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King City collection due from Image Comics in February

King City

Brandon Graham confirmed on his blog today that Image Comics will release a collection of King City on Feb. 22. The 424-page book will be the same “Golden Age” size as the individual issues Image released last year for $19.99.

“There’s a couple new drawings but for the most part I kept it pretty close to what was in the issues,” Graham said. “It’s still got all the back ups, covers, games and puzzles that were in those. I’m a big advocate of the fun of getting a book in issues as it comes out and I didn’t want the people who had picked it up month to month to feel like they should have waited.”

Image teased the collection last week. The first half of the well-regarded series was published by Tokyopop in 2008, and after that publisher’s OEL implosion, Tokyopop and Image reached a deal for Image to publish it as a 12-issue series. No doubt some fans have been waiting since its original release to see the second half–I certainly wasn’t going to wait, but hey, different strokes–so this will give them a chance to own the whole thing.



Joey JoJo Jr. Shabbado

November 15, 2011 at 8:34 pm


This was the best limited series I have read since the beginning of time.






Oh yeah, and a sock monkey, iirc!

Every page that Brandon Graham creates is like a world unto itself. Half dream, half Hidden Pictures! Buy one of these for yourself, and one for someone you love.

Great series. I have all the single issues and will get the trade as well. Loved all the extras – reminded me of ONI’s Blue Monday series with the extra bits hidden for you to discover.

King City and Afrodisiac are my two new favorite indie titles for this year. I will be following and supporting their future work.

424 pages for 20 bucks? Holy shit!

Absolutely getting this. I got the single issues from Image (my first exposure to Brandon Graham, and I fell in love!), but this provides the permanent collection I’ve been wanting.

(I would’ve liked a hardcover, but I doubt that with this many pages for $20 it’s what we’re going to get.)

Definitely better than the cheap-ass digest that Tokyopop spewed out a few years back. Can’t wait for this big ol’ collection, should be fantastic.

Fiiiiiinallllyyyyyyyy. Thank you Image and whatever folks at Tokyopop that had the decency to let this happen.

Finally!!! Yay! so glad this is coming out!

This is good news. I’d still prefer to complete the run in single issues but they seem sooooo difficult to track down.

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