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Missed it: Webcomic shows Powerpuff Girls all grown up

Don’t ask me how I missed this when it originally came out years ago, but I recently discovered this fun little webcomic Powerpuff Girls: Battery Powered by a writer using the non-de-plum Northstar and artist Christine Larsen.

While it’s described by the artist as a “demented spoof off” of the classic Cartoon Network series, younger readers should be warned it contains violence, nudity and a heaping helping of crudeness. Of course, those who grew up during the original airing of the Powerpuff Girls are probably old enough — 18, please! — to enjoy this.

Although the chances of the creators being able to officially publish this are somewhere between slim and none, I applaud the attempt for creators to revisit work they’re familiar with and revise it for their own needs, a la League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Plus, I’ve always wondered what those three girls would be like all grown up.

Go over to DrunkDuck to read these comics, but be warned: 18 and older.



Interesting… to say the least. I’ve got to say, for only four pages, it actually is very entertaining (way more entertaining than the final season.) I love how punk rock the girls are now that their older, (with Buttercup as a lesbian no doubt.) Good stuff.

“Plus, I’ve always wondered what those three girls would be like all grown up.”

Honestly (sadly?) I have, too. Admittedly, I didn’t come up with anything like this…

But, hey. Cool artwork.

To be honest, I squirmed when I read this comic. There’s just something about turning stuff as cute as Powerpuff Girls into this gritty, adult entity that doesn’t sit right with me.

But I agree, the artwork is awesome.

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