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Marvel’s Route 666, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang delayed but not canceled

Route 666 #1 cover sketches, by Peter Nguyen

In the wake of a wave of cancellations from the House of Ideas, there emerges some good news for fans of CrossGen: While Marvel’s revivals of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Route 666 won’t debut in December and February, as originally announced, the publisher assures the titles aren’t canceled but merely delayed.

A Marvel spokesman tells Robot 6 the planned four-issue miniseries are simply being moved around on the publisher’s 2012 calendar.

Announced in August at FanExpo Canada, Route 666 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are set to join recent revivals of Ruse, Sigil and Mystic under Marvel’s fledgling CrossGen imprint. Buoyed by nostalgia for the defunct publisher, Ruse and Sigil had solid enough debuts — for miniseries, in any case — selling an estimated 28,500 copies each in February. But by their conclusion in June, sales of Ruse had plummeted to about 10,500 copies, and Sigil to 8,900. Mystic‘s August premiere was considerably weaker, moving around 18,800; by October’s Issue 3, that figure had fallen to less than 6,500.

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and illustrated Peter Nguyen, Route 666 re-imagines the CrossGen horror series, transplanting protagonist Cassie Starkweather to the 1950s, where she’s a deputy to U.S. Marshal Evan Cisco. Likewise, writer Peter Milligan and artist Roman Rosanas put a new spin on the Mike Perkins-Tony Bedard espionage comic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, with a young agent ordered by MI6 to assume the role of super-spy Charles Kiss.



… this week anyway. We all know things could change at any point, resulting in them being canceled.

So their cancelation is delayed. :p

Thank God.

Although, I can easily be cynical about this whole thing, I will remain hopeful that Marvel continues with Crossgen. I really enjoyed Mystic, and I’m looking forward to Route 666. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people didn’t bother to give the new books that much of a chance because it’s not the Crossgen that they knew though. Also, I’m not sure Marvel did that good a job getting the word out about the Crossgen minis when they were being launched.

Not the real Route 666? Not reading it!

“So their cancelation is delayed. :p”

And yet the snark arrives right on schedule! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

Still no Negation so I still don’t care.

…of course, given what they’ve done with some of the CrossGen books, they’d probably hire Ron Zimmerman to write it as a buddy cop movie.

I haven’t read either of two already released CG mini’s, are they continuing where the original series left off or are they doing new versions?

Ruse is more or less intact. I don’t think there are any Crossgen Sigils (and thus no powers) but Mark Waid was still writing it as a mystery series. Instead of setting it on a planet that looks suspiciously like Victorian England they set it in Victorian England so I’m fine with that.

Everything I’ve seen of Marvel’s Sigil and Mystic seems to indicate that they are Sigil and Mystic in name only. The creative teams are different. The settings are different. The characters are different (at least in Sigil’s case, I think the Mystic book has the same cast but I don’t know if they behave the same).

I bet this delay lasts a long time…

With “Sigil” only the name was the same. “Mystic” had the same premise but in a vastly different environment. “Ruse” might as well have continued from where it left off.

I think Marvel needs to start soliciting pitches for “Meridian” and “Sojourn” those were the two most popular titles as I recall.

To be fair, CorrsGen never had any idea what it wanted to do with Sigil either.

If Marvel actually wanted any success with Crossgen, they’d make it a full, legit imprint like Vertigo is for DC.

Then make the series ongoings and put top-shelf creative teams, or at least really good creative teams, on the books.

Problem is that while this would generate better sales than this, those sales would still absolutely pale in comparisons to an X-title or an Avengers title, so there’s really not much of a reason for Marvel to give a damn.

or at least really good creative teams

They have already done this. Mystic is the best thing coming out of Marvel and it’s tailor-made for Disney movie money.

Marvel’s Crossgen books had absolutely disasterous debuts — the first issues each sold about 14,000 copies and Marvel gave away 14,000 copies to retailers for free.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see these turned in to original trades. Seem like far better titles for the book market anyway.

I dont think it’ll be any different even if they continue the original version.
we have to accept that Crossgen no longer as big as before its downfall,no matter what its biggest fans says otherwise.

I really enjoyed Ruse. But had no interest in reading Sigil because it was only Sigil in name. Hell, Sam changed from a middle aged rugged male to a female teenager! What the fuck Marvel? They should of just called it Meridian!

Scion was my favorite title, but I’m scared to see it return for fear of what it will be turned into!

Also funny that the title with the least amount of changes from crossgen did the best sales…. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I loved the original CrossGen, but the new CrossGen–not so much so far.

Only liked the original universe because things were all connected. Starved for the defunct Valiant, I got into the Valiant-lite Crossgen shared universe.

The fact that these minis have dropped the whole point I was into the stories, I’m not interested in these. Sad that the “share-ed-ness” was the reason I was reading, but true.

Rubbish….just do a Negation-like buk lead by OBREGON KAINE starring an assortment of xcters from across d Crossgen Universe.

From what I heard in an interview w/Joshua Middleton, CrossGen had its head up its ass… He explained that he couldnt wait to leave the state of FL after his contract w/CrossGen was over. CrossGen seems like a b.s. front for some business people that ‘like the idea of’ starting w/a comic book character based asset that they just want to prep for movie merchandise. CrossGen really has no idea about sequential story telling… Right now someone from CrossGen is reading this going: ‘what’s -sequential story telling- ?’

@ Aaron – the big knobs at crossgen wanted to make movies and merchandise out of their character?…. And whats wrong with that exactly? … All the major comic companies do it. The idea is to make money.

I don’t know if your read any of the stories yourself, or are just going by what Joshua said. But ALOT of their books were amazing, yes, both story and art. And that is really what it boils down too. You should try some! I’d recommend Scion and Sojourn as first choices! :)

Sweet! I missed Route 666 :D Woooohoo!!!!

Any update on KKBB or Route 666 coming out?

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