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Grumpy Old Fan | Cornucopia 2012: Predicting the next wave

The Brave And The Bold #1, all-new for 1955

Since the end of 2011 is right around the corner, it’s as good a time as any to look forward to what DC may bring us in the next year. The fun part is, the (relatively) eclectic New-52 relaunch has made these sorts of predictions a little less accurate. Nevertheless, I think DC remains a fairly conservative publisher overall, at least in terms of the kinds of comics in its superhero-centric main line, so we can make some educated guesses. The fact that all but one of the New 52 featured well-established characters (and the 52nd was Batwing, buoyed by Batman Incorporated) doesn’t exactly hurt either.

* * *

Accordingly, we start with two of DC’s most prolific titles which haven’t yet been reintroduced in the New-52 context: Adventure Comics and World’s Finest Comics (or, as you might know it, Superman/Batman).  Both were on the pre-relaunch roster, but neither appears likely to make a comeback. Pre-relaunch, Adventure had become the second Legion of Super-Heroes title, following a brief run of Geoff Johns/Francis Manapul Superboy stories. The New 52 has since filled both roles, both with Legion Lost and the Legion: Secret Origins miniseries, and with the revamped Superboy. Adventure could come back as an anthology, but the New 52 already has the ongoing DC Universe Presents and the miniseries My Greatest Adventure for spotlights and new-character tryouts. As for Superman/Batman, changes to the Man of Steel’s overall outlook may include this relationship. Put simply, I don’t see the New-52 Superman teaming up with the (same old?) Batman on a regular monthly basis — at least, not right now.

It does raise the issue of how similar the New 52 will be (and/or should be) to the pre-relaunch lineup.  After all, the relaunch torpedoed a number of books which, to put it bluntly, seem to have gotten in the way — books like Booster Gold, Power Girl, Secret Six, Red Robin, and Zatanna. Many of those characters have migrated into the new lineup, but in significantly altered forms. Thus, the Booster Gold of Justice League International doesn’t appear to have the same timestream-protecting mission, the Karen Starr of Mr. Terrific may or may not be Power Girl, etc. Bringing any of these series back would therefore depend on the relative success of their New-52 incarnations (barring something more extraordinary like a Booster Gold TV show).

However, DC is pretty reliable when it comes to reviving the titles themselves. Before Adventure Comics made its comeback, DC threw a decent amount of talent at team-up stalwart The Brave and the Bold. Starting strong with Mark Waid and George Pérez, it featured rotating creative teams for a year or so, and then petered out after several issues from writer J. Michael Straczynski. Basically it went on hiatus and never returned, and I don’t remember it even being officially cancelled. Perfect setup for a blockbuster relaunch, right?

Well, it’s not the worst time. Although its series finale just aired, the animated “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” brought both the title and the concept to a larger audience. DC still publishes the tie-in comic, but it ran alongside the “actual” B&B for a while, so you’d think there wouldn’t be much confusion. In fact, it’s almost the opposite of the Superman/Batman situation: because New-52 Batman hasn’t changed much (if at all), he may be an ideal vehicle for introducing all those not-so-hypothetical new readers to various DC denizens. That said, one significant argument against a new Brave and the Bold would be the relative ease of simply writing Batman into whatever series needed promoting. Also, there’s no shortage of Bat-content in the New 52 (including All-Star Western’s Gotham City setting), so there’s that risk of overexposure. Still, maybe DC figures “what’s one more?”, especially with another movie on the way.

There may be room for more Batman, but the fact is that a number of long-running (albeit cancelled) DC titles might be seen by readers as different names for the same thing. If the New 52 has Men Of War (starring a new Sgt. Rock), why does it need a new version of G.I. Combat, Our Army At War, or even Weird War Tales? Same goes for Weird Western Tales and All-Star Western, DCU Presents and Showcase, Deathstroke and Vigilante, etc. Even a (grown-up) Titans revival might have to distinguish itself pretty clearly from Red Hood and the Outlaws.

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Still, one area conspicuously absent from the New 52 has been the “space-hero” sub-genre, with Adam Strange as its poster child, last seen in the pages of R.E.B.E.L.S. While I’d expect to see an Adam Strange title ahead of anything else, other potential revivals include the aforementioned R.E.B.E.L.S., its predecessor L.E.G.I.O.N. (perhaps spinning out of Legion Lost), Lobo, the Omega Men, and Tommy Tomorrow. However, Adam has a leg up, thanks to his appearances on “Brave and the Bold” and in Wednesday Comics.

Speaking of Wednesday Comics, at one point I was considering it a potential indicator of DC’s baseline publishing strategy. Mostly this was because through it, DC (yet again) tried (however tentatively) to reach out beyond the direct-market crowd by running WC’s Superman strip in USA Today. In hindsight, though, WC seems more squarely aimed at the direct-market consumer who likes the idea of retro-styled formats and alternative storytelling approaches. (Here I raise my hand.) Anyway, most of WC’s fifteen features are currently represented in the New 52: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Catwoman (with the Demon), the Teen Titans, Deadman, Hawkman, and Sgt. Rock. Besides Adam Strange, that leaves Kamandi, the Metal Men, and Metamorpho, and I really don’t see a Metamorpho series anytime soon.

Ironically, the pre-relaunch setting was probably more friendly to a new Kamandi series, since Countdown and Final Crisis went to such great lengths to place just about all of Jack Kirby’s DC creations on Earth-51. Absent the hook of a Kirby-Earth, I’m not sure there’s a great clamor for post-apocalyptic adventure where animals are intelligent and humans are hunted. Regardless, DC just published the first Kamandi Omnibus, so maybe there’s a chance. The Metal Men had a couple of well-received books a few years back, one a proper miniseries by Duncan Rouleau and the other a Keith Giffen/J.M. DeMatteis/Kevin Maguire co-feature in Doom Patrol. The latter has been collected in 100-page form, so again, perhaps those waters are being tested too. I still wouldn’t expect the Metal Men to carry much beyond an arc in DCU Presents, though.

Of course, one of DC’s next big outreach efforts will be Cartoon Network’s “DC Nation” block, putting the ongoing Green Lantern and Young Justice shows alongside various short features. I’d be very surprised if DC didn’t launch some sort of anthologized tie-in, featuring the Doom Patrol, Amethyst, Tiny Titans Go!, and whatever other subjects the shorts include. Whether this leads to more revivals in the main line is unclear, because the tie-ins don’t always affect the inspirations — but I do think we’re closer to a nice Amethyst paperback….

Conversely, as discussed above, sometimes I think the reprint schedule offers clues to the monthly books. There’s a paperback reprint of Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan’s Night Force coming next summer, and last week there was that Black Orchid collection. To be sure, the reprints probably owe a good bit to the creative teams — Tomb Of Dracula gave Wolfman and Colan a solid reputation for horror, and Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean are always popular — but I wonder if at least a Night Force series isn’t at least in the early stages. Sometimes a reprint just feels so random that it must be part of a bigger plan, you know?

Sometimes, too, those bigger plans are interrupted, and one wonders whether they’ll be picked up again. Seems like the latest Spectre and Question had barely gotten settled in their costumed roles when the big relaunch put ‘em in limbo. Both characters’ predecessors have had respectable runs, and I don’t think that in their short tenures either Crispus Allen or Reneé Montoya have “harmed their brand.” I can see someone at DC wanting to bring either or both back, because s/he is (not unreasonably) passionate about their storytelling possibilities — but I can also see the people in charge getting tired of trying to sell Crispus and/or Reneé, and giving them both a little rest. However, it would be kind of cool to have the Spectre (regardless of host) show up in the Justice Society relaunch, acknowledge that he’s got power over the entire Multiverse, and give him a reason to favor Earth-2….

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The last two features I’ll discuss aren’t connected by anything beyond persistence and (most recently) low sales. We all know The Warlord, right? Created by Mike Grell in 1976, Travis Morgan was an Air Force pilot stranded in the hollow-Earth fantasyland of Skartaris, where he grew a Green Arrow beard and fought dinosaurs and evil wizards. Warlord was a staple of DC’s lineup until 1988, and enjoyed a few brief revivals thereafter. Most recently it ran for 16 issues in 2009-10, written and occasionally drawn by Grell and (SPOILERS!) wrapping up with Morgan’s son taking over following his dad’s death. You’d think this would preclude a New-52 revival, and you’re probably right — but Warlord is just the kind of series I’d expect as a “midseason replacement.” It gives the New 52 a little more genre diversity (although it’s very likely another hypermasculine series), it appeals to lapsed fans who might remember it from their more attentive days, and it’s not the hardest concept to explain to new readers.

Finally, there’s Manhunter, a Golden Age title revived several times in legacy form. Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson brought original-version Paul Kirk back memorably in their ultra-stylish early-‘70s Detective Comics backup series. Since then, public defender Mark Shaw, musician Chase Lawler, clone Kirk DePaul, and attorney Kate Spencer have each been Manhunter. There’s little chance DC would bring back the Goodwin/Simonson version, but Kate Spencer’s recent series went on hiatus twice (check the cover dates) before being cancelled with issue #38. Also, she was briefly part of the Birds of Prey, had a brief co-feature in Batman: Streets Of Gotham, and probably still has a decent fan following. A New-52 Manhunter would help the superhero line’s gender balance, and Kate’s federal-criminal-law practice could facilitate crossovers or guest-shots in just about any other title. Since Kate’s backstory tied into a few obscure areas of DC lore, it could go with a new Manhunter as well.

* * *

I should note that none of this is meant as a commentary on recent Marvel cancellations. To the contrary, I think DC’s roster gravitates towards the familiar more often than not. I’d love it if the second wave of New-52-style books were all original concepts, produced by creative teams given the freedom to do exactly the kinds of comics they wanted. However, I also know we’re getting that new Justice Society book (which should be pretty good, don’t get me wrong) and those Captain Marvel backups in Justice League, along with new versions of The Ray and the Challengers of the Unknown. That Robotman feature in My Greatest Adventure could lead easily into another Doom Patrol book, too. Whichever way DC goes, it seems to be still expanding; and it may even be cautioned by Marvel’s situation.

Additionally, this isn’t meant as another “DC should publish only the things I like” manifesto. Although there are some diversity-enhancing suggestions, I’ve tried only to identify some perennial favorites and some more obscure features which may be on the horizon. In fact, seeing Amethyst in the DC Nation promo, and ‘Mazing Man on “Batman: The Brave And The Bold,” indicates that DC may well be digging deeper into its library for characters with previously-untapped appeal. That sounds rather mercenary, but I consider it encouraging. You take exposure where you can get it, and hopefully you use it to grow constructively.



Trademark law says that after three years of no use–a trademark is considered abandoned. That is why every three years- Marvel trots out a new Captain Marvel. It doesn’t have to be on a cover either the trademark
that is. Characters are trademarked. Titles are trademarked.

I know he’s appearing in Stormwatch at the moment, but I’d really like a Martian Manhunter ongoing. I just finished the Ostrander run and was blown away. Really made me fall in love with the character.

Cole Moore Odell

November 23, 2011 at 9:08 pm

I think a Kamandi series might be slightly more likely than you suggest, given that the original was hatched out of the popularity of the Planet of the Apes movies, and the reboot of that film series was just a pretty significant worldwide hit this past summer. It would be similar to Twilight’s influence on I, Vampire’s place in the new 52 lineup. Set it in an around a near-future, post-Great Disaster Metropolis, and you’ve got a natural, world-building book-end to All-Star Western. (And personally, I would *love* to see OMAC-style Giffen return to one of his first assignments, 35 years later.) I also wonder if DC might try to replace its first slew of canceled titles with another marketable sub-line, like the tonally connected “Dark” books. Kamandi and Adam Strange could fit into either “SF” or a more generic “high adventure” line.

The Brave and the Bold Cartoon did more for my interest in DC Comics than any relaunch could ever do. I’m really going to miss that show. It really was genius.

I thought Crispus had been de-Spectered at some point pre-52 … the most recent Spectre appearances didn’t look like him.

As for Renee, I don’t believe for a second that she’s dead, as hinted in Batwoman … she’s faked her death. Really, I want her back as a cop, she works much better as a normal person on the edges of DC’s superhero universe than as a costumed hero.

considering the ‘forever people’ were created as a response to the hippy/youth movement i could see a contemporary version in response to the ‘occupy movement’…(and their were pretty great in the young justice cartoon)

my gut tells me the gail simone/ethan vansciver project is a plastic man relaunch (crime and humor seem right up their alley)

and we’re probably due for another justice society member relaunch–dr mid-nite? dr fate? obsidian and jade? or the female wildcat?

For a Brave and the Bold relaunch how about Nightwing as the featured hero.
It would’ve been an easier visual sell if Dick were still under the cowl but Nightwing could work just as well. And to that, Dicks’ personality lends itself better to team ups than Bruces sometime over grim demeanor. ( Thoughit really just depends onthe writer.)

Perhaps with the intital success of Avenging Spider Man DC will feel that there’s a market for a team up book.

Other ideas – Adventure Comics starring Brainic 5, a Lois Lane title where we see her rise the top of the newsprint industry ( perhaps using a bit of a Spider Jerusalem influence).

I actually think now is the time to re-introduce a Goodwin/Simonsonesque Paul Kirk Manhunter, as opposed to Kate Spencer. Perhaps with Simonson writing and providing covers.

I know that the powers that be wouldn’t want to be referring to the “old” 52, but there’s a fun Forgotten Heroes series just waiting out there starring characters who just don’t fit anymore.

“…petered out after several issues from writer J. Michael Straczynski.” Boy, you could pretty much apply this to any title JMS has ever written.

I DARE DC to publish a new ‘Mazing Man comic.
Double Dog Dare.

Common, you chicken?! Bawk bawk bawk, bawk bawk bawk.
Didio and Johns think yer sooooo tuff.

Googam son of Goom

November 25, 2011 at 7:09 pm

What would be cool is if they made of a whole slew of new characters. New concepts. something exciting, rather than only trying to reinvent new versions of the old characters

As angry and ultimately bored as I generally turn out to be with the attempt, I’m with Captain Comet: A solo J’onn series is always welcome. The reboot seems to be making an attempt at a low rent Superman and anyone who has spent time with the characters knows he’s got a lot going on in his head. Maybe a mini series to show how different he is right now would help guide where to take him rather than wait for someone else to come along and do it. I love Paul Cornell but Stormwatch isn’t shaping up to be the book I was hoping for.

I’d love a new Manhunter book. I was a huge fan of Marc Andreyko’s series. I think I’d also enjoy seeing James Robinson take on a Starman series after he finishes up his Shade mini. He set up that Mikaal is still doing his thing as Starman in the new DC universe in Shade #1.

@Mart: It was never hinted that Renee was dead. She was featured on a wall of Gotham cops that had received honors. The creators on the book later clarified this for the confused.

I’d like to see a return of secret six. Dcnu Zatanna isn’t that interesting compared to the old dcu Zatanna so I’m not sure about another solo with her just yet.

A man hunter book with Martian man hunter! Sounds cool great if Cornell wrote it. But given what’s happening at marvel, with them cancelling books to save money I doubt well see a new ‘wave’ more likely well get a new ‘dribble’ of titles

A new ‘Secret Six’ ongoing based around their cameo in ‘Tiny Titans': as a six-a-side soccer team with Lobo as their coach. It would be the best thing ever!

I have to say i would buy a Kamandi comic if DC published one. I first read Kamandi in the Wednesday Comics hard cover and i loved it! Even my kids loved it.

The problem with launching new characters/concepts is that they don’t sell. The comic book companies want to publish material that already has a following of sorts. Some are bigger then others in terms of fanbase, but the companies don’t have the luxury of trying out completely untested material, except in anthologies, and those don’t have the most stellar of track records recently. I, myself, stick mainly to concepts I am familiar with, with a limited budget I need to get what I am more certain I will enjoy. Occasionally I try something new (Kirby Genesis, and loving it, also the spin offs, except Silver Star, that is gone after issue one) but it is normally because of a creators name involved. I hope the Challengers of the Unknown does well in DCU Presents, I will be picking up that arc. Doom Patrol, Metal Men, and (hopefully people remember him) Aztek could all come back. Morrison should introduce the concept of Aztek in Action Comics. My two cents.

I think taking some rarely seen concepts that we’re not used to, not normally seen in the market and updating them is a good idea. I think a more serious tone for an ANGEL AND THE APE series would be fantastic. KAMANDI would be great, especially with post apocalyptic stories the norm these days. Instead of Zatanna, give us ZATARA. Someone younger , fresher and newer for new audiences. S!H!A!Z!A!M! with the Flashpoint kids is actually a very fresh take on the concept and I really hope they use them.

ANGEL AND THE APE with art by Frank Cho. You know it would sell.

I find this subject fairly frustrating as I think DC has enough product out there and doesn’t need to add more titles other than minis. I think any title added to their current roster will take readers away from the other books. DC’ new 52 needs a good length of time to breathe and develop before talking about a 2nd wave.

If DC does go with a second line, I hope they have a real “catch”. Like using the CREEPER and incorporating everything that Steve Ditko contributed to DC in the stories. Make him a Meta Agent, with the Question as his Earth boss, and Stalker as his arch enemy. Bad example, but something other than let’s make a Creeper book because the trademark needs renewing.

I fully agree with the Angel & The Ape / Frank Cho idea. And how about Brother Power The Geek, The Odd Man, Prez, The Maniaks, The Inferior Five, The Dingbats Of Danger Street, Dolphin, Windy & Willy, Madam Fatal, Sargon The Sorcerer, Scribbly The Boy Cartoonist. Anyone?

I would love to see a new POWER GIRL series. I don’t care what they do to their origin, but she had one of the more fun pre-Flashpoint books out there.

Nitzan Rotschild

November 26, 2011 at 1:01 pm

I’d like to see:

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
The Spectre
The Question
Wally West: The Fastest Man Alive
A Lex Luthor ongoing by Paul Cornell
A DCU-based John Constantine: Hellblazer solo series
Gen 13

The New52 has the oppurtunity to actually bring attention to DC’s lesser known characters. Animal Man definitely benefitted from being in the first big week of releases. If a hypothetical lineup were branded as a Second Wave, they could get some equal attention. I think Chris E. had the right idea with throwing all or most of Steve Ditko’s old DC projects into one title. Make a Ditko book the way OMAC is a Kirby book.

I’d be interested in seeing if Mary Marvel could hold her own book or at least have a place in a SHAZAM comic. The character was apparently beloved by a lot of older fans, and was a cast member in the Superbuddies. And after just taking a quick look at wikipedia, Sargon the Sorcerer, especially with the legacy angle, seemed like an idea that was cut short.

DC has been more willing to mix genres, with Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and even Wonder Woman firmly having a horror theme to them. I hope they continue this trend.

1) Actually, I see DCnU Superman teaming up with Batman much more readily–and therein lies the challenge in making the book interesting. The old Superman/Batman, when it was successful, worked because of a friendship between two people with different philosophies and worldviews. DCnU Superman, at least right now, may not have a worldview all that different from Batman’s.

2) Regarding Brave and the Bold: I hope DC doesn’t go the route of foisting Batman onto other titles in lieu of an actual team-up/try-out book. Where Brave and the Bold can and should function in this context is to introduce the characters that DON’T have an ongoing solo or team book, or even a miniseries. This is where you introduce people like Aztek or Donna Troy. If the fans dig it, then you can keep bringing them back, eventually giving them a miniseries or even an ongoing. You know, like try-out books used to be.

3) I think the problem with DC’s war comics line is that it’s just totally uninspired. It was a predictable choice to go with a more modern context, and predictably it’s been a failure. I’ve long thought DC should hand over the war comics line to Chuck Dixon and Garth Ennis and just let them play in that sandbox for as long as they want to. I’d do the same with the Western line, giving it to Lansdale, Palmiotti, and Gray.

4) Regarding Night Force: I think the release of anything with Gene Colan involved has more to do with the reasons that Gene Colan Batman collection was released, than with upcoming monthly comics plans.

5) On the Spectre and the Question: How could they be tired of trying to sell Crispus and Renee? They’ve barely tried to sell them at all. Two Spectre miniseries, the second of which seems to flagrantly ignore that the first one even happened, neither particularly well-marketed. No headlining opportunities for the Question. That’s not trying very hard.

Adam Strange, Amethyst, and Warlord are worthy of limited series’ at least. G. Willow Wilson could do an interesting Amethyst.

odds are dc will proably bring back kamandi mostly just to refresh the trademark. plus also may really go all out and revivse things like not only angel and the ape but brother power the geek. though the new round of dc new universe should not only include the spectre and question back but also long over due for ragman to get another shot .for he has been long neglect and with the write writer some one could make ragman a good dc character again.

Tom, L.E.G.I.O.N. is most definitely not a spinoff of Legion Lost. The have absolutely ZERO to do with one another. Different time periods, different organizations… The whole reason that DC called the new series R.E.B.E.L.S. instead of L.E.G.I.O.N was to avoid causing the casual reader to think it had anything to do with Legion of Super-heroes or Legion Lost.

So yeah, L.E.G.I.O.N is in no way a spinoff of any Legion stuff. Just had to get that out there.

I just want to see more passion projects out of DC. Right now, the only ones I see are Batwoman as JH William’s passion project and Shade as Robinson’s. Secret Six was obviously Simone’s passion project, but it’s gone now. A revival of Kate Spencer Manhunter or some more Xombi might work if people would actually buy it. I also like the idea of a new Martian Manhunter series.

At this point, I don’t know who’s left to give it a whirl, but a cutting edge, dead serious Doom Patrol relaunch would have been good. Although, it may already be screwed up again right out of the gate.. from what’s going on in My Greatest Adventure, it looks like they brought Robot Man into the technology age but still playing it silver age goofy.. I always saw the Doom Patrol as something that could have been the X-Files of the DCU. It had the ability to cross into multiple genres including fringe science, the occult, conspiracy.. all of which are now front and center themes in the DCU… But it looks like they’ve given that playground to Frankenstein..

I’d love to see the Question. But the original version — what Denny O’Neil did with that was brilliant.
I’d buy Kamandi, with right creative team behind it.

We need new series for Stephanie Brown/Spoiler and Cassandra Cain/Black Bat. I would even settle for them sharing a title.

Agree withe fact that sci-fi and crime books are two lines of titles that are asking for a little more of magnitude :

– I’ ll be totally up for a CREEPER title, a QUESTION title (starring Renee), a VIGILANT title (but hey, something serious; imagine WINTERMEN’ crew, Lewis and Leon onto the character, instant-hit I’m telling ya) I’m sure there’s even room for a relauch of GOTHAM CENTRAL.

– CHALLENGERS are re-setted in DC PRESENTS (wich I see like a perfect experimental ground before launching any new title), I’m raving for a KAMANDI ongoing by the Simonsons and an ADAM STRANGE title, written by Peter Milligan, or at last something very close of what Alan Moore did with him in SWAMP THING – or Moore’ approach of sci-fi in SWAMP THING in general. I’d rather see CAPTAIN COMET as a supporting character. After that, maybe a new LOBO ongoing, maybe a new NEW GODS and/or MISTER MIRACLE ongoing. ROBOTMAN on his own would be awesome (but only if done by Sam Kieth) prefiguring I hope the return of a DOOM PATROL’ book.

One suggested new characters, new concepts, well..not too sure about that : as we’re in a new era, I’ll find more interesting to re-set properly all the wonderful franchises have in stores instead, though DC ‘d have more earned my respect if they tried something with Peter Milligan’ Wildstorm mini THE PROGRAMME than messing-up with WATCHMEN.

I’m expecting also some mavericks takes-on onto characters like (BROTHER POWER) THE GEEK or DIAL H FOR HERO, again, probably through the pages of DC PRESENTS, and that other characters like ARION, WARLORD or Steve Ditko’ STALKER will also find a place.


… and the return of a JSA title could provide a wonderful set of very interesting spin-offs :

– Alan Scott’ own ongoing (tell that to Scott Kolins !! – I’m still thinking to his wonderful SOLOMON GRUNDY mini)


A modern day Prez? Wouldn’t that be interesting. Maybe mini’s are the way to go for the big two. Less risk maybe?

Hand over New Gods to John Byrne again

Can DC do anything with WATCHMEN? I know this is sacrilegious to say but honestly it would sell. Everyone can say this is a horrible idea, that it ruins it, or whatever, but didn’t some editor recently say in an interview as much as we, the reader, say we don’t want something, like say an event, we still speak with our money and buy it anyways. They could keep it in their own self contained universe. Just speculating.

@JONO: Gene Colan is unfortunately dead.

@Mike: The LEGION was definitely a spin-off of Legion of Super-Heroes, given that it handled the Dox legcay and featured R.J. Brande in his original Durlan form. What Tom’s suggesting is something spinning out of the current Legion Lost series.


There’s a big rumor going around of a Watchmen Prequel done by Darwyn Cooke.

How cool would it be to have the Teen Titans get its own “Mockingbird/Oracle” type to blackmail/help them in their missions and have Tim going nuts trying to pin the person down only to be… Genius Jones!

I am still waiting for the Ressurection Man/Xombi crossover

Everyone on this thread is either fucking insane, super rich with nothing to do but read comics or unemployed and downloading the comics for free and reading them because they ain’t got thing else to do. 52 comics a month from one company not enough for? And I ain’t even taking about the Vertigo shit they got going on plus the new Watchmen series. DC have made things so exciting again even my granny got a scanner now so her sewing circle can share and keep up by tormenting everything.

And DC? You should know better. Less is more not the other way around. None a you MFers got an business sense?

darkseid, the other way around works too for your criticisms! ‘more is less’

but really I dont think people are looking for more titles so they can buy 75 instead of 52 or whatever. I think they just want more of the stuff they like, maybe right now they only get a handful of books, how would you know :P

Personally though, I basically would just like to see some actual origin IPs from DC’s next wave. But it won’t happen because nothing can survive this market without coasting on nostalgia and brand recognition :|

As noted in the first posts, I would like to see a new Kamandi comic book. I have discovered it in WC and it is really excellent!

In this case, DC would have its DCnU covered from Western era to Post-apocalyptic era.

Despite the fact that these New 52 are relaunched titles of DC Comics main characters, I am happy to start fresh new collections from the #1 issues.

I am a fan of Batman, but in this case, I have not ordered a single issue. It is due to the fact that I am lucky to have the UK Collector Edition reprint for a very cheap price. It is the same thing for 3 more characters: Superman, Flash and GL (all in one CE comic book). Except that I have ordered all the Lantern titles (with all the titles from the Dark and Edge lines), mainly because I was hooked by the previews of the Lantern titles. I was afraid before to buy one L book, but now, it is OK!!!!

So, I vote for a KAMANDI comic book!!! DC, if you are reading this… DO IT!!!! :)

I wouldn’t go as harsh as Darkseid, but I think it is along the right lines. When I budgeted for the New 52, I had to opt out of Swamp Thing, Mister Terrific, JLA, Aquaman, Hawkman and the DC Presents (?, the one with Deadman). Then Dynamite came along with their spin-offs from the Kirbyverse, which I would have loved to try but I just cant afford to add more titles.

The ONLY TITLE that would draw me back to reading ANYTHING from DC would be a succesful re-boot of Plastic Man ….Or sell the rights to marvel….they would make a success out of it for the first time consistently since the 1940’s

I would like to see a great Manhunter Paul Kirk book. He’s the sort of mystery man along with Marvel’s Mighty Destroyer that just screams badass. And they never were really properly re-introduced for the modern age. I would like to see this type of character either in GA-set stories or in present day.

So that last few issues of All Star Batman aren’t going to happen ? :-) A few characters are missing like Shazam (probably DC is leaving them to stir things up in the future and garner attention) and The Spectre should be in JL Dark

I would LOVE a new Amethyst ongoing. I was excited to hear that they were bringing her back in Flashpoint, only to be EXTREMELY disappointed with what happened. Amethyst is a character that I believe could easily be revisioned for a modern audience and could fit in will with other magic-based books. Plus, I’d love to see her and Wonder Woman team-up one day. And, to be completely selfish, part of why I’d love a new Amethyst book (aside from a huge love of the character) is that it would make the chances of the classic Amethyst stuff being collected a lot strong.

I’d also really love to see Stephanie Brown have a starring role somewhere. Her way-too-short run as Batgirl was always an enjoyable read.

I need Power Girl to return. Her solo series was doing an outstanding job of expanding on her character and her corner of the universe. It’s a shame to see her relegated to the love interest of another character. It should be the other way around.

I’d absolutely read a Question series, especially if it was Renee Montoya. And if they did a Question/Huntress team-up series, I’d buy it joyfully every month. I love their rapport in the Question “second feature.”

And finally, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Justice League Dark. It’s one of the books that I look forward to every month. I love that they’ve set up a team to explore the magical aspects of the DC Universe. I don’t want the book to be canceled or for the team to split up, but I’d love to see Zatanna get her own solo series and Constantine get a DC-centric solo series.

I have said this before & will probably and it again but, I would love something be done with the New Blood Characters. There were a few spin off series and minis then were cancelled and very little, if anything, has been heard from them since. My favorites were Gunfire and Loose Cannon.

Another group of obscure characters would be those spun off from the Invasion & Zero Hour minis in the late 1980s. and early 1990s.

From Another grumpy old fan.

@ Omar :

I’ll be more fore a new DR 13 title before launching a CONSTANTINE DC-title

Good column – I agree with a lot of your thinking. For my own tastes, I’d love to see Didio expand upon what he is doing with OMAC and bring in some more of the Kirby titles. KAMANDI is a great idea, but I’d love a FOURTH WORLD monthly as well. Of course, Giffen would need to be involved.

It seems as thought the new DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS is the “Brave and Bold” of the New DCU, so I’m not sure that B&B will resurface.

Still hoping for another TITANS title, that brings Nightwing and the gang back, but that may be hard to pull off now that all of the old gang is split up throughout the new DCU.

Detective Chimp…I want some detective Chimp in JLD. I mean the book is more or less what Shadwopact/Sentinels of Magic was. I also want Secret Six back. Read unhinged and depths this weekend and I ahve an even greater appreciation for the characters and Simone’s work with them.

As well as Justice Society, I’d love to see ongoings for:

Obsidian – come on! Archie cant be the only publisher with a gay male lead!

Outsiders – Love the originals, Geo-Force, Black Lightning, Halo and Looker, plus add in some new characters. Dixon’s 10 issue run has been the best ‘new’ take.

Manhunter – Let get Kate back in her own series DC! Written by Andreyko! :)

The Question – I’d really prefer Vic return!

Gotham Central – with Renee and Crispus returning to where they belong! Detective in the GCPD! :)

Duane Swierczynski’s Birds of Prey has been a major (and pleasant) surprise. So I’d love to see him writing another book…. maybe Outsiders?

Brian from Canada

November 28, 2011 at 1:53 pm

My choice? Shazam! AND The Marvel Family. That way, we get one book about Billy, and one book about Billy, Freddie, Mary, Tawny and the rest of the Marvels.

I’d also love to see Kamandi, Plastic Man, Justice Society (with Dr. Fate and Power Girl spinoffs), Brave & The Bold, Adam Strange (as a pure science fiction tale), The Atom, and Lois Lane return as classics revived.

And, finally, I’d love to see a new character a la Indiana Jones that has to travel to the different corners of DC Earth, running into heroes but also having his/her own adventures that don’t always end up as fighting monsters at the end. That way, we could visit the Amazons, Atlantis, etc. without having to need their star characters.


December 6, 2011 at 9:02 am


besides that … Lobo would be cool. In a “one shot” kind of format. Maybe something like “Lobo Vs. …”.

A fan can dream right?

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