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Marvel bringing Daken: Dark Wolverine to an end

In a just-published interview with Comic Book Resources, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso revealed Daken: Dark Wolverine will be coming to an end, following a wave of cancellations that includes X-23 and Ghost Rider.

Although he didn’t indicate when the series will conclude, February’s Issue 21 is billed as “Issue one of the story the series has been leading up to,” suggesting the beginning of the final arc.

Addressing recent cancellations in this week’s “Axel-in-Charge” column, Alonso told CBR’s Kiel Phegley, “It’s always disappointing when a title comes to an end. I’ll bet everyone reading this column still mourns the death of a title or two they loved – and wonder why the book didn’t stick. And I guarantee you that as frustrated as a fan might be, there’s a writer, artist and an editor who are even more disappointed. That’s just the way things go sometimes. The market won’t support it.

“That said, I’m proud of X-23’s run,” he continued. “Two successful limited series and an ongoing series ain’t bad. Ditto for Daken [who is also ending his series]. From a supporting role in Wolverine: Origins to the lead of ongoing series that included him slicing Frank Castle to bits – enter Franken-Castle.  Both were characters that gained traction in a market that, well, doesn’t really have a great track record of supporting new stuff. And both characters anchored legitimate monthly titles. We don’t do R&D at Marvel. We’ll stick by a title for a while – like we did with Spider-Girl – but there comes a point where that title has to earn, usually sooner than later.”

The son of Wolverine, Daken was introduced in 2007 in Wolverine Origins #10, going on to play a prominent role in the “Dark Reign” spinoff Dark Avengers and becoming the lead in Wolverine, retitled Dark Wolverine in June 2009 with Issue 75. That series ended with Issue 90, only to be relaunched in September 2010 as Daken: Dark Wolverine. It’s currently written by Rob Williams, working with such artists as Matteo Buffagni, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Allesandro Vitti.

Although the title had a solid debut, selling more than 48,000 copies and landing at No. 23 on Diamond’s Top 300, Daken has seen a steady loss in readership. In October, when issues 15 and 16 shipped, both slipped below the 20,000-copy mark.

The Daken: Dark Wolverine news follows word of the conclusions of PunisherMAX and Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive, and the cancellations of Ghost Rider, X-23, Alpha Flight, Victor Von Doom, Destroyers, Iron Man 2.0 and All-Winners Squad.



That’s so sad.

Dear Marvel,

Please, please, please, please don’t cancel X-Factor.



Jason Green

Terribly sorry to see this series go; this and the X-23 monthly finally made me realize these weren’t simply one-dimensional characters, but could be completely interesting without Wolverine tagging along. Hopefully it’s at least a small consolation that a lifetime Wolverine fan enjoyed every issue of the series, and I had far from an open mind about them going in. Good luck in your future works, everyone!

Quick, someone now needs to discover the long lost Japanese chef Samurai second cousin twice removed that Wolverine never knew he had.

Get on it Marvel architects!

Crossing over with Moon Knight and New Avengers in 2012!

Yes Yes YES!

Purge Marvel, purge!

I second what Jason Green said. If Marvel cancels X-Factor, which doesn’t bring in huge numbers, then I’m done. That’s it for me and Marvel. I’m already losing 3 books that I love, they cancel X-Factor then I’m just going to say to hell with it.

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get the feeling that some shit’s about to go down at Marvel a la “New 52″-ish


“I get the feeling that some shit’s about to go down at Marvel a la “New 52″-ish”

Yeah. But they’re trying to be all sneaky about it=P Guess DC has the bigger balls among the two;P

I never really cared for Daken. It seemed like a dilution of the Wolverine brand. Like hey Wolverine is uber popular, let’s create a second one. So I’m fine with this being canceled. I say this as a huge Wolverine fan.

@Joey and @bigandallclub – Get ready for the New616. 616 new titles marking the dawn of the new Marvel U. jk

Yeah. But they’re trying to be all sneaky about it=P Guess DC has the bigger balls among the two;P

Errr, DC kept it hidden for quite a while as well. They know it was coming for quite some time before going public with it, and that was mostly because they had to release their solicitations for August and September so they had no choice. But they pretty much waited until the last possible minute to announce it. So bigger balls? Not really.

I think all this housecleaning will be good for Marvel. And by that I mean they haven’t cancelled any of my favorite books yet. Keep X-Factor, please!

“We don’t do R&D at Marvel.” … anyone feel like tearing that apart?

Finally, this series sucks, big time!

The day I saw X-Factor stand up against the X-Men was the same day I seeked out Peter David’s previous works,they are a modern cult classic,Marvel’s equivalent of Batman in the detective sense and an amazing book that gives this sense of”who cares what’s going on in the rest of the universe”which is what i felt on my introduction to comics,which both fortunately and”un” was Joss Whedon’s”Astonishing”the only book that has ever given me that awe(along with Watchmen)when I picked up those issues was and has only truly been X-Factor….to my disappointment not every writer has Whedon’s talent but in all honesty,we settle and we know it…long live X-Factor…but who am i trying to fool…

I doubt X-Factor is getting the chop as it’s part the big, new X-Men push, plus they are adding Havok and Polaris to the roster. What i imagine will happen is that it’ll be more integrated with the other X-titles.

@ T. I think Joey’s comment about Marvel being sneaky meant that DC have made a big show and officially said they’re rebooting whereas Marvel have cancelled a bunch of books and have re-launched several big properties with new no. 1s (Cap, Daredevil, Punisher, Thor, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & the X-Men). DC’s has more of a ‘do or die’ feel and Marvel’s has been more stealthy and non-committal. I may be wrong though.

Well with no more X 23 or Daken only X Factor and Moon Knight is left. And if those disappear then I think I might be done cause none of the main books have felt worth reading for a while. It might be time for me to stop spending $50 a week on comics.

Just when I was actually liking the book. Kick Way off, bring in Williams, then cancel the thing.

More cancellations to come.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel mimicked DC’s New 52 move, as Joey backpedalled on his dismissal of the whole hardcover reboot idea once Superman sold like gangbusters, it’s more likely that the higher ups are cutting out some good tissue along with the infected area. PANIC BUTTON.

Not a suprise, but sad nonetheless. However without Giuseppe Camuncoli it simply wasn’t the same. With some characters they should stick to mini series, not try to put another full ongoing. What’s left ? Probably Generation Hope, SHIELD should finish second arc and be left alone if they cannot put a good book monthly. I mean I love it but seriously when was the last issue ?

Was Cap & Bucky canceled already ? I think it’s time because let’s face it – one Captain America series and one Winter Soldier series is enough (maybe add some mini and one shots and that’s it). One Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Punisher, Moon Knight, Daredevil & one Mighty Thor series (ok, maybe two because journey into mystery is quite different) should be also sufficient. Add two Spiderman series, FF, Thunderbolts, Venom, Defenders (by the way it’s interesting to see how long that will last). Marvel should restrain themselves with Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Avengers Academy to tell whatever stories they have in store and we have over 20 titles already (not counting that some of them come out twice a month). That leaves 3 Ultimate Comics and X universe – Wolverine, Wolverine’s X-Men, Uncanny, Astonishing, X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force and New Mutants (maybe merge Gen Hope characters with that). Now that would be a good lineup and let’s see if they can hold that many ongoing series without constantly renumbering/renaming/rebooting them.

It looks like DC should lose or improve a few titles next year – Batwing, Hawk&Dove, OMAC, Static Shock, Red Lanterns, Blackhawks, Grifter, Voodoo, Firestorm, Men of War, Resurrection Man and one Legion series. I’m not saying they are horrible or that I don’t like some of them but in current times it’s obvious that they should be mini series from the start and only if they succeeded DC should then consider them as an ongoing. Maybe put them as part of “DCU Presents” or try them out digitally first.

Never liked the ‘James Howlett’ origin that they gave Wolverine and I don’t think I’ve read anything with Daken in it. I guess he’s supposed to be his son or something. But, no thanks, anyway. Joe Quesada’s idea of stories is letting a few writers do whatever they want no matter how dull or badly put together it is.

Logan is the guy I want to read about.

loved this series.

this sucks.

This just saddens me about the state of the industry. I’ve always been a DC-guy, so I’ve been especially happy for their success over the last few months. But I had no idea things were so tenuous over at Marvel, and don’t wish ill upon them. It’s clear that they’re just not willing or able to let books ride under 20,000 for very long like DC is. But what’s even sadder is that Wolverine spinoffs can’t do 20,000. It seems like we’ve gone from the already undesirable point where books unrelated to franchise characters can’t survive to a point where books that don’t actually star franchise characters can’t survive. It used to be that a Marvel book needed an X on it just to survive, but now that’s not even good enough, and it actually needs Wolverine on the team. Marvel seems well aware of this, which is why they’ve got Wolverine, Spider-Man, and to a lesser extent Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor starring in as many books as possible.

I’d suggest that they need to do something drastic, a la the New 52, but that’s not really an option, as often as they already relaunch books. As someone pointed out, they’ve already launched or relaunched Thor, Cap, Punisher, DD, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & the X-Men, Hulk, and Avenging Spider-Man just this past year. Since there’s is obviously a business problem of dollars and cents, I’d suggest that if they can’t increase revenue, they need to decrease cost. If dropping down to a lower quality paper allowed them to get their price point down to $2.99 across the board for 20 pages, the decreased cost and increased readership could actually increase revenue overall and allow them to support more adventurous books. I’m not suggesting a return to newsprint, but what’s wrong with the paper Vertigo uses? It’s at least a factor in allowing DC to maintain books selling around 10,000 for $2.99. Surely Marvel could do the same at 20,000 and I’d wager that the lower cost would increase sales across the board. They could still keep the high end paper for hardcover collections. What does everyone think?

I used to own my own business through eBay with which I auctioned off various comics from a multitude of publishers. Beyond that I’ve been a collector since I was little, but it was only recently (within the last few years) that I’ve actually been watching the sales estimates whenever they’re released. With DC effectively tossing 75 years worth of continuity in the trash and making the move an overwhelming success, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Marvel is desperately trying to pick up some of the pieces.

They may not do something as controversial as a line-wide reboot but they’re definitely cleaning house. From what I figure, it’s like this. Any title that sells less than 15,000 copies in any given month (unless it is a mini-series, one-shot, or event book) will be automatically cancelled. Any title that sells between 15,000 and 30,000 copies in any given month has a 50/50 chance of getting the axe. Anything above 30,000 would be designated as “safe”.

This way they can focus on the products that are actually selling and – God willing – recover some of they profit they lost when DC began to dominate the market share in August. Every detail I am outlining I have gone over with a fine-toothed comb so to speak. I was already proven right with a lot of the titles confirmed to be ending soon. I still feel the need to point something out, though. Has anyone noticed a trend in the failing comics put out by Marvel lately?

Captain America and Namor joined the Thunderbolts. Havok and Polaris returned to X-Factor. Venom is teaming up with Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, and X-23. Venom is also joining the Secret Avengers. X-23 is joining Avengers Academy. The planned team up between Daredevil and Punisher was scrapped in favor of a team up between Daredevil and Amazing Spider-Man – likely due to Punisher’s low sales. Marvel is trying to renew interest in certain characters that they know can’t hold their own series’.

From the looks of things most of their efforts were in vain. It’s sad, really. I hate to say this but the next three to go very well might be X-Factor, Thunderbolts, and Hulk.

good for you marvel. Now Ill be buying 0 titles for marvel. And im not sorry about it. Off to DC i go

figured sooner or later another title would be part of marvels stream lining and house cleaning and it would be an xbook like Daken though surprise given how it had wolverine in the title it got canned

I currently buy Daredevil, Wolverine & The X-Men, Wolverine, and Scarlet Spider. I think I’m good spending under $20 a month so this doesn’t really affect me.

Yeah, that’s just what we needed in the first place… a younger version of Wolverine, both male and female…

and so Marvel continues to screw themselves over

This certainly has me concerned, Marvel does seem to be purging its line significantly right now, and while no series I have been getting have been affected thus far except for Heroes For Hire, this really looks like Marvel falling back to it’s core lines. Not that there is anything wrong with the core lines in principle, but there is so much of the Marvel Universe that to me is more interesting.

I’m currently down to Daredevil, Defenders, Herc (which I’m considering dropping, it’s just not living up the the standards of Incredible Hercules), New Avengers, New Mutants, X-Factor and X-men Legacy (which I’ll have to see how good it is with the new creative team). I’d much rather be reading some peripheral titles on some more obscure characters, but from the looks of it, the only two upcoming are going to be written by Jeff “I’m responsible for some of the worst reviewed mainstream comics of the past 5 years” Loeb, which puts me in a quandry – how am I supposed to to support characters I like if the books they feature in are bad?

I do think Marvel could perhaps learn from DC, and do a slightly softer version – there is no point rebooting the entire continuity or the entire line, but perhaps everything below a certain number of sales, restart, and at the same time launch a big raft of VARIED new titles. Much as I’m sure there are perfectly good stories to be told with a Spider-man clone, multicoloured hulks or teenage wolverines, for the sake of having a strong varied line Marvel really needs to support a range of peripheral series, but work at making them central – make big stories spin out of and hinge upon them, rather than Cap, Tony and Thor save the universe agggaaiiin. I’d happily buy good quality series for Dr Strange, Iron Fist, Cable, She-hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Silver Surfer and more unseen as long as they had a creative team that didn’t specifically have a bad reputation and the direction wasn’t missing the point of the character, and DC has proved its possibly to successfully launch far more obscure properties than those…

I think many people are missing that Marvel is doing soft relaunches every year for years. After every event they promote the new status quo, new jump on points on long running titles and throw on market a bunch of new stuff. The Initiative after Civil War, Dark Reign after Secret Invasion, The Heroic Age after Siege and now Shattered Heroes/Regenesis after Fear Itself have all been soft relaunches

Marvel definitely does not need some big bang as New 52

Hate when a series i love ends. Still waiting for Marvel to re-start Logan’s Run!!!

Lot’s of Marvel books ending. Understandable. It’s all about $$$$. But i still give Marvel kudos for trying to expand their line with fresh ideas.

Die Marvel DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one more title canceled for 2012.

2012: The Marvel Year and not The End of the World Year!!!!

I hope that Marvel will not cancel the actual MU Punisher too!!!! For the MAX edition, it was dead at the departure of Garth Ennis.

The actual run of the MU Punisher by Rucka is excellent, despite the change of artistic team for the second arc. I also hope there, that Marvel will not return to “classical” drawings for this series. The art of Marco Checchetto is the best done on this non-MAX edition.

If they cancel this series, my money will be only spent on DC Comics (Dark/Edge lines’ titles) and some independent publishers titles (Atlas, Boom!, IDW, GG Studio, Radical, Dark Horse and Dynamite).

I hope that the thinking heads at Marvel will have the bright idea to propose a maxi-series of their Six Guns (to the minimum)!!!

But what could you expect from the Followers of The New Mouse God??? ahem…

I love the way people make this about ‘evil Marvel’ or its all down to DC’s new 52. It is a sad fact that some of the books just aren’t selling enough to keep going. At some point you have to say enough is enough. It’s a shame they are all appear to be happening at once but this is probably a decision that was discussed/made months ago as opposed to some great conspiracy theory. DCs success is really cool at the moment but at some point in the next few months the numbers will drop considerably. What do you do then? The all new 52? 52 the sequel? In theory you can’t even call it the new 52 now! Some of the articles I have read from comic shop owners suggest that next months orders are considerably lower than the first two. I enjoyed reading Daken and X23 (never read Ghost Rider) but if I had to cut back they would definately be two I wouldn’t be too concerned about losing. At the end of the day, like it or not, comic companies are a business and have to make money. In our current economy something has to give.

Another day, another Marvel cancellation…..

At least my only 2 Marvel titles haven’t been touched…. yet. If X-Factor and Thunderbolts get the chop I’ll be majorly pissed.

Marvel and DC really produce too many books. I think trimming the fat is a good idea. However, they do not need to have 6 Avengers books and 6 X-Men books (these franchises seem to be immune to the cancellation binge). Spider-Man is better with one series, and the same applies to the FF. They also don’t need redundant characters like Scarlet Spider and multi-colored Hulks. I’m of the opinion that they should release about 5 books a week (that’s 20 per month) so that it is feasible for someone to read their entire output.

Given how ubiquitous Wolverine is, do we really need 2 series about Wolverine-derivatives?

I hated Daken. Now hopefully they can revive Sabretooth to kill him off. I’ll buy that book.

– A more streamlined lineup of books would work better. I loved the lineup of books Marvel had in the late 80’s.

Seriously PISSED now! >:( Why not getting rid of this aweful new writer and get someone on the title that actually understand Daken?!

Bout time hopefully Marvel will stop putting all this effort into crap titles and start really writing books again. All this dumb X and spiderman titles (cuz lord knows they can’t write anything else. Except FF). Maybe they will become something to read again. Also stop with all the damn extra hulk titles too they are getting way to carried away with something that started out as a good story arc.

I’m calling it now. Thunderbolts cancelation notice on Monday morning.

Damn, i was just about to start reading x-23 and daken.

I’m not against superhero lines i just rather see more characters star in titles that aren’t somewhat clones of the main character or need to be distinguishable from the mc.

“Although the title had a solid debut, selling more than 48,000 copies and landing at No. 23 on Diamond’s Top 300, Daken has seen a steady loss in readership. In October, when issues 15 and 16 shipped, both slipped below the 20,000-copy mark.”

Why do some folks continue to act like it’s a conspiracy when titles that people aren’t buying get cancelled? I’m not sure what to say – buy it or don’t be surprised when it goes away.

I’m not trying to fan the flames od conspiracy, but did anyoneelse look at the cover prices of everything getting cancelled? I didn’t find all of them in the January solicits, but other than PunisherMAX, everything I saw was $2.99 cover. I don’t think it’s just a matter of lower sales numbers, but also that Marvel wants to raise cover price, and knows that $3.99 cover would definately kill those books.

Buy Daredevil! It’s Awesome!

Thank goodness. Daken was an incredibly lame attempt to fix the slaying of Wolverine’s perfect mirror Sabertooth.

So glad this unneeded series is ending and Sabertooth is returning.

While I have no personal desire to read about Daken (or Red Hulk, or Scarlet Spider etc), I dislike the idea of people hating books and wishing them cancelled just because the character is derrived from another. The only question that should matter with characters like these is “are there good stories to tell with these characters” If the answer is yes, then there is absolutely no reason to begrudge a series its existence, it’s not as if you are obliged to read it if you don’t want to.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

November 19, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Well, this is disappointing (as I love Daken), but I think as long as they let the story wrap, which, based on February’s solicit, they are, I’ll be ok with it. My list has been getting a little too big, so this just helps me save some cash.

I also think they could probably cancel X-Men Legacy once Mike Carey leaves. Maybe Gage will surprise me, but right now it just seems like it could become a glut on the X-Line.

Now if they cancel Jeff Parker’s Hulk, I will (not) literally murder someone. It’s my FAVORITE Marvel book. Jason Aaron’s Hulk is, to be kind, disappointing, and I need a good Hulk book at all times.

It had to end at some point ;-; Though I’m still sad this it is

@ Alex Holt: Herc was already cancelled, so you won’t have to worry about making the decision to drop the book. Furthermore, as soon as DC was shown to dominate the market share in late August as well as September I kind of already figured that Marvel would be cleaning house. It is actually the best thing they can do as a company regarding damage control. At this crucial stage, they simply can’t afford to hemorrhage money. If they hadn’t done something along these lines, then they would be losing a lot more than 50 % each month. I dare say DC might have all too quickly buried them completely. That’s why I say don’t worry too much about the titles that have been given the axe as of late, because there are very good reason behind said drastic measures. At least the company is still standing and able to put out products that you’ll enjoy just as much if not more so.

P.S. Exciting things are about to happen in the pages of Wolverine regarding Sabretooth. Stay tuned!

I’ll never shed a tear when the title of a derivative of a popular character gets axed. I hope this trend continues! Do we really need multiple versions of the Hulk, or even Batman, running around?!?

Please spare us…!

Nooooo ! It was only a matter of time. I must admit that when Daken was introduced I didn’t like the idea but after a few really good stories and since Dark Avengers he became my new favorite character. However it’s better to cancel a book than to drag it into the mud. So what’s next ? I hope they’ll save Avengers Academy for at least another year (if the movie won’t help then Marvel should add Young Avengers characters into the mix). I’m a bit surprised to see a new Scarlet Spider series in this day and age. If they publish 20 issues it will be astonishing.

And what happened to that awesome mini Astonishing Captain America with Adi Granov ?

i love Daken. started reading his stories since Dark Reign. but there’s no way to win new readers with that haircut.

What Marvel should do, in lieu of another let’s-cram-everyone-together-in-an-event, is task each of their ‘architects’ to come up with one good ORIGINAL character each, something that doesn’t involve siblings, children, clones, gender switches, teenagers inspired by, time-traveling future selves and /or alternate reality versions of any of their existing characters. Don’t kill anyone off and give some new schmuck their powers and name. Do five or six one shots, give them a couple guest appearances in other titles, and see which ones stick. Seriously, Marvel’s marketing department couldn’t make that work?

You know, something that might appeal to all those new readers DC have brought in, or brought back from a lapse . . .

I think that Marvel’s “cleaning” isn’t that bad and thanks to that they will be able to better focus on their core titles. When you think about this they are at least giving most of their B or C-list characters a different place to exist and that’s a smart move. If an ongoing solo series cannot be publisher for a few years then round them together (as someone noticed earlier here).

X-23, Spidergirl etc. is joining Avengers Academy; Venom is joining Secret Avengers; Black Widow will be a mainstay in Winter Soldier and Secret Avengers; Red Hulk is already in Avengers (Black Panther should also join soon); Cap Britain will star here and there; Valkyrie is covered for now; War Machine should be a cast member of Iron Man and not to mention Dr.Strange, Red SheHulk, Iron Fist and Namor in Defenders. I believe that leaves Ghost Rider in limbo for now but otherwise it’s pretty decent. Moon Knight is probably safe until Bendis leaves, Silver Surfer & Nova will get some spotlight next year. So what other characters should get their chance to fight for people’s money ? Who’s left out and is there a place for him/her at this moment on the market ?

If you want for example more of X23, Iron Fist or dr. Strange (or a Blue Beetle for that matter) then forget about that. Now is simply not a good time for them to handle a solo ongoing series. Those are not ‘Spiderman type’ characters (or even a Iron Man franchise).

Hardly a surprise. And it seems likely that Thunderbolts and X-Factor are indeed next in the queue, which is a shame for anyone reading those books.

Good call too, James – every book cancelled so far was a $2.99 title. A coincidence? Considering that all of Marvel’s most popular titles are deliberately priced at $3.99, I guess it simply is what it is.

I’ve only ever really read Marvel for the X-Men, Spiderman, NYX, Runaways and X-23. NYX, Runaways and X-23 have all been cancelled. The X-Men will never be cancelled but honestly I prefer X-23 and Runaways over them. I love Marvel but they need to pull themselves together. X-23 and the Runaways all need to be handled by writers who understand them – anyone else is going to mess things up and sales are going to drop.
I used to read Daken but stopped for X-23…I was considering seriously reading the series again after seeing the Runaways would be in it. I can’t stand Avengers Academy (it feels like a Young Avengers rip) but I guess I’ll have to if I ever want to see Karolina and Laura again.

Never good when a title is canceled but some of these titles aren’t really necessary. I liked x-23 but she’s moving to avengers academy so she’s still around. Daken was pointless to begin with. Everyone complains marvel relies too much on wolverine clones and the like but now they cut back people are angry?
I can only hope in the shake up someone new gets put on the deadpool book now, Daniel Way is WAY past being fired.

And seriously Marvel, if you want to increase some sales PLEASE make digital purchases cheaper then $3.99 an issue.

I recently heard that Peter David would be writing an episode of the Young Justice cartoon. Right away I started thinking “Whoa – what if DC spirits him away from Marvel?” In this economy, stranger things have happened.

Another thing to consider is this. Let’s assume that Marvel will officially be done “cleaning house” by January, the start of the new year. What better time to start fresh, right? Especially with that ominous Phoenix-centric event on the horizon. We all know there are a few new titles on the way – Defenders, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Spider, etc. After the axe has stopped falling, I would be concerned for the exact number of titles that were let go. Why? Whichever books are left standing after the dust settles will then be coming in last for the House of Ideas. If you thought the last ditch efforts to garner interest for the books that are being cancelled were interesting, just wait.

Way to go, comic pirates!

Dear Marvel,

Please don’t cancel DnA’s New Mutants. You can’t do that without cancelling Generation Hope. And you can’t do that without messing up your Phoenix plans for 2012.

On the other hand, a Life with X magazine featuring short stories featuring the various mutant groups/solos would be fine in lieu of all these separate titles.

Yeah Ryan, its the “comic pirates” fault Daken is getting cancelled, b/c EVERYONE and their mother was downloading it for FREE, its such a popular book they had to read it so bad…

Anyone else find it a bit odd that Marvel is trying SO HARD to sell Venom? I can understand a single point one issue, but four? Anyone recall when they attempted to make the Weapon X ongoing a success way back when and they started with a series of 5 one-shots before #1 hit? With that many comics of one title hitting in the same month it automatically guarantees a decline in sales. 2 issues in one month is enough, any more than that is over-saturation and a death knell for any potentially great title.

I stopped buying new comics 1-2 years ago, but I wouldn’t even buy a Daken comic from the $1 bin. He was a jerk, and who wants to read about a jerk.

j’adorais daken avant que marvel décide de changer de dessinateur et de scénariste !! si les ventes ont chutés c’est pour ça ,point barre !!!!! j’ai detesté ce qu’ils ont on fait: 1 paumé gavé de drogues (????) et les dessins beurk!!!!!!! ou est passé daken le machiavellique tueur froid et plein d’humour????? remettez marjorie liu et camuccolli !!!!!!!!!! c’est ca le reméde pour les ventes !!!!!!!! ca fait 30 ans que je lis les séries marvel et là je suis vraiment dégoutée !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved Daken. I really hope to at least see him in other things. If he becomes a regular player in any other comic, totally picking that up.

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