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Hulk smashed? Incredible Hulk #2 boasts 11 total artists

Credits for "The Incredible Hulk" #2

Next week’s Incredible Hulk #2, solicited with Marc Silvestri as penciler, instead has six artists credited with pencils and finishes. Additionally, the original three inkers have grown to at least five. That’s 11 total artists for a 20-page story.

Taking advantage of an apparent glitch that made the issue briefly available last night on some comiXology platforms, Rich Johnston grabbed a screenshot of the credits box, which shows Silvestri joined as penciler by Whilce Portacio and Billy Tan. Michael Broussard and Eric Basaldua are credited with “pencil assists,” while Scott Hanna receives a nod for “finishes.” Solicited inkers Joe Weems, Jay Leisten and Don Ho, meanwhile, now receive help from Rick Basaldua and Crimelab Syndicate.

It’s unclear whether those changes will make The Incredible Hulk #2 returnable; the issue has yet to appear on Diamond Comic Distributors’ product changes list.

Announced in July at Comic-Con International, the new series from Silvestri and writer Jason Aaron debuted in October as Marvel’s highest-selling title, with an estimated 106,470 copies. Silvestri, who received pencil assists from Broussard on the debut issue, concludes his first arc with December’s Issue 3. Portacio will draw the fourth.



I’m so glad I skipped this. So far the whole thing has been one big bait-and-switch. Luckily, it’s not like Silvestri hasn’t had a long history of short runs cut even shorter, so it’s not like this is a big shock. Just another of life’s little disapointing farces.

I don’t know why anyone would be surprised by this. Silvestri hasn’t been on a monthly book since Uncanny X-men.

Comic book companies doing this is seriously d*ck. They need to stop.

Oh, come on! This is an example of what might be my biggest pet peeve when it comes to comics. One story? Gimme one art team.

What a shame. It would have been a damn pretty run.

What a mess.

What is wrong with Silvestri that he can’t commit to anything completely ?

I’ve read the entire issue. You can barely tell that Silvestri didn’t pencil the entire issue. I really didn’t have a problem with it.

The better question is what’s wrong with the editor who had this brilliant idea to begin with? Anyone in comics in the last 20 years knew this art team was an immediate EPIC FAIL. Seriously. Just replace them immediately with a quality consistent artist like Ron Garney or Romita Jr. A monkey could’ve foreseen this trouble. Those editors should really be fired.

Anyone who thought for an instant Silvestri would actually deign to draw this series as advertised is a fool and deserves to have been bilked.

Guy, Silvestri also did monthly work on WOLVERINE after he left Uncanny.

The last Silvestri work he did on a semi-regular basis that I bothered buying was Cyberforce. I learned my lesson after that, if I want to bother picking up his work in the future, I’ll go for the tpb….

I read it and didn’t notice much change in the art over the issue. It looked like a Silvestri comic. Better that than wait 6 months per issue.

I was just thinking about Marvel’s weird dealings with Top Cow the other day (before this Hulk thing came to light…). Specifically, does anyone remember when Marvel basically just rented out a bunch of Top Cow artists to come in and finish the art duties on Ultimate Fantastic Four in the months leading up to Ultimatum? That was one ugly series for awhile, and had lots of different, yet stylistically identical-looking, artists.

Didn’t Marvel make some crossover deal with Top Cow a few years ago that would let Top Cow use certain Marvel characters in some Top Cow-published crossovers (Wolverine/Cyblade, or whatever the blade guy from Cyberforce was called?)? I think another part of it was allowing Top Cow stable artists draw Marvel books, and maybe they’re still beholden to that… Or maybe they’re just cheap, fast comic book slave labor.

I can’t say that I was loving “Silvestri’s” art on the first issue, anyway. It just looks like a bunch of rushed scratches. And Whilce Portacio draws weird, so…

Read it for free, it’s not even up to Silvestri’s usual standards. Clearly a rush job, and he can’t even do 3 issues by himself? Debacle doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.
And why is no one mentioning anything about the terrible story? It’s one of the crappiest things I’ve read from Marvel in a while.

Is anyone seriously surprised by this? Why Marvel even solicited the series with less then one issue in the can is a mystery in and of itself. I suppose that the only thing that matters anymore is the short term bump of a 1st issue with a “hot” team because lets be realistic here, they will be another “HULK #1″ in a year or so anyway for Marvel to hype up.

Also, with so many artists, do you think it only took two days to draw this book? Like, they just put it off until the last weekend and then brought everyone in to rush it out (oddly enough, that’s the story I’d heard about the old Timely Comics Namor vs. Human Torch comic: that they needed it in a weekend and just brought in every artist they could get to do a page… Oh, Marvel!)?

Division of Labor, in my mind: Silvestri picks a few action pages that he wants to “draw”, and then sort of sketches in Hulk punching some Moloids, or whatever. Portacio and Tan sort of sketch in the rest of the panels on those pages (basically just faces, or whatever…), and they sketch really fast the other, boring conversation pages. The “assist” guys half-ass some things into the pages like backgrounds or cars or tanks, and then Scott Hanna, on “finishes” (I thought Hanna was an inker, and “finishes” are generally when the pencil art is bare bones and the inker actually fills in most of the drawing while doing the inking…) inks the big characters to actually tie the look of the book together, while all of the other inkers (If Hanna is the inker, why are these other inkers listed separately?) team up and take the pages from him to start inking background scratches and hatching or they just put more useless lines/shading on some of the characters. Then Marc goes back in and draws giant torn paper flags on each page and writes his name in them to let everyone know that he drew every page… And DONE!

How close am I?

I guess that’s why it costs $3.99 for a 20-page book. That’s a lot of paychecks!

Wow, that is just horrendously unprofessional. I just read Inc. Hulk #1 last night and was on the fence as to whether I would stick with it. This seals the deal that no, I will not.

Also, “Crimelab Syndicate” isn’t one guy, it’s SIX guys: Danny Miki, Allen Martinez, Victor Olazaba, Russell Jackson, Scott Kobayashi, and Jonathan Glapion. This is just laughable.

@Daniel “What is wrong with Silvestri that he can’t commit to anything completely ?”

Off the top of my head I’d say, he’s not professional.

A professional artist accepts his assignment and does it by the deadline.
A “weekend artist” does his work when he feels like it, for the fun of it.

If you’re a professional and accept a job do it.
If not, there are PLENTY of other artists out there (many of them much better storytellers than Silvestir) who can do the job.

Looking at the issue, it looks like Silvestri “pencilled” 6 pages, Tan 8 and Portacio 6.

And yes, the change in art is pretty noticeable, although Tan’s style compliments “Silvestri’s” nicely.

I’m a huge Silvestri fan but his lack of commitment to comic book art in recent years is very disappointing. The way Incredible Hulk has been handled has probably done more damage to his reputation than anything to date. This is really a shameful way to treat fans who patiently wait years between comics. I’m sorry, it is shameful.

I was seriously underwhelmed by Hulk #1. I’m not sticking around for issue #2.

Andrew Nixon:

Your theory on how the book was done is no doubt absolutely correct. Silvestri’s been doing books like this for a long time which you can see in all the Top Cow books that list him as drawing them.

He was doing this back for the Star Trek/X-Men one shot as well.

The real confusing thing is, Marvel has him only doing Hulk for 3 issues, and then he’s gone. How is it he couldn’t even do 3 issues monthly?

And his stay in the hospital shouldn’t be counted as a reasoning because as they said, he’s now finishing up issue #3 and should have had this one finished last month.

Meanwhile, Rob Liefeld is doing both DC’s Hawk & Dove AND his own Infinite book, and seemingly keeping deadlines?
What has the world come to? hahaha

When I saw the title of the article I was thinking it would be 11 ‘all star’ artists. Alas no. That is just sad.

Silvestri cant even do a single issue without any help?!? What a hack. I feel bad for the people who brought it for him. He obviously doesnt give a shit about his fans.


Silvestri is not a hack, he’s one of the most talented artists in comic books. Unfortunately he doesn’t appear to respect his fans when it comes to producing comic book art like you say. People like him seem to forget, the success they enjoy in other media is because of their fans in comics.

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