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Kevin Smith teases second volume of Widening Gyre is ‘half-done’

Pencils from the second volume of "Batman: The Widening Gyre," by Walt Flanagan

Filmmaker Kevin Smith this morning offered a first look at Walt Flanagan’s pencils for the second volume of Batman: The Widening Gyre, trumpeting that the remaining six issues are “half-done.”

The 12-issue miniseries, which debuted in October 2009, reacquaints Bruce Wayne with Silver St. Cloud and introduces Batman to a new partner in his fight against crime in Gotham City. Despite efforts to keep the project on schedule, the first volume met with delays, extending its conclusion to September 2010.

Smith built in a six-month break between volumes — “to insure we don’t run into my usual problems with lateness,” the writer said in 2009 — meaning the second leg of The Widening Gyre should’ve debuted sometime around March.

Now, however, Smith indicates on Twitter that Vol. 2 will arrive in early 2012, when his new AMC reality series Secret Stash is scheduled to debut: “Looking to street when AMC show starts (SMarketing, bitch)!”



That’s not a tease, that’s a threat.

Does it only suck half as bad as Vol 1?

Oh dear god why

thank gog! I’ve been waiting for this since the end of volume 1!

You’ve got “William Flanagan” rather than “Walt Flanagan” under the picture.

The artists name is Walt not William…

like all of kevins comic work will finaly believe a sigh that the thing is done when i have a copy myself and see what more kevin does with the batman onomatopoeia riverly.

So….this doesn’t count under the New 52 rules at DC? Not that those rules really count, I mean really, Jim Lee is now Co-Publisher and he is/was responsible for one of the biggest late book jokes in DC history. So, how could DC fire anyone off a book for being late with a straight face?

Wonder if he’s still doing an ongoing with the character when he’s done with the rest of the mini as he had previously stated.


Ironic that this is on your blog right next to a post about FLEX MENTALLO. DC’s motto should be “Cramming the best thing you’ve ever read and the worst thing you’ve ever read down your throat simultaneously since 1934.”

Wandering Gyre was one of the most brilliant graphic novels that I had read. It sucks that there will be a long wait… but it will be worth it when it comes out!!

“Wandering Gyre was one of the most brilliant graphic novels that I had read. It sucks that there will be a long wait… but it will be worth it when it comes out!!”

I’m pretty sure you’re lying or delusional. But just in case:


I enjoy how you posted a garbage review where 80% of the comments section defend Kevin Smith.

Good job with that.

Now bring on Vol. 2 already.

Its 2012 still no second volume of Widening Gyre

When I first saw this art, small on my monitor, I thought I was looking at a DOG who appeared to be sucking the black brains out of the head of some unfortunate (and dead) woman… The upside-down mask/cowl are the eyes, Batman’s slumped shoulders are the back of the dog and his leg is, well, the dog’s left rear leg. Now I can’t see anything else, even zoomed in!

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