Al-Qaeda’ really is. He is a typical stupid, uninformed sheep who believes everything the corporate-controlled media shovels out.

Check out for real media.

I agree with 99% of this. Grow up and stop blaming everyone for the problems you created in your life. The 1% out there are the ones supporting our economy and funding businesses that GIVE YOU JOBS (if you bothered applying for them). What is it about my generation that is so entitled? When did we become such spoiled brats?

If you chose an expensive college, or to work at Starbucks after graduating, those are your choices. When I got laid off, I started freelancing and hustled like crazy. Now i’m bringing in 120k per year IN A RECESSION. My student loans are $1300 a month, so instead of complaining about it, I do what I have to, to survive. I chose to go to a private school and now I’m paying the loans that I AGREED to pay, just like everyone else.

So shut the fuck up already, grow some pride, and start surviving on your own like everyone else.

Frank Miller lost all credibility here. Rapists? What the fuck, man?

I can get behind a lot of the OCCUPY talking points and believe in people’s right to protest, but every time I look at a news story or photo gallery that is in favor of the movement, I want to be a part of it a bit less and think a bit more that they’re just a bunch of assholes that I wouldn’t want to be associated with.

Yeah, I know not everyone is being a dick and not everyone is just mooching off their parents and community, but I do personally know people that are in their 30s and perfectly happy living off their family’s generosity. They happen to be huge supporters of OCCUPY. Then there’s people like this group – talk about biting the hand that feeds you. disgusting and beyond uncalled for:

Like was said above, this movement isn’t doing anything to hurt the people they say they’re after. they’re causing disruptions and destruction to their own peers. You think the CEO of {insert huge corporation’s name here} gives a shit if a sign or window gets smashed? No. He’ll just send one of his under-payed employees to go fix it as soon as the OCCUPYers move down the street.

There are real problems in this country and these guys aren’t doing a damn thing that’ll actually help fix them.

The 99% aren’t looking for a handout. Ows is protesting the unfait taxing practices and business regulations currently in place that allow the rich to get richer without paying back their fare share of taxes that would fund job creation and stop the destruction of the middle class who the tax burden has fallen too.

I am not big on the OWS movement bit comments like Miller’s do a lot to help me feel more sympathetic to them.

I will add that he is sort of right that the threat from terrorism is still out there. But how that ongoing war precludes the nation from addressing other problems at the same time is beyond me

When Frank speaks it hard for the comic industry to ignore his words whether they agree or not. We all give pause and reconsider. Because of that belief, this makes me think there has not been enough exposure to these current political topics by the comics media industry. As if comics are taking the reactionary position and won’t say anything until the dust has settle. Maybe, Frank’s extremely polarizing comments during the height of this controversy will inspire some commentary the OWS arguments by the comics media outlets on some of the debates that inspired OWS.

Frank Miller’s views reflect the latest Quinnipiac poll. Overall, Americans have an increasingly unfavorable view of the Occupy Wall Street movement by a 39 percent to 30 percent margin. The highest net negative rating of Occupy Wall Street comes among middle income Americans earning between $30,000 and $50,000. This group had a 41 percent unfavorable view compared with just a 28 percent favorable opinion.

There have been 232 episodes of criminal activity associated with the demonstrations, including an occupier hitting a police officer in New York yesterday, and two police officers assaulted in San Francisco yesterday. The cost to local businesses around Wall Street is now $479,400, which includes many immigrants who started small businesses, even though most of the large financial institutions are not on Wall Street.

What a load of reactionary shit.

Dear Frank:

SHUT UP… and stop embarrassing yourself with this pathetic discourse.

*And by the way…”The Spirit” was a horrible movie.

Speaking your mind when you’re an alcoholic is easy as vomiting.

Dear Frank Miller,

When I read your sequel to the Dark Knight Returns, I made a lot of excuses for you. I’d tell friends, “No, it’s a brilliant commentary on the state of society and how things have changed since the first book.” I could do so confidently after reading Sin City and 300. Entertaining, well crafted books, but deep down I knew something was off about the Dark Knight Strikes Back. Then I started hearing about Batman: Holy Terror and I got concerned, but still I defended you, thinking you’d come up with an interesting angle. Of course, this followed the disastrous The Spirit movie (which I have to believe your friend Eisner would raise an eyebrow to), so it was harder for me to convince my friends I knew what I was talking about when it came to your work.

Then DC said no. Wow, DC said no to Frank Miller. My friends suddenly had more credibility than I did. All they had to say was “DC said no!” You reworked the book and Holy Terror finally came out.

Even after reading what can only be described as a look inside a man’s mind who has lost it, I still defended you to my friends. Where my friends said no, I still said yes.

After this weekend’s comments, though, now Jim Deal says no. I will not purchase any more of your work. I will not see any more of your movies. I will not seek out your new product. It’s not just because I have a differing opinion and ideology from you, no. It’s because you’re not the same Frank Miller we once knew. Your devolution is no longer entertaining, engaging or interesting. It’s boring.

This isn’t a whining fan boy crying about the loss of the Frank Miller he once knew. No, it’s a consumer of pop culture–comics, books, TV, film, music–who’s moving on, much like i move on after a favorite band releases too many crap albums in a row, or when a favorite TV show producer creates too many crap TV shows in a row. It’s time for us to part ways.

Good luck, Frank. I hope you can bring me back in to your fold one day, so I no longer have to agree with my friends about you.

Love that Templeton!

“You have eaten well. You’ve eaten Gotham’s wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over.”
So the rich are a cowardly superstitious lot?
And here I thought Batman was about fighting crime.

You might not like Miller’s message, but you can’t rightly complain about his language while lauding a cartoon that is every bit as useless in elevating the dialogue and meaningfully contributing to the conversation.

“Man, Frank Miller don’t know nothin’! He’s just being loud and inflammatory and being a jerk and lowering the dialogue and trying to get people fired up… O crap look! It’s him with his head inside of his own ass! OMG LMFAO Now THAT’S a message! That’s art.” Ugh.

I’ve long maintained that Occupy Wall Street is the flipside of the Tea Party coin. And, for the record, I think they’re both bogus. It’s just a bunch of sound and fury that won’t accomplish anything and serves only to fire up people at extreme ends of either party.

Surprised to see all of the support for OWS on here. Sorry, but any movement whose supporters include Democrats, the KKK, the American Nazi party and the communist party sounds like a bad idea to me but then again, I believe in taking responsibility for myself and my actions which is not something that is very popular these days….

Frank Miller is harsh, but just look at the movement. Judge his words against the horror stories coming out of Wall Street. Frankly, I admire his gusto.

Paul, nice of you to group Democrats in with Nazis and the Klan.

So it’s totally OK and *not crazy* for Miller to call these people “rapists” and it’s totally OK and *not crazy* for you to call them racist nazis and klan members.

Got it.

Real Name Withheld

November 14, 2011 at 11:02 am

You folks that are defending these moronic OWS tools are incredibly naive (please say it ain’t so Gail and Ty and Erik). Go see them. They are lazy, foul-smelling whiners who have been babied all their worthless lives by RICH parents and have no initiative at all. It’s 2011 son. Protests don’t work anymore and haven’t for a long time. If you want to change the system, go to school and do it the right way. Do ANY of these idiots think for one single, solitary second that government I’d going to say, “You know, these dirty, feces-smelling, lice-ridden trolls are right and we need to change the tax system now and give everyone free iPads. Oh, except for the ones who already have them, which is closer to 99% than 1%.” As far as rapes and theft, there are several stories out there about both. Google them. Google is REALLY easy to use, trust me. Finally, doesn’t the absolute hypocrisy of people like Micheal Moore and yes, sadly, those that make very good livings in the comic/entertainment industry using the movement to further their own names bother any of you supporters? If I lived in an ivory tower I could take shots at the peasants below then pretend to support them too, but then I’d be just as big a tool as Erik Larsen and Gail Simone, both of who I (still) love, despite their ignorant stupidity.


November 14, 2011 at 11:10 am

The DISunited States of America…

It’s always so odd to be for things like the Occupy Wall Street movement – it may not be the solution we need, but at least it’s something – and realize there are people out there against it because they want a screwed up system to change. Why would ANYONE honestly want things to continue as they are? How can anyone honestly think banks screwing us over and getting handouts, corporations practically buying our media, the government slowly eroding our rights, the government proving itself to be incompetent and think a screwed up health care system – Bill Mantlos story is depressing and was just talked about on here; he shouldn’t have had to have his things all sold to get a basic amount of care – is all a good thing?

How does a rational human being oppose change to a state like this? We’ve been going down that road – you know, the “don’t punish the rich because they give us jobs” kind of thing when they absolutely don’t when given those breaks – and it’s not working. It’s just not working at all.

If push comes to shove and they drive America into the ground, the banks and corporations are not going to stick around and either help you or give you jobs or anything of the sort; they are going to blow dodge and move everything to other countries and continue there. There is no reason to protect the banks or Wall Street. What’s going on now is NOT WORKING.

At least he didn’t call them WHORES !

I love how most of the people commenting in support of Frank and against OWS post with names like REAL NAME WITHHELD. You want people to take you seriously? Sign your fucking name.

“One nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all”

What a JOKE!

Damn these youngsters and their motorcars and bathtub gin! Time to retire to Florida Frank, where you can grab your racists signs together and ride your Hov-a-Round to teabag rallies ’til your heart’s content.

Frank Miller’s talents disappeared about the same time as his sanity. The Dark Knight Strikes Back…now THAT was a bowel movement. At least with his head so far up his ass, Frankie can save a fortune on colonoscopies.

Frank Miller 100% right? So you agree that the occupiers are all rapists?

I just have to laugh at all of this. I’ll put it this way…If Frank Miller SUPPORTED the OWS movement instead of disapproving it with his blogs etc, I’d be willing to be that it wouldn’t crack any of the editorial sections of CBR or Newsarama.

Jacque, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Had Frank definitively supported OWS, I’m certain these sites would cover it. It’s called news.

Especially ironic opening. Miller has feasted well in the comic industry. I wonder if the feast is over.

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 11:52 am

Pond scum actually works for Marvel. At least he did until he was laid off.

Jim, not using my real name isn’t a sign that my opinion isn’t valid. Rather, it’s smart to not hand out unnecessary information.

“Real Name Withheld”… or whoever else… Why is it always “lazy foul smelling whiners… blah blah”
I have a job… a pretty good job, I get paid pretty well. I bathe every day.. sometimes twice. I don’t have rich parents, my mother raised 5 kids by herself… first on welfare after our father bailed on us, then she worked her ass off to get a good job and support us. I learned from her, and worked to get where I am today. Although its good, I struggle… and thats tough.
Im with this protest… Ive worked for companies (and Im sure many have) where we’ve received pay cuts while our extremely wealthy owners were making more profit than ever (and I know that for sure). And this is normal these days. I for one would love to see a change in many of the loopholes in laws and policies that allow this type of thing to still happen. And that’s just a small portion of what this protest is about…
oh and the rapes and stabbings… yea, its horrible. but remember these take place in the city. No one is going around making sure that everyone who is there is a member of the occupy movement. There are always going to be bad people in any large group of people. I mean, your favorite sports team may win the championship, youre really happy… Then some jackass sees all the crowd, uses that as an excuse to loot a store. Same applies… And you may counter that “it didnt happen with the tea party movement!”. Well those rallys never really took stage in a large city for a large extended amount of time. Its all common sense really.

I dont know, I dont get it all… were being split, when in reality if you just think a bit… you’d agree with all the movement is about.

Frank Miller is a mad, ignorant, screaming tit.

Thanks for adding his photo. i didn’t realize that he was as ugly on the outside as on the inside. i will be divesting myself of anything this hack ever published. perhaps i’ll just burn it.

” love when people don’t agree with someone they label them as being “full of hate”. I really think its just a difference of opinions.”

Yeah you’re right, I missed the positive tone of Frank’s tweet that should’ve made me think of something nice, like unicorns frollicking in a sunny meadow!

He’s become a bitter old fossil who should’ve faded away long ago…

Don’t agree with what Miller says, but I do dig how all his rants basically sound like Batman. This is why I like his writing because Batman is just so damn mean. Miller seems like a jerk but I enjoy how he writes it.

Jim, not using my real name isn’t a sign that my opinion isn’t valid. Rather, it’s smart to not hand out unnecessary information.

Soooo, your name is unnecessary information, but your opinion on an ignorant rant by a prominent comics creator getting shared on a comics news site is necessary?

NOTE TO “ABSURD” – You asked about the rape reference. Google search for stories regarding rapes at the various Occupy sites. They have happened. Several. And the Occupiers don’t want them reported to the police. They have said in various articles that they have their own way of dealing with it. Several of these stories are from local news channels near the Occupy sites.

Is this how a responsible group acts?? Not in my eyes.

So, YEP, Frank is right to refer to rapes in connection with this fiasco.

And I wouldn’t compare Occupiers to Tea Party groups either.

No rapes at Tea Party gatherings. No trash left behind. No violence, certainly. No threats against the police made by attendees.

Frank Miller is a hack writer whose glory days are behind him. The only way he can stay relevant is to be controversial. I can see this for what it is — he’s as fake as fake can be. I wish he’d just go away and take the volumes of godawful comics work he has done over the course of his career with him.

caleb, my opinion is no more necessary than yours. My point is that using a “real name” on a message board doesn’t make an opinion any more or less valid. If I put my name as “Joe Smith” would that make my opinion any more valid?

I’ve spent too much time in information security to put my real name out there.

Let me preface this by saying that Frank Miller’s screed against the Occupy Movement is a poorly constructed, reactionary argument. That being said, there are an overwhelming number of well-documented news stories and incidents which appear to back-up his assertions. Among them are:

*Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas:
*Cleveland: Rape alleged at ‘Occupy Cleveland':
*Occupy protesters relegated to a ‘stop snitching’ policy on crime within encampments:
*Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge:
*Flyer at Occupy Phoenix Asks “When Should You Shoot A Cop?”:
*Thieves preying on fellow protesters:
*Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR:
*occupywallstreet Protesters Attack Police:
*SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine:
*Occupy Boston Heroin Bust:
*Occupy Wall Street protesters at odds with Mayor Bloomberg, NYPD over crime in Zuccotti Park:
*Occupy STL Protestors Using Outlets in Kiener Plaza to Run Heaters:
*Seattle public masturbator arrested. Detectives learned he planned to attend Occupy Seattle protest:
*Occupy Wall Street Erects Women-Only Tent After Reports Of Sexual Assaults:

And a few days after Miller made his post, this story came out over the weekend:
*Man shot to death near Occupy Oakland camp:
And while the murder may be unrelated to the camp, it was enough for Mayor Jean Quan to request that the Occupy Oakland “voluntarily” pack up:
However, after repeated refusals to vacate the camp, the Oakland Police finally went in:

Now, does this mean that all of the Occupy Movement is comprised entirely of “louts, thieves, and rapists?” Of course not! However, with incidents such as these, doesn’t this actually threaten to undermine the legitimate grievances the Occupy Movement has and help to validate Frank Miller’s statement?

My name is Scott Helms, therefore my opinion is valid. Oh, wait! That’s not my name. Silly you for believing me and taking me more seriously than hotdoggator65.

(off topic, but on sub-topic.)

The real crime here was anyone letting this fuck direct a movie.

Pretty easy to be a Hawk when you are to goddamn old to fight.

Mike McNulty: Absolutely. Good links and good personal observations.

MalReyn and MikeMcNulty

Way to put the Fox spin on it.

So if somebody gets shot down the street form my house I should automatically be a suspect right?

Nice try Glen Beck.

“Now I’m not saying that everyone is bad….but if there is one person in the group doing something bad , doesn’t this seem to completely validate every criticism ever lobbed by every middle aged has been?”

You decide ………(*wink*)

bringing up crazies involved in the occupy movement is definitely NOT a good idea if you are on the right… probably best you guys don’t bring in the fringe elements to the conversation, or then we get to lump you guys in with people who shoot representatives and judges in the face or kill abortion doctors…

so yeah, let’s all accept that crazy fringe people can act crazy and not try to view them as indicative of how follows of EITHER viewpoint acts in general

If I put my name as “Joe Smith” would that make my opinion any more valid?

I think so, yes. If that was indeed your real name.

I don’t have a problem with, say, “GreenLanternFanNo.1″ saying “Geoff Johns rules!” on message boards, but I think it’s unfair for the hypothetical “GreenLanternFanNo.1″ to say “Geoff Johns shaves obscenities into neighborhood pets.”

Anonymity used to say nice things and used to say derogatory or negative things (not calling you in particular out for this, just in general, but, specifically in this thread, “GrayGhost” and a few others) are pretty different things, akin to the difference between a secret admirer sending a bouquet of flowers and a neighborhood kid ringing the doorbell and running before leaving a flaming bag of excrement on the porch.

The source of an opinion is important (this is a topic of conversation because Frank Miller said it and signed his name to it, after all), and if the source of that opinion doesn’t believe in it enough to take responsibility for it, then that invalidates the opinion…or at least its strength and certainly its credibility. In my opinion.

November 14, 2011 at 11:01 am

Paul, nice of you to group Democrats in with Nazis and the Klan.

Looks like nazis and communists (along with the Democratic Party) support OWS. So it was nice of Paul to put them together. The truth is always nice.

By the way, I’m from Brazil and know more about your country than you do.

So glad ONE CREATIVE PERSON gets it. He gets it, unlike you liberal politically correct types. Things like Occupy is just another trick to get Obama back in office. Things like, behind every Muslim door on 9/11, there were people laughing and thanking Muhammad.

It is a tough world out there. Too bad few of you are capable of seeing the enemy.

Frank Miller was hard-boiled in the 80s. Now, he’s just a boil.

Just to balance out Real Name Withheld’s take, I am a regular at Liberty Plaza, work on the Comfort and Food Work Groups, and do a ton on laundry for the occupiers who actually make the plaza their home. I have marched with the occupiers multiple times now and been arrested in the process. I’ve been part of several General Assemblies. I think it is fair to say that, if I’m not an occupier proper, I’m part of the “movement,” if that’s the right word.

Both my wife and I are employed; she is, notably, a small-business owner, being the sort of bootstrapping American entrepreneur that is often depicted as the backbone of the economy by politicians on both sides of the aisle. I’d like to think that my personal hygiene is acceptable to RNW, but he may be especially fastidious so I’ll have to simply offer up that I bathe daily, brush twice a day, and am pretty good at flossing. I wear suits to work, which is usually what I’m wearing when I’m down at the plaza.

My parents are not rich. My father is a computer salesman and my mother was, until recently, a factory worker. My wife’s mother is a school teacher. Her father left when she was young and has never provided her or her family with financial support.

Neither of us own iPads.

In my time at the plaza, I have not robbed anybody, done any drugs, destroyed any personal property, or raped anybody. I assume this is true of my wife as well, though I haven’t been at her side every single second we’re there. Still, if she had slipped away for a second to shoot up, vandalize some storefronts, and get some raping in, I think she would have told me. (None of this is to say that crimes haven’t occurred at several Occupy camps: they have and some of them are truly serious and horrible. Rather, I bring this up to point out that being pro-OWS, it doesn’t necessarily follow that one’s inclined to criminal behavior. My own arrest was for “blocking pedestrian traffic,” though I argued that I was pedestrian traffic that was blocked by a police kettle fence. The judge saw it my way.)

Finally, I don’t think there’s anything hypocritical about having a good job, or even working for a large corporation or being famous, and wanting to see what you believe would be a positive change in the nation. I do agree that there’s something distasteful about celebrities piggybacking on social movements as a career builder (though this is as true for Sarah Palin as it is for Michael Moore), but I’m not certain that this means that anybody who is even slightly famous must never say anything about anything. I propose to you that you don’t really believe that either: if you did, the hit-baiting rant of Frank Miller would strike you as just as shameless and the headline-hogging celebrity sightings as any Occupy camp. We could both agree that insincerity is BS, but I take issue with the idea that all those who agree with you are sincere and all those who don’t must be full of it.

Look at this article from the liberal San Francisco Chronicle, about the guy with a shotgun protecting his building against the Occupy riots. Who resembles Batman more- the man protecting his livelihood or the rioters?

“We had people who attempted to break into our building,” the landmark Rotunda Building on Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, Tagami said Thursday. He grabbed a shotgun that he usually keeps at home, went down to the ground floor and “discouraged them,” he said….

The Rotunda Building was far from the only target. Graffiti was spray-painted on many buildings along Broadway from 14th to 16th streets. Masked vandals shattered windows, started fires and threw objects at police, including lit flares and powerful M-1000 firecrackers.

Officers responded by firing tear gas and flash-bang grenades and arresting 103 people, including those from as far away as Michigan and New York. Five civilians and three police officers were hurt.

As the sun rose, downtown Oakland business owners were again assessing the damage, much as they did after a series of protests related to the killing of unarmed BART rider Oscar Grant in 2009.

Crews were boarding up broken windows at the Tully’s Coffee shop just steps from Occupy Oakland’s camp at Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall. Graffiti was sprayed on the Rite Aid and Walgreens drugstores across from each other at 14th and Broadway. The city estimated it would cost up to $25,000 to replace broken windows at city buildings.

…Tagami [called] the Occupy Oakland encampment “basically concealment and cover for anarchists who are doing this to our city.”


“They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. ” -Alfred the Butler

the op/ed at the link says it nicely.

I suppose Frank could have been a bit more diplomatic in his criticism of OWS. Although, the protests are rather silly when you examine them a little. They basically don’t like rich people and feel that some how things aren’t “fair”, that the rich have undeservedly prospered when so many haven’t.

They’re right! Almost nothing about life is fair, never has been, and never will be. Get used to it! Learn it while you’re young because this notion holds true in all situations….LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I could list a million ways that life is so horribly, brutally unfair and so could you. So protesting for fairness is a JOKE. It’s anti-reality.

Are the rich prospering on the backs of the middle class and the poor? Hell yeah they are. Guess what? They ALWAYS HAVE….forever…all time. We used to call them kings, queens, barons, earls, dukes….now we call them CEOs, investment bankers, celebrities, and Presidents. This will never change. Even when you setup the whole system to avoid this, such as communism or extreme socialism, you STILL end up with a massive rich vs poor situation. Only there are fewer rich and many more poor and the poor get sent to prison if they protest. (See China, Russia)

So, they can burn Wall Street to the ground, destroy every corporation, triple the taxes on millionaires and it won’t change a damn thing. Things are going to stay the way they are, in part, because this is how they’ve always been. Just be thankful that here in America you have a CHANCE(it’s a dice roll) to get ahead.

Just look at Obama! The man never did anything significant in his life… and then he got elected President. You see, dreams can come true, and fairness had nothing to do with it.

And to that poll question….how would the Dark Knight respond to the OWS protest? Duh…HE’S A BILLIONAIRE SILVER SPOON WHO’S PARENTS WERE MURDERED! Is that fair?

what a sad, sad man. I’d like to think if I was ever as successful as Miller, I’d aim my critiques a little higher.

I encourage everyone who assumes they know about the sinister goings-on at Occupy movements to actually attend a general assembly meeting and talk to people. This isn’t something like a congressional supercommittee or a seal team 6 meeting or a G8 summit.

This is a news story that if you are actually curious about you can actually find out what’s going on yourself instead of looking for information that confirms whatever bias you might have.

To everyone who says these people are degnerates or whatever, I’ll gently remind them that this is what happens when you have an unemployment / underemployment crisis (which, in turn, was caused by the collapse of the US financial system). Say what you will about Occupy or even the Tea Party, they are standing up for what they believe in and trying to create positive change.

….RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR To all the HAIRBRAINED nimrods arguing like kindergartners over their pro-miller/anti-miller or pro-occupy/anti-occupy or who knows what that’s a big issue:

WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!!!! I am SICK and TIRED of this debate tearing my country apart! Apparently reason and proper discourse has been injured, which means FORCE comes in. You wish start change early? Act like a man by walking up to every member of Congress, be they Democrat or Republican (or Tea Party in some cases), liberal or conservative, from the Legislative to the Judicial branches, and PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. If I had the chance to do this, it’s definitely WAY better than waiting for 20% unemployment to drive them back to reality.

This is exactly how one would go about destroying a career in the most efficient way possible. Some one should take away his laptop. He’s pulling a Bobby fisher.

“And I wouldn’t compare Occupiers to Tea Party groups either.

No rapes at Tea Party gatherings. No trash left behind. No violence, certainly. No threats against the police made by attendees.”

First, your top statement is directly contradicted by the bottom one.

The incidents of violence and rape are deplorable. However, common sense and life experience should tell you that the actions of a few crazy members of a group are rarely representative of the whole group.

I’d even like to give that benefit of the doubt to your Tea Party, but I’ve heard enough horrifically racist and laughably misinformed statements coming out of Tea Partiers’ mouths to be able to feel comfortable generalizing what that movement really represents.

Speaking of misinformed, ladies and gentlemen: Frank Miller!

Although I don’t agree with his war on terror thing, because as far as I am concerned America deserves what ever they have coming their way. How long does the American government think they can throw their weight around and interfere in others business before some one strikes back. You reap what you sow after all. ( And before you troll me saying I’m a towel head or some shit, I’m not I’m a white Canadian )

I do however agree with him on the occupy thing. Life sucks wear a helmet, these are people who are voted by you the Americans to run your country and / or whatever else. You don’t like then do something about it, but if you think holding a bunch of signs stapled to a piece of wood is going to change anything you really are dumb ass, inbred rednecks and deserve your fate.

I meant stapled btw

I like Frank Miller and always will. I like how he’s, blunt, candid, and unapologetic in his beliefs. I think we need more people like him.

While some people in the OWS have a legitimate gripe, Miller to an extent is right. Many of them are spoiled children trying desperately to recreate the sixties who are deficating in public and COSTING people jobs. And can somebody tell me what they want? What’s their manifesto? Who knows maybe somebody can actually GIVE them what they want if it’s reasonable.

My two cents.

chigiriki: Posting your real name to an opinion gives it additional weight and credence. Your youth is showing.

At the risk of being howled down, I agree with him on a lot of the ‘occupy movement’ at least – some of these scumbag asshole professional protesters shit me to tears.

A big (no huge fan) of FM. But he is now part of the 1%. I feel he has lost his way, gone ultra conservative. To bad. I feel that the Tea Party group only have one agenda, and that is to replace Obama. I feel that they are racists and that Herman Cain is nothing more then their Uncle Tom. But then again Obama has shown no leadership either. The occupy folks do have real concerns, but they need a focused leader that can carry them forward, good luck.

Up here in Canada, thankfully the banks are not as corrupt as they are down south and we were able to weather the storm better then our friends in the U.S. of A.

We might be more socialist but that isn’t a bad thing. But we do have members of our media trying to take us down the path of Fox News. If Regan was running for president today, you can’t tell me that the Republicans wouldn’t be calling him a socialist, (hell they would consider Jesus to be a commie and socialist). American’s are socialist, just don’t know it. You do have public schools, medicare and social security.

What has happened to our American friends. At one time the most progressive country in the world. Now science seems to be a 4 letter word along with your freedom of speech.

I can only wish you all the luck. Have many American friends and family, and I always found them the most compassionate people I’ve ever met. They are the Americans that I have grown to love and respect, and not the “haters” that now seem to becoming across.

Sorry for going so far off topic.

RoboFop: Umm… no. If someone gets shot down the street from your house, you should not be a suspect unless there is reason for you to be. However, If someone is raped in your house and you are home, it would certainly hurt your reputation, justified or not.

Again, I’m not saying even a tenth of people involved are “bad guys” and I do agree with a lot of the stated goals and grievances, but the majority of what I have seen on both news sites (no, not Fox) and on blogs/posts/image galleries by self-proclaimed protestors has only led me to believe that they are less peaceful protestors and more public disturbances and in some cases public nuisances. I think their message is a decent one but they are largely going about it in the wrong way and allowing themselves to be portrayed by their weakest links. I think that they are targeting the wrong people in their protests, hurting local businesses and corporation branches more than corporations and actual 1%ers and are just doing a generally ineffective job of fighting for their cause.

As usual, what I am mostly seeing is a case of the few screwing things up for the many, which is what they happen to be protesting but on a different topic. If that happens to be what Glenn Beck is saying, I guess I’ll have to agree to at least partially agreeing with him. Personally, I have no idea what he says. As for Miller, I agree to a point with him, but of course his stated opinion seems shallow and then goes into things that don’t have anything to do with the protests. I would also like to say that I, too, love his earlier work, but not much of anything in the last 20 years. Both the art and the stories have gotten just awful.


I’m glad that your opinions are in no way, facts.

I’m gonna sum up your bullshit post.

“The actions of a few are not indicative of the group…….. but come on man you just know these drug addicted muderers are out there class warfaring socialism job creators hard life nothing is fair ever or ever will be…
OWS is a bunch of lazy pieces of shit who do this and do that and I know man I can just feel it. This is how it really is. This is them mannnnnnnnnnnn”

“buthtatsjustmyopinion *wink*”

“hurting local businesses and corporation branches more than corporations and actual 1%ers and are just doing a generally ineffective job of fighting for their cause.”

LMFAO do you realize how ironic that statement is? Do you really think a couple thousand hippies in a month have done more damage to small business than fucking corporations?

Are your heads really this far in the fucking sand? I don’t understand the need to constantly try and reaffirm bullshit right-wing talking points.

George Bush (not that one)

November 14, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Geoff Johns RULEZ!!! oh and United States police state in 3-2-1 !

He writes entertainment that I enjoy. His political views don’t interest me regardless of what they are.

Wow. The aware public protests against the Corporate corruption that destroyed their lives and the world’s economy…and this former great misses the point entirely. Sad.

The sick irony: Frank once did the series called “Give Me Liberty” (1990) where a poor black girl named Martha Washington rebels in a populist movement against a fascist U.S. Corporate Government. So what happened to him? Sadly, he disappeared up his own paranoid zealotry like Ditko. Now we get kneejerk froth like “Holy Terror”.

Frank may come off as a harsh conservative, but I think he’s actually been more of a Rugged Individualist in his outlook. He genuinely cares about protecting his country, but his emotions and lots of misinformation seem to be overwhelming his sense. It’s unfortunate.

Frank loses the argument on facts, and he can no longer back himself up with creative quality. He could do no wrong in his 80’s work, particularly the underrated “Ronin”. But Frank Miller hasn’t done a good work in 20 years, despite prop-ups by better artists like Geoff Darrow and Dave Gibbons: “Sin City” is stylish, but it’s sexist, aggro crap; he wiped “The Dark Knight Returns” out with the wretched “DK2″; and “300” is a circle jerk. And after he reduced the greatest comic in history to the worst movie directing THE SPIRIT, he should never open his mouth in public again. Sigh.

Thank heavens for Alan Moore!

I think someone should test his studio for lead levels.

Well considering the overt fascist, racist and militaristic ideas in 300, should be surprised of Frank’s response to Occupy.

So if these people scums and rapists, then that would be like calling Miller a whore. Whore for doing sequels just to cash in. Dark Knight 2 was shit. Now a 300 sequel? Also what about the Spirit? Miller is washed up and needs the attention now.

“LMFAO do you realize how ironic that statement is? Do you really think a couple thousand hippies in a month have done more damage to small business than fucking corporations?”

No, I don’t – to either question. It’s possible that you misread or I could’ve been clearer. Otherwise, I guess my head really is in my ass or in the sand or wherever.

I don’t think the “hippies” are hurting things more than the corporations are hurting things. That would be absurd.

I do think that the “hippies” are damaging local/small business more than they are damaging the overall corporation or the governmental/financial/business elitists. As I said in an earlier post, they can damage store fronts all they want while the elitist sits in his tower and either sends a common worker to go fix what was damaged or decides that the location isn’t worth maintaining and closes that shop, taking the jobs and services elsewhere. Why not overseas? That seems to be popular.

@MalReyn–Thank you. And your house analogy is exactly what I’m getting at.

@RoboFop–From the last news story I linked to: “The camp [Occupy Oakland] had become an unbearable drain on city resources, an economic threat to nearby businesses and a danger to public safety, Mayor Jean Quan said.

“‘The encampment became a place where we had repeated violence and this week a murder. We had to bring the camp to an end before more people were hurt,’ she said.”

In other words, things were/are getting out of control to the point where city officials believe it is becoming a threat to public safety–not just for local businesses and citizens, but for the protestors themselves. In fact, the person who was murdered on Thursday was actually staying at the Occupy Oakland camp according to his own family and police officials:

And as the CNN story points out, it’s not just limited to Oakland alone, but also Philadelphia, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Tulsa,

@GrayGhost: “Sorry robrock360, but everytime the minimum wage goes up, another small business has to higher less people and can’t expend on their businesses, it’s a FACT!”

Yes, by all means — let’s pay people less. If you think not having a minimum wage would result in anything other than, you are a fool.

Dear Frank Miller,

I must inform you that you are suffering from an extreme case of Islamophobia. Google it. In other words you’re a racist. It has clouded everything you’ve said or done since Dark Knight 2. Seek help.

Miller’s awful these days.

How can anyone write the things he writes about political issues and then expect rational people to support him? The things he says actually have the effect of gaining sympathy for the other side.

Yeah, rapes have occurred at OWS. No, I don’t agree with everything OWS stands for. But Miller does a HORRIBLE job of critiquing OWS in a thoughtful or intelligent way.

This doesn’t have anything to do with Muslim terrorists. Miller is just a bigot who’s ridiculously fixated on one political issue, which he applies to EVERY political issue. Imagine if a president (Bush or Obama) reacted to a Wall St crisis by saying “Now, you know, we have a lot of troops overseas. We should be thinking about that whole deal.” Uh, no, if the topic of discussion is Wall St, then Islam-related conflicts halfway around the world figure into the equation hardly at all.

@Ackrite–“Yeah, rapes have occurred at OWS. No, I don’t agree with everything OWS stands for. But Miller does a HORRIBLE job of critiquing OWS in a thoughtful or intelligent way.”

Exactly! Miller needed to back-up his allegations rather than expecting the readers of his his blog to take them at face value.

With all this buzz around Miller’s tweets, I have, at last, ordered his 300 and Holly Terror OGNs!!!

He is one of the best artists in the comic book industry (like was Sienkiewicz – I really do not love the fact that he is only doing the inking now…) and he will stay. He is Frank Miller. He will never hide his opinions behind smoke.

He has the balls to say what he thinks about the OWS. He has the balls to describe a part of those people who do not have their places in this kind of citizen manifestation. A lot of them are borne and grew up in easy families.
How can they understand those who are working each day of a week for hard earned wages?

And he is right about the rapes/thefts/fights and the civil disobediences. They are actuals facts. Do not hide yourself behind your outraged dignify mask. All are not rapists/thieves/brawlers/drug dealers/etc. But, unfortunately for this kind of citizen manifestations, there are small groups (or only individuals) with a simple objective: to do the worst. Then, it is so easy for all the medias to classify the whole group as bad-ass.

That is really the point on which I do not agree at 100% with him. I recognize that on this point, he has a “closed” perception of those people. Maybe he was a lot more CNN-ized or FOX-ized like a large amount of American citizen. And that is a fact that us, foreigners, have observed among almost the American people.

You were so said all your life that you are the Masters of the World, living in the Almighty Powerful America. You were not offered to open your eyes on the “true” world. On all its complex composition, its complex cultures and counter-cultures, its good and bad facts.

The world outside your borderlines has grown up and it is more mature, more deeply complex to understand to your fresh eyes.

In your country, all is black or white, wrong or just. This is not the real life. The real life is made with a vast varieties of grey. From the pure white to a medium grey to the darkest black. Life is complex. Modern life is complex. Do not close your eyes on the world outside your “garden gates”. Please.

Thanks to have read this post (and yes, it is my true name!!! The only “web” name I use is Judge Fred MANSON – I LOVE the Judge Dredd stories and the 2000AD weekly comic book!!! Read it!!!).

OK, creps. It’s late and I am hungry… I think that I will do a night brunch and to plunder the fridge!!!!!

David F. Brooklyn

November 14, 2011 at 4:45 pm

I’m gonna go read Born Again again and cry. :(

Christopher Wiebe

November 14, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Well, while I’m not buying Frank’s current stuff, I can’t disagree with him. It’s far past time the Occupy crowd got organized and became an actual movement, as opposed to wasting everyone’s time. As to the slams on Miller. I have my issues, but talent is not the issue here as his stuff has produce just a many good movies as DC. So, it’s like this. If you want the world to become better do something about it. Otherwise join the losers on the street who are whining and not doing anything. Well except wasting our time. And if you want to call Frank delusional, take it from someone with a Political Science and History degree; the militant Islamists, or Wahaabists are just as bad as Nazi and need to be opposed. If you disagree don’t be surprised when you lose your squandered rights. To quote the other Miller, just go to Burger King with your comics stash and do nothing. Typical.

Christopher Wiebe

November 14, 2011 at 5:02 pm

As well I must note how much I admire the Lefts “STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE!!!” Blah blah blah, until some dares to disagree with them. And yes, that is pointed at most of the punks on this board, except Gray Ghost and the few others who have brains.

Robo Fop, there are plenty of articles backing up my opinion.

Sorry, these OWS kids sitting in downtown Pittsburgh by BNY Mellon, are a bunch of idiots. They say “come talk to us”, but as soon as you refute one of their “facts”, they get flustered and can’t continue a debate.

Every day I wake up, I strive to become the 1%, it’s really not THAT unattainable. Have to start with a job somewhere, not a tent in the mud…

The way I see it, most of the criticism directed at the OWS folks is hypocritical.

Firstly, “stop whining and go get a job” would hold more water if the last Republican President hadn’t bailed out Wall Street. That is right, it wasn’t in an alternate universe, folks. GEORGE W. BUSH BAILED OUT WALL STREET. You hear that? It happened. THE WALL STREET FOLKS BENEFITED FROM SOCIALISM. THE GOVERNMENT HELPED THEM.

I don’t see why other folks can’t demand that the government helped them when (I will say it again) THE GOVERNMENT BAILED OUT WALL STREET. So don’t go all Ayn Rand on me demanding that the “losers” in the OWS stop whining and become Self-Suficient Capitalist Supermen. When the going gets rough, the 1% are not above government help.

Okay, with that out of the way, I’d like to comment on another part of Crazy Frank’s rant. I actually agree with him that Islamic radicalism is a danger, that religious fanaticism is the greatest danger the free world is facing. And that is the whole point. How can you align yourself with the American Right, when they’re in bed with religious fundamentalists themselves?

They want to tell us who we can marry, because of what was written in some old book. They want a fairy tale taught in school in lieu of real science. They want important medical matters to be predicated on their faith. And THOSE are the people we’re supposed to support in the fight against “Islamofascism”?


November 14, 2011 at 5:30 pm

unemployment percentage for college grads is around 4-6 %, way under the average.
would be even lower except for all those liberal arts majors.

occupy started out with a decent idea, but it has been lost or coopted by people wanting hand-outs.

It will be interesting to watch the United States of America while it swirls the drain of civilization. I cannot believe how many misinformed people posted here. Never underestimate a poor man willingness to defend a rich man’s rights because it might be him one day. Biggest load ever sold to Americans; that hard work and “stick-to-itiveness (thank you Mr Burns for the neologism) will land you whatever the American Dream is. If you believe that well…good luck with that.

One last thing: if you are concerned about religious fundamentalism than do find out which of your Presidential contenders are Christian Reconstructionists. Look up what that is and tremble with fear. Christian fundamentalists are at least as, if not more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalists.

Sounds like Frank is suffering emotionally. He lived 4 blocks from Ground Zero, so he has to be suffering from some form of PTSD. His work is a good indicator of his current mental state. I don’t know if the rumors of alcohol problems is true or not, but he does sound like another famous opinionated asshole with substance abuse problems – Hunter S. Thompson.

Why is he insane? Is it because he believes differently then you? So much for you being so open minded. There were rapes and murders at these Occupy events, and dummies complaining about corporations while listening to their iPhones. They wanted something for nothing from society, but got mad at the homeless when they just wanted a bite to eat. The movement was a nice idea, but it is now nothing more then a sad freakshow.


November 14, 2011 at 6:07 pm

right, everyone trembles in fear of alarming those christian fundamentalist.
why, if you draw an offensive cartoon, they may boycott! I mean, what could be worse than that?

How are Christian fundamentalists more dangerous then Islamic fundamentalists? As Sunshine Superman said when was the last time you heard about Christians rioting and burning embassies over a cartoon?

Dave W.

Thank you. “Why is he insane?” That is a very true question. IF he is insane then so are the people stating that it is not fair that they are about to graduate from college and have to pay back their student loans. Seriously, welcome to the real world. Asking to not be held accountable for a loan that you took out is insane. I do not have the answers but I feel that when a single person makes a statement like Mr. Miller did people act shocked. He can state his mind and should not be judged for it. I agree with him. Once again, “Welcome to the real world.” I have worked all my life and I do the right thing. The occupy people have no concept of what injustice looks like. You do not have to agree with him or me but don’t cry because you don’t like it. No one ever said life is fair. Least we not forget, “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

Marc C – you glittering jewel of colossal stupidity. In the last 100 years, how many “Christian fundamentalists” have flown planes into buildings? How many have captured people of different faiths and then beheaded them? How many terrorist bombings have they been responsible for? (Give you a hint – it’s apparently the same level as your I.Q.). I could go on and on. Shariah law is positively evil, but you and other dickweeds here have decided that Christians are the problem? Grow up, douchebag.

Aww Sunshinesuperman has been watching fox news. How special for him.

Frank is almost as bad as Rudy Giuliani, when it comes to shamelessly and cheaply invoking Sept. 11th to justify his point on an unrelated issue.
It’s the standard fall-back position for folks on his side.
“Don’t protest corporate greed, because welll…umm…NINELEVEN!!”
I do find it amusing that so many folks in the general public are shocked by Miller’s piece. Most comics fans know he’s always been like this politically.

the majority of Miller fans

November 14, 2011 at 6:40 pm

once… i loved and respected Frank Miller…
with the recent release of Holy Terror and now this…
i finally am proud to say that i have idolized a comic book icon who ACTUALLY SHARES MY POLITICAL VIEWS!!!
totally makes up for the liberal crap other comic book artists are spittin out nowadays

CB –

Answers me this: Why is it unfair that students are asking to not be held accountable for a loan that they took out when the government bailed out Wall Street? Common people asking for government handouts are traitors, while bankers are too big to fail?

Let me repeat again a little bit of data that all the right-wing individualist Ayn-Randian capitalists seem to forget: GEORGE W. BUSH BAILED OUT WALL STREET IN 2008. GEORGE W. BUSH BAILED OUT WALL STREET IN 2008. GEORGE W. BUSH BAILED OUT WALL STREET IN 2008. GEORGE W. BUSH BAILED OUT WALL STREET IN 2008. GEORGE W. BUSH BAILED OUT WALL STREET IN 2008.

It’s very hypocritical to demand that the poor simply accept hardship because a true blood American is self-sufficient, when the 1% are not held to this same standard. They’re too big to fail, the government will bail them out when things get rough.

Modern-day Christian Fundamentalists aren’t guilty of mass violence, and why would they need violence when they already have hijacked one of the two big American political parties?


Excellent question. I stated before that I do not have all the answers. However, if you choose to go to a private college and take out loans and have no intention of paying them back that is a problem. I did my basic classes at a community college because that is what I could afford. I never stated directly that people who ask for handouts are traitors I am just saying that they need to rethink things. If a person is laid off because a large company failed them then I have no problem with them receiving some help from the government. I disagree with someone who just completed college and did it all on student loans and now says, “No fair, someone bail me out.” I believe that if you are out of a job you should make looking for work your job not sitting in a tent hoping that the government gives you a hand out. Hopefully this answers your question. As for George W. Bush and Christian Fundamentalists I don’t have any answers since I was not commenting on them.

I support Frank Miller’s statement. Not being a fan of his work, he did hit the nail on the head. This OWS movement is lawless and pathetic. People are dying, contracting diseases, getting raped, destroying property, pooping and peeing on people’s property. That is disgusting. They have no answers only criticisms. That is not a good way to protest.


November 14, 2011 at 7:43 pm

I applaud Frank Miller for speaking his mind about the OWS mess. Protest peacefully if you want to, but the Constitution does not give you the right to camp out, disrupt everyone else’s lives, and act like a pack of wild animals. They protest Wall Street when they should be doing their thing down in Washington, DC. Quit blaming Bush for all your troubles. Is your name Obama? Look at the things that Obama has done to screw things up. Go to Washington and complain to him. Complain to Congress for some of your problems, and while you’re at it, some of you can complain to yourselves. Who put a gun to your back and made you take out a mortgage that you knew you could never pay back? Who forced you to go to an expensive college and forced you to take out huge college loans? Who chose a major before doing the necessary research to have a good idea that degree would be marketable when you graduated? This “world owes me a living” crap needs to stop.
I met a guy in college years ago who talked about the free education and spending money he was getting from the government. His rationale was that “they” owed it to him since he was an orphan. Bull. “They” didn’t owe him diddly unless they were responsible for the deaths of his parents.
Again thanks to Frank for having the guts to speak his mind. He’s not going to miss out on a lot of sales of his works because of his detractors. He’s going to find new fans who will be curious about his work and maybe actually take the time to carefully read the stories and see what they can learn.

Looks like the wingnut political trolls wandered over here from Red State and Fox Nation today. It seems Grey Ghost even brought some of his drinking buddies to stink up the joint even more.

Screw him for saying this. Lost all my respect for him.

And speaking of Occupy Oakland, maybe Frank Miller was also talking about the anarchist group, Black Bloc, who showed up at the rallies and caused problems during the past week:


Jim Deal, I’m nearly 40. Age is not the cause of my desire to not use my real name. I don’t have to justify to you my concerns about posting my real name on a public message board. If that causes you to think less of my opinion then so be it. Makes no matter to me. However, if it makes you happy, my real name is Michael.

Nic, 300 was mainly concerned with the city state of Sparta. Miller presented it pretty accurately. He didn’t invent them as being fascist, militaristic, etc. That’s they way they actually were.

I don’t really agree with the “Occupy” movement. Simply because their objective isn’t that clear to me (I personally think it should be occupy Washington DC) but Frank (like many other people) has no clue whats going on. He’s a comic book writer, his job is to create fantasy worlds. He just proved that his political analysis of the world is one dimensional at best (Holy Terror: Terrorism = Islam) and very much out of sync with reality. (Hell even his art is black and white) Likewise its easy to critique poor people when your selling properties for the next Sin City and 300 movies. In short what I’ mean to say is….Frank Miller is an idiot. His books are fun, but they are more style than substance. Why the hell would you piss on the 20-something age group of people who are the most likely to buy your product? All they want are jobs, to make money, to buy his product.

BRAVO FRANK! These OWS slackers need to understand that banging bongo drums and being disruptive while wearing Guy Fawkes masks isn’t going to solve any problems.

To all of the Libs who work in the comic book industry and comic fans: Tolerance is a two-way street!

I’m not picking sides here and it should be obvious that the Tea Party and the Occupiers have their bad apples. I’ve seen a lot of links regarding misbehavior at OWS protests. I figure I could at least provide a little bit of balance to this by posting this bit of Tea Party mischief from my home state of Kentucky, so we can stop this whole “the Tea Party is a paragon of virtue” talk.

As far as Frank Miller’s statement, the man is a bigot plain and simple. He’s firing off an incendiary statement to try and drum up interest in his piece of propaganda that tries to pass itself off as a graphic novel.

One of the things I always hear from the OWS crowd is they want the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

Have they come up with a percentage on how much that should be? What number constitutes a “fair share?” Do even they know?

And, what the hell, let’s have the OWS protestors speak for themselves:

As an active participant in my local Occupy movement, Occupy Orlando, I am both disappointed and insulted by Frank Miller’s comments, but in the words of Evelyn Beatrice Hall, herself summarizing Voltaire ~ “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This would be the case of almost everyone at our occupation in Orlando as we have allowed anyone who wants to speak the opportunity to, including militant anti-abortionists and even Matthew Falconer, a leading figure in the local Tea Party.

And what most of the OWS protests are about boils down to this: The system we have now is one in which profits are privatized and losses are socialized.

I seriously wish people would actually understand what they say when they say the rich should pay their fair share. What does everyone consider fair share according to the congressional budget the top 10% of the country’s money makers pay 70% of the taxes in America. The thing that our current administration is trying to do is pander to the people that don’t pay their fair share meaning most of America because most America gets back the taxes they pay in income tax returns. Please when we support Occupy Wall St. we don’t support business which employees Americans we support people that are giving up after small setbacks. Are forefathers have all dealt with hardships big and small and by not picking are selves up and trying harder to succeed we are letting the people that made are country great down. People like many celebrities that support Occupy Wall St. are just pandering to the people that would rather complain than strive to achieve more and that’s what’s really sad. So hopefully I have said more elequetley what was trying to be said.

Hoyt’s link to HuffPo showed me one thing: Paul’s people showed concern for the person that was attacked. Yet those “managing” security at Occupy sites encouraged victims of rape and other crimes to not report it because theywould take care of it themselves. Hmmm. That doesn’t sound like cooperation.

As to the rich (1%) vs. poor (99%): I fail to see any way shape or form that the fortunes amassed by Steve Jobs, Michael Moore and others (1%ers all) have caused my life (a member of the 99%) to be any less.

Overrated since 1986.

Based on the vitriolic response to Frank from the OWS supporters, I’m inclined to surmise he hit a nerve there.

Normally, I ignore the politics of the artist.
I could overlook Miller’s rightwing nuttery if his work was decent, but after a decade of DK2 and ASBAR, he’s almost Liefeld-ian in his awfulness.
And then there’s the matter of Frank just going out there and repeating blatant lies, like claiming Iraq attacked the U.S. on 9-11.
So yeah, eff him.

Let Frank have his rant. That doesn’t mean he’s right, just that he’s ranting.

For anyone attempting to dismiss protests as just whining or ultra-lefties, please at least check this article from Business Insider, hardly a socialist pamphlet:

To summarise:

1. Unemployment is at the highest level since the Great Depression
2. At the same time, corporate profits are at an all-time high, both in absolute dollars and as a share of the economy.
3. Wages as a percent of the economy are at an all-time low. In other words, corporate profits are at an all-time high, in part, because corporations are paying less of their revenue to employees than they ever have
4. Income and wealth inequality in the US economy is near an all-time high: The owners of the country’s assets (capital) are winning, everyone else (labor) is losing.


I love you Mr. Templeton.

Christian fundamentalists: IRA (Irish Republican Army) much funding came from Boston. Ku Klux Klan: Christian fundamentalists who wished to kill African-Americans, Jews and Catholics. Bush 1, Bush 2 and all the politicians who “have a personal relationship with Jesus” funded much terrorism over 20th century America. Regan, back by the fundamentalists, gave money and support to Bin Laden when he was a mujahadeen fighter on CIA payroll fighting the Ruskies in Afghanistan in the ’80’s. Christian Fundamentalists may not have flown any planes into buildings, but their fingerprints are all over the 20th century. Leaving aside the war they wage on Science and truth.

follow the link–Ann Nocenti has a nice and reasonable rebut to Miller’s rant.

“It is too easy and too lazy to just run down and criticize what the Occupy movement is doing. It is much more difficult to support and try to understand that this is a symbol of a natural sea-change in our society.”

(Which of course means it’ll be disparaged, mischaracterized, take out of context, and ignored.)

Frank Miller is correct. OWS are the dregs of society. Forget all the death, disease and destruction they have caused in the past two months. When you listen to their speeches and listen to interviews with the protesters it’s a hodge podge of socialism, marxism, anarchism and anti semitism. At worst they advocate violent revolution and tearing up the constitution. At best the advocate the same failed policies that helped cause the financial crisis. Pond scum would be a step up for OWS.

In the last 100 years, how many “Christian fundamentalists” have flown planes into buildings?

Many have.

How many have captured people of different faiths and then beheaded them?
Many. The Ku Klux Klan, a fundamentalist Christian organization lynched Jews Catholics and African Americans well into the 60’s.

How many terrorist bombings have they been responsible for?
Thousands in England alone, never mind the so-called ‘Christian Liberation Armies’ in African countries

I approve the comments made by Frank Miller and I support him forever.

I recognize that it is not a pleasant editorial in a blog, but if you want to wake up someone who is deeply sleeping in his own unreal world, sometimes, it is urgent to kick some ass.

America, it is time to wake up. Your golden years are ways back. The world is no more the same as in the 40s-50s.

It is really time to grow up. Now. And you must understand the ways the World is running if you don’t want to stay on the side of the road. No one will wait for you.

(Again, it is my true name, and I am really near my… v4.1 in a few days!! I am not old, you morons!!!!!)

for unmutual:

“Forget all the death, disease and destruction they have caused in the past two months.” What? You speak as if these people are burning Rome, sacking the Kingdom. Equating a handful of bad apples, and a misbegotten mini-riot doesn’t warrant such idiotic/hyperbolic speech. Reign in the broadside idiocy.

“hodge podge of socialism, marxism, anarchism and anti semitism.”
Intellectually I’ve no trouble at least mulling over the first 3, as an exercise in thought. But to date, I’ve not seen any CREDIBLE proof of this so-called anti-semitism that the right-wing is batting about. It’s more BS slander tactics. I’ve heard, directly from Tea party event attendees, the worst racist slurs (pick a ethnicity) and yet nothing approaching the their level from one of the myriad of OWS sympathizers. Are there crackpots and ranters? Yes, but you come across them in every group–if I pointed out the gun-toting “aim for the head” whack-jobs on your side, you’d either deny their allegiance, or make excuses for their excessive behavior so don’t pretend to be blind to the moderate line of thought that balances the OWS movement.

“At worst they advocate violent revolution and tearing up the constitution.”
Same as I’m hearing from the RW Libertarian revolutionaries.
Maybe a new better constitution is what we need, you won’t get it from the hands of Corporations–look what they’ve done with the one we already have.

Your ideology is talking, maybe you should let your voice of reason have a chance.

he makes a good point. i bet there’s thousands of protesters who are just out there for the fun of it. i’m serious, some people don’t really know what’s going on and they don’t care. they like big groups of people and take advantage of the chaos. don’t tell me i’m wrong. “search your feelings, you know it to be true.”

first, again, as to Miller’s statements, why does anyone care what he has to say? Whether he’s nuts or not, whether he’s right or wrong, who cares? How does what he say have any impact on, well, anything other than on boards such as these?

And yes, there have been crimes committed on these occupy sites – not by the people that have been there for the originally, articulated reasons (okay, maybe not so well-articulated but they meant well) but by the usual idiots who see a big party or some excuse to cause chaos, etc. Those people aren’t the out-of-work engineers or the out-of-work construction workers or the recent college grads who can’t find jobs. But to group those people in with the relatively few who can’t control themselves or who take unnecessary advantage of any situation that attracts a crowd and/or the media, is just not being honest with what’s going on. It’s an easy way to dismiss the sentiment behind the movement, and the movement itself (such as it is) by those who choose to have their heads in the sand or think that all capitalism is good. Until such time as those people are also out of work or are denied a loan or a mortgage.

if anything, the movement never has been well organized and there appears to be no communication between cities AND with no well-defined goal, the whole thing has become aimless. Which does not mean that true occupiers don’t have a point

George Bush (not that one)

November 15, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Christian fundamentalists kill people by denying science .Stem cell research for one.

I can’t believe Frank Miller missed the obvious connection: these spoiled brat hipsters are really al queda!!!

Free speech, does not simply apply to that speech with which you agree. We forget that fact so quickly in America.

Here ye, here ye,
This part-time comic book fan finds that Miller and his opponents shall be paddled until their rears are sore and red for weeks.

One last thing: I do think Frank Miller has some issues going on. I don’t agree with his opinions, but that isn’t what I have taken issue with. The way he has expressed them speaks to, in my opinion, an increasingly unstable personality. I am speculating here of course, but the manner in which he expresses his opinions has become more erratic over the years. If he needs help, I hope he gets it.

It’s a shame to see so many ignorant people on this website. Occupy Wall Street is a prime example of spoiled people not getting their hand out. You don’t like your job? Quit! It’s not the workers JOB to tell the employer how to run a company. Sorry but it’s time to leave Neverland and grow the hell up. The rich pay more than their fair share of taxes to help the mostly worthless. If you don’t like it go earn it. Should CEO’s get huge bonuses? Why not, you go buy their product. Quit buying it if you don’t like it. It shouldn’t matter if your Democrat or Republican, know your place or work to change it. Bottom LINE: Grow up and go earn your living, quit waiting on a hand out. I DON’T KNOW YOU, I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU AND I DAMN SURE DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR YOU.

Chess X –

All well and good, but you forgot this:

You do get a hand out if you are “too big to fail.”

Remember the Wall Street Bailout in 2008?

Why, oh why, conservatives ALWAYS conveniently forget it?

I’d like to know what message Frank has for his American-born fans who happen to be Muslim.

Ah! Miller has woken the sheep up! Thanks Frank! :) <3


I don’t agree with ANY bailouts. They should have ALL gone under. Especially the car companies and their over paid union employees AND management. Sink or swim. Adapt to survive. If you can’t adapt then please fade away forever. If I ran Chevy, I’d close up shop and head south or south of the border to find workers and management willing to work for their pay. Do I lean “right” or “left”? You tell me based on my above viewpoint. “I DON’T KNOW YOU, I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU AND I DAMN SURE DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR YOU.”

Miller is another example of a guy who gets so rich , he forgets his shit stinks just like everyone elses. But maybe the truth is , that he was a DICK all along.

Damn, that’s inappropriate, I think it was only some weird joke or promotional stunt so everyone should simply ignore it.
I hope, whatever Frank’s real beliefs are on the matter, that it’s really narrow minded way of thinking and simplifying a serious problem. BUT it looks like someone can be a dick and write pretty good stories (even though he has shit for brains).

The knee-jerk vilification of the protestors, in all it’s hateful glory, is completely disproportionate, inaccurate, and downright disgusting. They’re smelly, criminal anarchists. They’re hippies. They’re spoilt rich kids. Make up your mind, which is it? Or is it actually a cross-section, which may, indeed, include such elements, but is not primarily or exclusively made up of them? Simplistic name-calling hardly covers it… and, fact is, anarchists, hippies and rich kids are citizens, and entitled to comment on society, too. Sorry, is that inconvenient? But let’s not focus too much on their complaints, when it’s safer to just dismiss them out of hand… actually discussing the stats and practices of big money vs. the ordinary citizen might draw unwanted truths into the light.

On this thread, there are ‘occupy’ participants who fit none of the slurs that are being thrown around. Their posts are coherent, sane, reasonable. Ignore them, yes? Likewise, stats and figures on profits and wages have been posted. Pft! Stats on criminality are the issue! Heaven forbid that, in the 21st century, ordinary folk would imagine that the world could be better run, with greater fairness and even an ethical or moral underpinning. That would be… what? Unpatriotic? Well, if they’re protesting, they’re not chasing down muslim terrorists, and thus clearly delinquent in their duties as Amerikans. Gas ‘em, beat ‘em, lock ‘em up. But don’t, by any means, allow a discussion of the issues.

The Powers That Be are the only ones with any reason to be so worried about these protests. The money people. The ones who don’t like collective bargaining or paying full tax. Who buy politicians. Who run Fox news… oh, that’s not a random shot, I’m from England, we know about Fox’s owners, and they don’t give a damn about you or journalism. But they apparently know their propaganda and spin better than most…

From an international viewpoint, ranting conservatives and Tea Party types seem positively rabid. Not that the international reputation of the States has ever seemed to be a priority, but it seems insane to me that the most powerful nation on the planet could conceivably be run by a Palin or similar. And I have to wonder, what the HELL happened to America? Could it be that they’re busy just now… occupying Wall St.

not surprised, this comin outta the same illiterate guy who barely even tries to research before making a historical comic like the 300.
you’ve always been an asshole frank. and now a racist.

Paul the Curmudgeon

November 21, 2011 at 8:25 am

To answer Matt Rower: no, “Islamicist” is not a real word. From the 7th century to the present, no Muslim group (or individual, that I know of) has characterized itself as ‘Islamicist”. In most contexts, the word ‘jihadist’ is a perfectly adequate substitute.
While we’re on the subject of the misuse of words, the charge that Frank Miller is a ‘racist’ doesn’t seem to have much if anything behind it, does it? Anyway, when opposition to the Occupy ‘movement’ and to Al-Quaeda gets you called a ‘racist’, it’s pretty clear that word has lost most of its meaning…

You have the right to free speech… as long as you agree with the liberals.

Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll.

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