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Freakangels artist Paul Duffield prepares followup series, The Firelight Isle

After over three years and six volumes of comics, Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield‘s Freakangels became one of the highest-profile webcomics to come from a traditional comics industry creator. But while Ellis was an established veteran, artist Paul Duffield was a newcomer who took to the project with aplomb. Now that the series reached its conclusion earlier this year, news of what the artist would do next has been something conspicuously absent… until now.

Duffield is returning to the field of webcomics with his own series, The Firelight Isle,which follows two teens (and lifelong friends) who live in a fantastical world of magic and mythology. Unlike FreakAngels which was financed by Avatar Press, The Firelight Isle is a labor of love for Duffield, and he’s set-up a fundraising campaign for it at IndieGoGo.

The artist plans to commit one day a week to produce the comic, resulting in a weekly update but not of the size of the work-for-hire FreakAngels output of six pages per week. Duffield isn’t formally launching the project for several months, but has set up a development blog to follow his process.



That’s going right into my bookmarks for when it launches.

omg do want!

Just a shame that it isn’t being funded by Avatar, which likely means no TPBs.

But seriously, Avatar needs to get on this. Freakangels was a pretty big success for them (I think). Why no small publisher would leap at the opportunity to promote or at least publish this in trade format is beyond me.

Hey! Thanks for the article :) I should probably clarify that I am doing a new project with Avatar (the happy kitty one-shot for christos gage’s Absolution series), but I think this one’s just too big for an entry project for a new writer to take to a publisher. I’m hoping to pitch some shorter work to Avatar and to let this be a personal project for now!

Love your work (and work ethic) Paul.

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