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New 52 Pickup | Weeks 12 and 13 – Issue 3 Decisions

Batman #3

Each Wednesday, DC’s New 52 hits shelves and CBR Staff Writer Steve Sunu is looking for the best bang for the buck in ongoing series. Cutting half his pull list each month from the original 52 in a battle royale, Steve has already narrowed the number to just 13 books. Which titles will make it past Issue 3?

It’s a Happy Thanksgiving for comics fans as we get our new comics right before a feast of turkey and other awesome food – but the end of every month for the New 52 on my pull list, something has to say goodbye. This installment will give an overview of the last six #3 issues on my pull and make the cuts down to the elite eight moving on to next month.

These two weeks included two of the wildcard picks: All-Star Western and Batman. Plus, DC’s flagship Justice League picks up speed and Aquaman gets some love from the local police force…kind of.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo

Scott Snyder is killing it on this book, and the end of every issue makes me want to read more. The mastery of the cliffhanger here isn’t just the explosion at the end, but the revelation of information involving the Court of Owls and that they’ve been right under Batman’s nose for years. I’m really enjoying Snyder’s take on the Dark Knight here–it’s got a good balance of action and detective skills that really give a well-rounded picture of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. For some reason, though, I wasn’t as thrilled with Greg Capullo’s pencils here as I was in previous issues. It’s possible that it’s because the bulk of the book took place with Bruce Wayne and Lincoln having a conversation in a hospital room, but other than that, this was a fantastic issue.

Justice League #3

Justice League
Written by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee

I feel like this is the issue that readers were expecting from the very start. It’s unfortunate that it took three full issues to get there, but the faithful are rewarded here. Geoff Johns has nailed the dynamic between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor in this issue, even if you only get to see them for a couple of panels – but the real achievement here is getting readers involved in Cyborg’s story. It’s had a lot of buildup the last few issues, but it’s nice to see it come to fruition here while Victor’s still a teenager. This book is a fun origin story for the League, but I’m interested to see where Johns will take it after the origin is over. The slow build is beginning to pay off, and I’m a fan of Jim Lee’s art, so I’ll stick around–if only to see why Aquaman hasn’t shaved in a few days.

Wonder Woman
Written by Brian Azzarello with art by Cliff Chiang

I really like this book. I think Brian Azzarello has created a convincing and unexpected direction for the character that makes for a great read. Wonder Woman’s pretty well developed by this point, but it’s the other Amazons that really shine in this issue. Azzarello does a great job giving all of them distinct voices and personalities that lead to Wonder Woman leaving the island for good. Cliff Chiang’s art is, as always, very solid with gorgeous pencils. This is a book that will never disappoint in terms of long-form story. The only problem is that it will hardly ever give readers just a one-and-done issue. It builds upon everything that came before in a big way, and I’m okay with that.

All-Star Western #3

All-Star Western
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Moritat and Jordi Bernet

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have always had a great handle on Jonah Hex, but it’s interesting to see them change that focus to the whole of Gotham in its early old west development. There’s not as much of the detective partnership between Amadeus Arkham and Jonah Hex, which I really miss. It looks like this book is about to go back to a solo Hex book for a bit, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I was really looking forward to more of the Arkham/Hex detective agency. That said, Moritat is doing a great job on the pencils for the main story. The El Diablo co-feature was somewhat disappointing in its conclusion and the art by Jordi Bernet didn’t do much for me. For fans of the old west DCU, this is a great book to stick with, but considering that the Arkham/Hex partnership may have ended with this issue, I’m not sure I can stick around.

Story continues below

Written by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis

This book just gets more fun with every issue. Although Geoff Johns is laying on the “Aquaman is an irrelevant superhero” thing a little thick, there’s definitely a lot of meat to this issue that makes the smaller second issue completely worth the development time. The foreshadowing of Mr. Shin as a villain is intriguing and after seeing Mera in action again during this issue, I would really love to read a book or co-feature with her headlining. It’s interesting to see Johns retooling a hero in the same way he did with Green Lantern, but I think it’s even more effective using Aquaman, and in a way, more impressive. Each issue, we learn a little more about the man and his powers, all rendered in stunning detail by Ivan Reis. This is one of my favorite superhero titles in the New 52 and I hope that it continues to get better.

I, Vampire #3

I, Vampire
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Andrea Sorrentino

Yes. This book is awesome–props to Joshua Hale Fialkov for making vampires relevant and scary in an age that’s mostly dominated by Twilight. This issue mostly focuses on uber-vamp Andrew Bennett and his friendship with human vampire hunter John as they track Mary to the end of South Station in Boston. We also get introduced to Tig, a wannabe slayer whose first instinct is to kill Andrew on the spot. By the end of the issue, it’s clear the trio are headed to Gotham to track Mary after her attack on four cities simultaneously. Fialkov is packing a lot of story into each of these issues and it’s fantastic. I never thought that I would be so invested in a vampire story. Andrea Sorrentino’s art style continues to be perfect for this book and all I want to do is read the next issue. Fantastic.

Well, those are the final contenders for this month and there are some tough decisions to be made. From the first half of the month, only Animal Man, Action Comics, Swamp Thing and Batwoman are the books that I won’t be able to live without knowing what happens, which leaves four more slots from the latter half of November. After much deliberation as to what I’d like to follow moving on toward the future, it’s Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman and I, Vampire that make the cut. That means we’re down to the elite eight in the quest to cut down as much as possible to the final books that I’ll be reading for the future.

Action Comics
Animal Man
I, Vampire
Justice League
Swamp Thing
Wonder Woman

All-Star Western
Demon Knights
Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
Resurrection Man

Do you agree? Disagree? What’s been exceptional on your pull list lately? Let us know down in the comments!



Wonder Woman is an odd beast, and while I think Azzarello’s take has been the best in a while, I ultimately dropped it after issue three. There’s a “call and response” feeling to much of Azz’s dialogue–even, or especially, in 100 Bullets–that has never sat well with me, and finally, here, I just didn’t find the conflict compelling enough to return to month after month.

Action and Animal Man, totally in agreement–those are my tops. But man, you’d have to pry my hands off Demon Knights. Bad call there, bro. :-)

You rave about Batman but put it on the “Out” list.

I’ll admit I’m a little surprised that a book you sum up as, “this was a fantastic issue” didn’t make the cut, but I guess that says a lot about the competition!

i actually started picking up batman last week after hearing all the hype. i was pleasantly surprised by the first three issues (and i prefer superman over batman in a big way), and i’m really looking forward to the next issue.

I’m really surprised that Batman got the boot based on Capullo’s pencils of an expositional conversation between Bruce and Lincoln Marsh. Other than that you heap praise on the book, the three issues have been fantastic as an arc, I just think you are missing a killer title. Batwoman’s art “may” be better but I think that Snyder and Capullo present the best package overall.

My only change would be swapping Batman and Aquaman. I get why everyone is liking Aquaman right now, but to me it feels gimmicky playing up the irrelevant meta angle. I’m already tired of it.

I have a somewhat different list at this point. Very different, in fact.

Action Comics – So far, the art and the good Grant Morrison are keeping me here, but I am always holding my breath with Grant
Animal Man – Really good but really, really dark. Not sure I will stay past the end of the first arc.
Batman – Better art than I expected, and a generally interesting plot, but one that relies on Batman being just a bit dense
Batman and Robin – Amazing character play for Bruce and Damian, great art, strong villany
Batgirl – Surprisingly strong if bittersweet story of a woman recovering from trauma who happens to be Batgirl.
Batwing – Surprisingly strong if downbeat story of present day Africa as seen through the eyes of a crimefighter
Demon Knights – Wacky fun, just starting to turn into something more.
Flash – Best art of any book I am buying, great character play, and utterly fun, but Manapul’s undeveloped skills as a writer show form time to time.
Green Lantern – Best when it stays focused on Sinestro, but Hal is insufferable; great art
Green Lantern Corps – At the bottom of my list right now. Should be a lot better, given Tomasi’s skills.
Nightwing – Reads like the old Dixon Nightwing book. Not a bad thing, but nothing really new here if you aren’t already a Nightwing fan
Swamp Thing – Like Animal Man, a really good horror comic, but probably too dark for my tastes.

And aside from all those, The Shade is an amazing book that surpasses everything else but isn’t really a New 52 comic.

Like some others above, I’m also confused about Batman getting the boot, after so much praise. But hey to each their own.

I’m still very into Action, which surprises me. Not because I don’t like Supes (which I do and always have) it’s just Morrison’s been so grating to me in the last few years. But I’m enjoying his work here for the time being.

All Star Western has also been one of my faves. I never read too much Hex in the past, but I’ve been very happy that I got into this one. The story’s interesting, the character’s great and Moritat’s art-wow! it’s fantastic.

Flash has still been one of my faves too. The art is just so perfectly suited to the Flash. I’ve heard a lot of people mention the writer’s being obviously new to the game, but I find myself dying for the next installment and not just for the great imagery.

I have a handful of other New52 titles, but most of them are on the bubble, for various reasons. But these 3, I just can’t see myself letting go anytime soon.

If you remove Aquaman and I, Vampire, then add Batman, Demon Knights, Nightwing and JLI. That would be my pull list.

Is there a mistake here, Sunu? BATMAN should be on everyone’s pull list, and after your review, one would think it was still on yours.

I think I’m the only one who loathes the new Wonder Woman. My definite must-haves are mainly Action, Supergirl, Batwoman, Batgirl, JLA, Shade, Blue Beetle, All-Star Western, Levitz’ Legion and Legion Secret Origin.

No love for a Green Lantern title?

Seriously, my pull list has most of what you’ve listed, but is a bit longer:

Action Comics
Justice League
Justice League International
Batman and Robin
Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Fury of Firestorm
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Teen Titans

Probably gonna drop Fury of Firestorm and probably Batgirl and pick up Blue Beetle and maybe Demon Knights or I, Vampire. Also considering Justice League Dark and Stormwatch.

my dc 52 pull list

green lantern

David, you’re far from being alone in loathing the new Wonder Woman. A lot of longtime fans are jumping ship, and I expect that a lot of new fans will drop it once the novelty wears off.

I started with all 52 titles and have whittled them down to the following:

Action Comics – not sure about this one…Morrison can be hit and miss.
All-Star Western – Loving this title!
Animal Man – Scary and oh so good.
Aquaman – Waiting to see what Johns has in store…this one might be gone.
Batman – Best of the bunch.
Batman & Robin – Not sure…this one might be cut before long.
Batman: The Dark Knight – …along with this one.
Batwing – I like the fresh take on African superheroes…I’d buy a Kingdom series in a heartbeat,
Batwoman – Right up there with Batman. Awesome stuff.
Detective Comics – I’ll admit, Tony Daniel has impressed me…we’ll see if he can keep it up.
Green Lantern – I never thought I’d like Sinestro more than Hal, but here we are.
Green Lantern Corps – Not sure about this…this is one series that should be balls to the wall every month, but its not.
Green Lantern: New Guardians – I’m liking the mystery here, but after its over, what’s the hook here?
Justice League – Pretty artwork, but way too fast of a read.
Nightwing – I’ve always loved Dick, but he should still be a Batman, dammit.
OMAC – The funnest book out there.
Red Lanterns – not quite what I expected…this one might be cut soon.
Swamp Thing – Right up there with Animal Man…a guilty pleasure.

Well my DC pull list both agrees and differs from yours:

Action Comics – Never thought I’d pull a Superman comic, blame it on GM.

Animal Man – Not a huge fan of the art for non monster panels to be honest, but the awesome plot more than makes up for it.

Batman – same as others said, high praise yet it didnt make the cut for you? Best Bat book hands down and top three DC IMO.

Batwoman – jaw drop gorgeous art with supernatural themes, continued from Rucka’s run; I’m way in.

Demon Knights – a D&D book set in medieval nuDCU, with far better writing and characters.

Frankenstein Agent of SHADE – a Milton quoting Frank that protects the earth form an interdimensional monster invasion? Sign me up. Only complaint is again the art… not my taste.

Green Lantern – Sinestro is the star of this show, and Hal needs to smart up fast; its an ok arc.

Justice League – Patience is the name of the game for now, I’m hoping Johns will get his stride come issue 6 or 7.

Justice League Dark – Slow paced but very interesting story here. Shade can create conscious life = mind blown.

Stormwatch – We are getting a third arc from the The Authority rehashed, but it’s reasonably well done with a different cast; hope the title will become more original as it progresses.

Swamp Thing – Second best art from DC nowadays, great plot and writing from Snyder, top tier book all around.

Wonder Woman – See comments for Action, same thing here. Azz + Greek Mythology + Chiang = Win

there NEEDS to be more OMAC love out there. I think that book gets the high hat due to everyone thinking Didio, as the boss, can’t write a solid book. OMAC is the most fun I’ve had reading a comic since the Agents of Atlas mini. OMACtivate!

Justice League over the Batman book?

Jim Lee’s art is gorgeous, but Johns isn’t doing much but a slow burn run of the mill book. It’s still early, but I believe he is writing better in Aquaman + Green Lantern. Good recovery after Blackest Night.

Still annoyed over this reboot though. History sacrificed for shock value. But heck, what a money machine.

My currently pull list has been like sine issues 1:

1) Action Comics – Seems to be okay, kinda weak but I’ll give it another try, especially A. Kubert is drawing him!
2) Batman – Oh hell, yeah, keep it coming! Hard Core Bat-title!
3) Batman and Robin – Not bad, kinda fun Bat-title. Keep it coming.
4) Batwoman – I get high by just looking at his awesome artworks. My number one favorite of all so-called 52.
5) Green Lantern – Sinestro Green Lantern! ! VERY. BAD. MAN. Same as number 2 above.
6) Justice League – Disappointed due to Jim lee’s usually sloppy artwork after a few issues. COMPLETELY DROPPED!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Be safe and be sane.
Peace and Cheers!


Flash – I have to say that this has been my favorite so far. I’m a big fan of Manapul and Buccellato’s art and the story-telling’s been quite compelling.

Animal Man – great art and atmosphere, calling back to what I loved about his last ongoing series (although I could do with more stories centered around animal rights since so many other books do “meta” now)

Swamp Thing – there are similarities to Animal Man, I’m hoping this leads to a cross-over.

Action Comics -fingers crossed this turms out more like All-Star Superman than Final Crisis.

Aquaman – embraces the character without being apologetic. I know that people tend to dismiss him as irrelevant, but all during the BP oil disaster, I was just waiting for somebody to say, “This looks like a job for Aquaman!” Also, he’s from Maine. Hey, maybe Stephen King could guest-write an issue…

Red Hood and the Outlaws – yeah. I know. Starfire is NOT the same character from pre-52 or the cartoon, but Jason and Roy really make this book.


Wonder Woman – 3 issue rule. If you don’t win me over in three, you are done. Rebooting Diana’s origin to be the same as Heracles’s was the final nail. Couldn’t make it the Hades/Clay thing, no. And Diana seem overly sensitive to the news that she’s a demi-god. You’d think Amazons would be made of sterner stuff.

All-Star Western – Just not as good as what I was hoping for from a Jonah Hex/Amadeus Arkham team-up.

Seems like you left with the best of the relaunch in my mind.

Flash – Beautiful artwork, creative use of the Flash’s powers, a nice sci-fi bent, and creators who, through interviews, have expressed that they want the character to be heroic and positive rather than angsty.

Justice League – Just a big enjoyable super hero book. So far nowhere as near as creative as the best of Morrison’s or even Joe Kelly’s runs, but is at minimum what you’d expect – in a good way – from what is supposed to be THE DC flagship title featuring THE flagship DC characters.

Frankenstein – Wonderful concept. Quirky characters matched by quirky artwork and an interesting “I wonder where this is leading” opening arc. Plus, where else in the New DCU can you read about Ray Palmer?

Demon Knights – After two issues that left me on the fence, 3 won me over. Despite some violent moments, things were feeling a bit too light hearted. But in 3 Cornell has The Demon truly act like a demon. He’s not a hero, he’s an anti-hero. And the world building continues as well. Yes it’s a super team book but it is turning into so much more with Cornell at the helm.

All Star Western – Judging from the Previews of future issues, you’re giving up on this too soon. Arkham is clearly featured in future covers. I’m with you. Loving this pairing and the setting. I didn’t buy any of the prior Hex series. But I’m on board this one at least as long as they keep Hex in Gotham, hopefully paired with Arkham, and as long as Moritat’s on the art. Let’s right now give a shout out to some of the really bold artistic choices DC has made. You can’t, I don’t think, say there is any one “style” right now. There’s everything from Image (Lee and Liefeld) to “old school” (Perez) to the wonderful artistry of J.H. Williams (Batwoman), Manapul (Flash) and Moritat (All Star) who are creating panels that rival some of the beauty of DC’s Silver Age.

O.M.A.C. – I get a bit nervous about stuff that is basically a big old mash up of Jack Kirby creations, because the King was all about innovation. But the concept behind this O.M.A.C. – a weapon wielded by a sentient satellite in said satellite’s still mysterious campaign on Earth – is a pretty cool spin on the original idea. And when you add in Keith Giffen as co-writer and artist and the fact he’s doing it in a Kirby style that pops off the page like nothing else on the stands (including the Busiek/Ross Kirby homage book, Genesis) this one is impossible for me to resist.

Honorable mention: The Shade by James Robinson. I can’t see anyone who followed Robinson’s brilliant run on Starman passing this up.

I think some of you guys are missing the point slightly – it’s not that he doesn’t like Batman, but he’s got to cut 5 books to get it down to eight at the end of November as part of this challenge. You simply can’t fit 9 into 8, so something good had to go.

As for his final 8, it’s a goodie. Not perfect IMO (I’d have GL in there), but damn strong:

Batwoman – #1 on my list
Aquaman – #2
Animal Man – #4
Swamp Thing – #5
Action Comics – #10
Justice League – #11
Wonder Woman – #14
I, Vampire – #24

The guy’s clearly got good taste. ;)

Wonder Woman is my second favorite of the new 52.
Its the characters that keeps me praying for the 3rd week of the month to come.
Also props for Blue Beetle, Justice League Dark, and Suicide Squad.

Justice League — This comic is designed for kids who haven’t already read 50 to 150 great JLA comics. Me, it makes me sick to my stomach to watch them start over again. Who ARE these characters? And I can’t understand what people see in Jim Lee’s art. He’s just not that good a storyteller.

Animal Man — Wanted to so much to enjoy this, but had to drop it. This isn’t the Animal Man I know and Love.

All-Star Western — This isn’t Jonah Hex. Not in so-called Gotham City. But I’ll admit it’s not quite as awful as that “Hex” series. Good Lord, doesn’t DC have any respect for its characters? And the Moritat art is totally bland and inappropriate.

Batman — Lotsa folks are raving about Snyder’s writing, so I wish I could buy it and judge for myself. But I can’t bring it home because the cartoony art makes me wanna vomit on my shoes.

So my entire pull list for DC — down from 22 comics in August — is now:

The Shade — crappy art, but I’m a big fan of James Robinson, so I’m putting up with the crappy art… for now.
Aquaman — and this could get dropped quick if the story doesn’t start moving along

My pull list is Batman, Aquaman, Animal Man, Justice Leauge, Batgirl, Green Lantern, and Swamp Thing. Everyone has been raving about Swamp Thing and I think it is ok but the only problem is that it is kind of…dense. That is the book I would be most likely to drop.

I agree on most of these comic books but I have a few questions?

Why not Red Hood, Detective comics or even Superboy?

All three comics are interesting and fun to read.

Anyone read Red Hood #3? It was a great issue. Read a review here….

This simply makes no sense to me. You cannot support thirteen great books. Or ten? And you still plan to cut further? Pathetic for a person who is a journalist for this medium. Also, the lack of knowledge, such as that Hex and Arkham will be back at it next issue and for the future.

I dropped Firestorm this week. And that will be that… I know they’re supposed to have a big master plan involved.. and from what I read from interviews with Van Sciver and Simone it sounds very intriguing… But there’s too much ‘hint’ and not enough meat on the bones of this title after three issues. Flipping through it on the stands today it seemed one big sloppy mess of a story where, what is likely the first of many Firestorm variants showed up out of nowhere, and was defeated (beheaded??) with little or no explanation or motivation for even being there.. And the dialogue is just awful. I thought that’s what Simone was supposed to be known for, good dialogue… Not here. Aquaman is great to look at but Johns is losing me on the heavy handed patronizing of this character..

My biggest disconnect, oddly enough, has been the Dark titles. Everyone raves about Animal Man and I can’t get into it. Loving Action, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman.. Luke warm on Titans and Superman & Detective.. and really having a love/hate relationship with Justice League.. Which is great to look at but I’m hardly inspired by the characterization of Superman and Green Lantern as uber jerks.. Or the weight of the story thus far. Biggest surprise I’m still picking up? Hawkman. Can’t explain it but I’m liking it…

Good list, but I’d switch in Demon Knights and Resurrection Man, and drop I, Vampire. Batwoman, like the Flash, is a harder call: great art, pedestrian story telling. Also, Red Hood and the Outlaws started as a guilty pleasure, but it’s last issue was actually really nice in the character development department.

Before the new 52, I rarely read DC. Now my Marvel pulls are slipping (goodbye Deadpooll Cap and Iron Man are on notice…maybe even my all-time favorite Spidey!–and my DC is going to stabilize at a pretty substantial level.

No batman? Becausevof the art?

I must be the only person that doesn’t really like Batman. I want to like Greg Capullo’s art. I like his buildings/Gotham, and the way he draws Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock but I HATE the way he draws Bruce Wayne. Bruce just looks so generic (he looks just like Lincoln March but shorter and with slightly messier hair), with that tiny little mouth on that big sparsely drawn face. I don’t need a ton of detail, but Bruce’s face in particular feels very unfinished and at odds with other parts of Capullo’s art. Also, there have been a few panels that I find confusing and unclear (somewhere in the motorcycle/helicopter chase in issue 2 for example, don’t have it in front of me to find the specific panel). And I usually like Snyder’s writing, but is he getting paid by the word in this book? I’m probably wrong, but this book just seems SO wordy. I want to like this book, and I know I’m in the minority. I can see why people really like it, but it just isn’t hitting with me no matter how hard I try to like it.

About Justice League, I’m SO tired of Jim Lee’s art, and have been for quite some time. He was my favorite artist when I was a 13 (30 now), but it’s getting a bit stale. Maybe he doesn’t need a change as much as he needs a new inker and colorist. Or, maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. :/

To balance all of my negativity, let me just say that I’ve enjoyed this whole new 52 experience. Even if I’m not reading the majority of the books past #2 or #3, it’s been fun.

Must reads:

Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Action Comics
Wonder Woman

On the fence: Aquaman

Would read if I didn’t have a budget:

Red Hood
I Vampire
Resurrection Man

I think issue 3 of Batman really saved it for me. The whereabouts of the Owls is great fun.

I quit on Wonder Woman with issue 3. It has flashes of brilliance, and other moments that are just a mess. Worst ending of any of the DCnU I’ve read. I would contend that it’s still not clear it’s even her book. We’re given so little access to her inner world.

I tried Action but didnt think issue 2 was worth $4, and that went double for JL. I agree, issue 3 is strongest, but there were enough hiccups in the first 2 (most especially the car wreck of a character that is Hal Jordan now) that I was done. I’ll check back at Issue 7.

For me the big question is whether to dump GL. I’m a huge fan of Johns and GL, but since the reboot it’s just not working for me. Much like WW, Hal as a voice feels largely absent from the book.

I’m still getting all 52 books, but there are some standouts for me…

Demon Knights
All-Star Western
Resurrection Man
Black Hawks
and I actually like Teen Titans

My bottom
Red Lantern – I just don’t know what is going on
Mr. Terrific – Bad writing and horrible art (the bottom of the 52)
Batman: The Dark Knight
Stormwatch – I loved it when it was an image/Wildstorm comic…just don’t get it now
And Grifter (again another character I loved as a Wildstork character but don’t care for here)

Oh and I forgot that I LOVE Green Arrow. This is the first comic I read each month.

Resurrection Man was so good this week,it had everything, development both character and story wise, and great superpowers.

I get everything on your list except Justice League plus your recently dropped. :P Yeah, I’m loving the reboot. Screw history, history is for nerds.

Title I’m LOVING every month:

Justice League International
Teen Titans
Demon Knights
Wonder Woman
Animal Man

Titles I’m enjoying (to varying degrees) every month:

Justice League
Justice League Dark
Birds of Prey
Red Hood & The Outlaws
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern New Guardians
Red Lanterns
Hawk & Dove
I, Vampire

Titles that I am close to dropping:

Suicide Squad
Action Comics
Blue Beetle
Static Shock

But I’ll give each title in danger the chance to finish their initial story arcs before I make my final decision.

I’m loving most of the DCnU.

IF I had to pare it down to my favorites, it would be :

Superman family – Superboy

Batman family – Batman

GL family – Red Lanterns

JL family – I’m really surprised to say it, but as I look over the group, as of right now, I’d say DC Universe Presents and the surprisingly excellent Deadman arc

Dark titles – Hardest group to narrow it down next to the Superman family. If I could only get one, it would have to be JL Dark, just barely

Edge titles – Suicide Squad

Young Justice titles – Another real surprise as I look them over, but I’d say at this point, Legion Lost

I’m sticking with 9/ of the new 52, and three are the same as Steve’s

Action Comics, Animal Man and Swamp Thing

Plus I’m buying:

The Flash, StormWatch, Demon Knights, Frankenstein, Batman and Resurrection Man…

But I, Vampire is pretty wonderful… I’m reading it in the store these days but might have to pick it up again before long.

The Flash is my big surprise. I’ve never been a Flash fan, didn’t have any particularly high hopes for the writer, or artist either, but this is the one book that just about rivals Action Comics for me, all across the board.

Three reasons to put batman back on your list.
1.The art is amazing and it goes great with any batman story.
2.It balances story with action the right touch of action and story
3.How the issues are laid out how it starts out with batman doing more then just the court of owls mystery

My list
Green arrow
Legion of superheroes
Legion lost
Animal man
Action comics
Teen titans
Green lantern
Sucide squad

I’m currently reading Demon Knights and Birds of Prey. How could you cut Demon Knights? It has dinosaur barbecue.

Honestly when the the nu52 first started I was not happy….but my pull list for dc almost tripled after Flashpoint. Swamp thing and Animal Man are at the top of my list. Sinestro as the lead on GL is awesome. Demon Knights is a fun read but not sure it will stay on the pull. Same with Flash, who now after flashpoint I have falling interest in. Superman was the first one to falter im my opinion….just a weak book. First issues should grab you and suck you in and it failed in that aspect. All in all the nu52 is great just now how do I slim down my 30 issue pull list. Man is that gonna be hard. Would do some things digital if it were cheaper. No way im paying 2.99 for a digital comic.

I live in Finland and so I absolutely rely on Comixology to get comics in a timely manner. Here are the DC comics that I am downloading every month:

All-Star Western
Animal Man
Demon Knights
Swamp Thing

I seem to have ended up in the dark outskirts of the DC Universe, with the exception of The Flash. I am loving the graphics, the optimism and the ideas that seem to be fuelling it and, unlike some others here, I am positively liking the way it is being written. I really do think that an unusual amount of the narrative and character interaction is being carried by the art in a way that is only possible because it is being written and drawn by the same team.

And I am liking the way All-Star Western is extending Gotham – and the DC Universe – into the past, which is something that I am hoping Demon Knights will be doing too.

I’m really loving Justice League Dark and I would have to say as far as art and story it has left me happy thus far.

Red Hood and the Outlaws (even with Starfire being reinvented)
Supergirl (the art has been nice and this is the first time I have bothered with a Supergirl book and I’m like her so far)
Wonder Woman (Origin aside I like it over all)

I’m dropping Justice League because it just feels too quick with little pay off and I’m bored with it already, I’m thinking of replacing it with Batwoman or Legion Of Super Heroes but I’m not sure.

In agreement with 5 of your 8. Drop Aquaman, Justice League, and Wonder Woman for Demon Knights, Flash and Stormwatch and that’s my 8.

I think Flash is the best-looking book of the New 52 after Batwoman. I’m not even saying that from a taste perspective, but from an appreciation perspective. I think Manapul and Buccelato are crafting good comics. It’s my nice, light -but still captivating- superhero book.
Demon Knights 3 was a bit weak, but that’s gonna be a great book in the long term, I think.
And Stormwatch is just great.

Plus, I think Johns is tired. I loved Wally Flash, JSA, and some of GL from Johns, but I soured on him a while back. It seems like we’re being treated either to constant character-defining moments or to character-less, plot-driven stories from him now. It’s always like some threat arises, be it the Terminator or whatever, and then some half-assed conflict transpires, then Hal says something that’s awkwardly-phrased that somehow perfectly encapsulates the majority if not the whole of his character, then Carol and Hal continue to be estranged, repeat ad nauseum. Blargh.

The character-defining moments mentioned earlier are more like character-defining STATEMENTS that no one would ever say in a dialogue. Next time you’re reading Green Lantern and Hal’s making a personal statement about his own character traits or his place in the grand scheme of things (which is about every issue that’s not a part of some action-packed crossover), ask yourself if ANYONE could pull off saying that in person or ONSCREEN and not deserve to get slapped. It’s drivel. If you spent as much time reiterating your personal mission statement and/or vocalizing the act of coming to realizations about yourself as Johns’ characters do, you’d be killed by those around you out of their being annoyed. It seems like Johns is giving a sales pitch in the middle of most of his “stories,” and I don’t like it.

I don’t really understand the point of these articles anymore, at first I liked the mini reviews, but is the idea that you’ll only be picking up 1 series by issue 6?

You say how much you are enjoying Batman, then you stop reading it …. makes no sense at all.

If I’m enjoying a series I keep reading it till I stop enjoying it.

– reading this article next week.

@ Chelle – Batwoman’s a great pick. Best-looking book from the big 2.

I am doing all the contrary!!!

I just have added the 4 GL/RL to my monthly list, plus the Thunder Agents mini-series.
They will be well acclaimed by all the titles from the Dark and Edge lines titles!!!!

It’s Marvel which is being chopped!!!! I only keep the Punisher (mainly with the help of Rucka – except the intrusions of MU characters, this title is near a MAX one), and the 6 Guns mini-series (I hope to see this series to become an ongoing, far, far, very far away from the spandex supes universes and stories – Marvel, if you are reading this: do your job!!!! Entertainment us!!!!!).

And I have some indies titles too.

Being an European has many advantages like the facts that if you want to read crap Marvel stories, DCnU and Batverse stories, and the excellent DH Star Wars stories, you have access to very cheap UK Collector Edition comic books (£2.99 / 3 complete stories / excellent printing process / excellent paper / NO ADS!!!!!!! The all under a thick cover!!!!!).

So, why to pay $2.99/$3.99 a SINGLE story when for £2.99, you can read 3 SINGLES stories under the same cover??? We are having in January, nearly all the Avengers titles, the FF CE will contain the actual FF AND the return of the true FF, Spidey has its 3 stories x 2 CE each month (yep, 6 SINGLE stories in 2 comic books for only £2.99 the CE comic book!!!!! And you are paying them $3.99 a SINGLE????? Are you crazy????), the X-Men CE will propose the “relaunched” X-Men titles sold, now, at $3.99 a SINGLE story (ahem… The CE will stay at £2.99 for 3 SINGLE stories…). And it is not only in the UK, but in all the European countries!!!!

In France, all the DCnU lines titles will be printed in very cheap editions which will be bigger and lesser expensive than a SINGLE US comic book edition… The Marvel/DH titles are already published in this CE format (with staples or like your “Prestige” format…).

Yep, we are living in old countries, and with the strong desire to not being the “turkeys” for the comic books publishers…

But I will not go against your rights to being plummeted by your own publishers. It is your life after all…

(Nyark nyark nyark!!!!)

I’ve been a fan of the Justice League for years, and my current pull list reflects that, with all 3 JL books (Justice League, International, and Dark), plus some solo action from other JLA’ers (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Savage Hawkman, Green Lantern).

For me, though, the biggest surprise has been the Batman family of books. I currently count in my pull Batman, Detective, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, and Nightwing.

I picked up Stormwatch to see how well Martian Manhunter played in that corner of the universe, but it’s been a bit disappointing so far, and is finding itself on the bottom with Savage Hawkman and GL spinoff Red Lanterns. From the hype, I’m thinking of dropping these and adding I, Vampire and Demon Knights.

Frankly, I’m still stuck on the BOP bandwagon, with no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Three months is far from being able to judge…3 book rule be damned.
Steve Sunu needs to slow down on his cut list…I’d rather this column go on hiatus until next August.
I’m buying all 52 and honestly enjoying each and everyone, I’m not fooling myself but DC seems to be working hard on making these books work and they need more time than a 3 month window.

I am off the Marvel train but I have this sense of Deja Vu, DC seems IMHO to be using the 60’s Marvel template here…again it’s my own slant but something is eerily familiar for this old timer.

Another month, more swipes from “Copyullo”. Geez, has this human xerox machine no shame? Hasn’t anyone noticed that the above cover is directly stolen from Miller’s Dark Knight?!? Why doesn’t he do convention sketches? Perchance because he can’t draw ANYTHING without having someone elses work open in front of him? Capullo is a phony- period. Next month’s cover appears to be a DIRECT SWIPE from Wrightson’s “The Cult” book which was amongst Bernie’s weaker efforts, but IT WAS HIS OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatsamatta, Greggy, can’t do ANYTHING yourself? Take a few sheets of tracing paper out of petty cash for yourself…..

I’ve been mainly a Marvel fan my whole life, but feeling let down with another shoddy Crossover event (Fear Itself) and liking the idea of the New 52 reset, I’ve added a number of these books to my list (as such, this is a list from a DC noob!):

– Batman – Loving Capullo’s artwork (takes me back to 90’s Spawn) and find the book refreshingly easy to get into after the sheer confusion Morrison’s later issues caused me; just straight up, classic detective work/ass-kicking.

– Green Lantern Corps – Love me some Lanterns (after a friend lent me Sinestro Corps War/Blackest Night etc.) but definitely favour the cosmic adventures over Hal’s eathbound stuff.

– Action Comics – Never read a Supes book before, but a Morrison-built origin had me intrigued. Like the new more vulnerable depiction of Supes, and Luthor’s reading like Preacher’s Herr Starr. This is a good thing.

– Justice League – Great intro to the team, fantastic artwork…just great superhero comics all round.

Might have to check out Demon Knights due to the love it’s getting here though. And can anyone advise on the quality of GL: New Guardians or Red Lanterns?

You didnt pull Batman or Demon Knights! are you insane! lol

My Pull list is on the verge of shrinkage right now (budgetary) so i am looking (rather pettily) at reasons to drop books, which inevitably ill pick up in trade. This month i dropped All Star Western im not loving it enough to pay the extra dollar (the back up was not my thing), and Voodoo will be gone once Marsz leaves the title after issue 4 (just felt DC had no reason behind doing this)

My Pull list so far is….

Catwoman (Issue 3 was a huge improvement – seriously check it out)
Wonder Woman
Demon Knights
Batman and Robin
Red Hood
JLA Dark
The Shade

On the verge of dropping (All have a full arc to impress me)

Batgirl (just find it evading the reason for Babs rehibilitation, i wont buy ‘miracle cure’ nor will Oracle fans)
Batwoman (beautiful art, want-to-hang-it-on-my-wall art, but the story just isnt grabbing my attention and i dont like her having a sidekick)
Nightwing (there is nothing wrong with it, it does exactly what it says on the tin, but doesnt challenge me enough as a reader to keep with it)

The only book i read that i dropped after one issue was Mr Terrific i had such high hopes for it but it just isnt working for me, hes one of those guys who is amazing on a team but as a solo act i just cant get into it (like Huntress)

Books getting a second Look:

Superman (after Perez leaves)
Green Arrow (will be there for issue 7)

I’ve never been much of a DC fan/reader when it comes to regular continuity, but so far I really enjoy the new spin on Wonder Woman, and OMAC rules, old style Kirby all-out action fun!! I’m sticking with Justice League for Jim Lee’s art for now, but the story is so slow and uninteresting that I might drop it after the first arc if it doesn’t pick up soon. The few others I’ve tried like Suicide Squad I have not been impressed with, might give some others a shot but none of them are really intriguing me enough.

And random thought, but am I the only one thinking that Frank Miller’s All Star Batman And Robin could fit in the new 52, with a few tweaks to match the rebooted characters, and if it was just a bit more restrained in it’s over the top goofiness?

There has been a lot of discussion about CBR’s ‘reviews’. I have to say that the reviews in this ’52 Pickup’ are the best I’ve read.

I’m curious though. Are you REALLY dropping Batman, or just narrowing the titles down for the ‘game’?

Can a comic lover really drop a title that he says the writer “is killing it on this book, and the end of every issue makes me want to read more”?

Very little love for the Legion titles, that’s does not bode well for them.

If you’re only dropping Batman because you have to, then I think you need to rethink the premise of this column.

My problem with the Legion titles (and I LOVE the Legion) is that both titles come with too much continuity from the pre 52 Legion title which I didn’t read. Legion Origins one was good. I am still reading the legion books, I just don’t understand what is going on.

Googam son of Goom

November 24, 2011 at 11:10 am

It’s all a matter of personal taste: “the art by Jordi Bernet didn’t do much for me”. i consider him one of the greats and would read almost anything he illustrated.

Yeah, I said it before and I’ll say it again. And it’s gotten to the point where everybody’s pointing it out. This is a colossal waste of time, and it accomplishes nothing. It’s not even about personal taste. It’s just a weird, arbitrary exercise. Ill-conceived from the beginning and way past the point of proving anything at all.

I’d switch Batman with Aquaman or just try to add one more book to your list.

After trying out alot of the 52. Only Animal Man, Batman, Batwoman, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman remain.

Batman and Demon Knights are must buys. Bad call there

When are they going back to the old universe?They can just keep Animal Man.

Aw, too bad you didn’t like Batman that much.

DC’s “New 52″ titles were the first I ever took interest in buying because I knew it was a reboot. Having grown up with DC characters through multiple media formats has been great and I’m really enjoying this version of the universe so far. I wanted to buy into most of the titles and really get the whole picture but due to money constraints and my dollars mostly going to Marvel I started cutting titles before Justice League #1 came out.

I started with Justice League, Batwing, Green Arrow, Red Lanterns, Swamp Thing, Batwoman, Mister Terrific, Suicide Squad, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Supergirl, Aquaman, GL: New Guardians, Teen Titans, The Savage Hawkman, and Huntress.

Out of those I immediately dropped The Savage Hawkman, and put Green Arrow, Red Lanterns, Swamp Thing, Batwoman, Mister Terrific and Supergirl on the chopping block.

While at my LCS I picked up the #1’s of JL Dark, I, Vampire, GL Corps, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Catwoman, and Detective Comics. I loved them all and added them to my list.

At this time I have dumped Swamp Thing and Green Arrow after issue #3.

I plan to drop Detective after #4 and Batwoman after #5. The rest are staying for at least the 2nd arc of their stories. Mister Terrific, GL Corps, Batman and Robin, Supergirl, Red Lanterns, Aquaman, Nightwing and Suicide Squad are next in line to get nixed depending on the direction their 3rd story arcs take.

Here’s my list in relative order of preference.

—————-The Elite

JLA Dark
I, Vampire
Resurrection Man
Wonder Woman
Animal Man.
————————– These books are basically safe
Swamp Thing
Birds of Prey
Suicide Squad
Hawk and Dove
Voodoo (not happy about Marz getting the boot. I may be done)
DC Presents
Teen Titans (one of the few comics I get for my wife. I probably wouldn’t get it otherwise, but it’s okay)

———————————— I want to shave my list down a bit, so these titles don’t have long.

Demon Knights (Too slow, but a lot of fun. The story needs to pick up the pace)
All Star Western (1st issue was great, 2 a waste, 3 was decent. Splash pages & decompression must end)
Blue Beetle (Very slow moving but I’m going to get at least one more issue)
Static Shock (old school style and hanging on, but needs to improve)
Frankenstein (Way too decompressed and the art isn’t enjoyable)
Mr. Terrific (issue 3 was better than 2 but I’m about done)

Here’s what I tried and found bad, a rehash of what I’ve seen before or too decompressed

Action Comics
Detective Comics
GL: Corps
GL: New Guardians
Captain Atom
Batman & Robin
Men of War
Green Arrow
Justice League

My must reads:

Animal Man
Swamp Thing
Action Comics
Wonder Woman
Justice League

The following are on my list…for now…

Detective Comics
Green Lantern

And Action will probably stay on for now, but Miles Morales is killing me. Morrison desperately needs a consistent artist, he deserves so much better. Morales is just all over the place, and I find that it takes me out of the story sometimes.

I really can’t see how ANYONE is enjoying Mr. Terrific…its far from Terrific…bad writing horrible art, almost unreadable.

I recently went through my comics and making a list is very hard for me, but these issues are not holding me as much as i’d previously hoped :(

1. Catwoman, Im again disappointed in what they have done with her, I dont mind her being sexually active in the least or even sex appeal, but giving the comic no draw with a good enough story arch leaves readers like myself disappointed, Im giving it a couple more goes before its final pull but if not reeled in soon it will be off my picks

2. Deathstroke, I might be a little naive on deathstroke because I never caught up with him much, but I was disapointed to find the majority of the last comic being a fight scene, with so many getting pulled lately Im drawn in more with the stories then the action, as all offer action, I will admit issue #3 has held my interest more but with me narrowing down my choices its getting harder to keep this one on board.

TOP Picks
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
and honestly I like redhood and the outlaws

the others are great but those are my favs, and some I havent been able to purchase due to budgets

Before the reboot I was buying 0 DC and all Marvel. Now I collect about the same amount.

Must Read DC:

Justice League
Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
I, Vampire
Animal Man
Swamp Thing
Wonder Woman
Teen Titans
The Legion: Secret Origin
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (Upon Release)
DCU Presents: Challengers of the Unknown arc only.
Demon Knights (Only in trade form)


Justice League International
Legion of Superheroes
Action Comics
Stormwatch – Most Danger
Red Lanterns – Most Danger
Resurrection Man – Most Danger


All Star Western

All others were dropped right after issue #1. More will be cut, I need to cut down my hobby purchases to something more reasonable.

I agree on Batman, which I dropped with #2. It was just a little boring and I wasn’t interested in the mystery. Also, stories about dwelling over Gotham and how evil it is seem a little trite and cliche now. The emphasis on Batman being a detective and Capullo’s art aren’t bad at all though.

I’m sticking with Wonder Woman and would recommend you keep going with All-Star Western. I’m finding it surprisingly enjoyable and I wasn’t even reading the last Jonah Hex series. I even liked the first back-up story.

I dropped Justice League after #1, which I found to be pretty disappointing. I’ll probably buy it in hardcover though.

My pull list is thus far only whittled to 17 (im still working on slimming it down to a manageable 10):

Birds of Prey
Animal Man
Swamp Thing
Teen Titans
All Star Western
Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
Justice League
I, Vampire
JL Dark
Resurrection Man
Suicide Squad

I’m still trying Captain Atom, Hawkman and Stormwatch but those have been consistently hit and miss and will probably go by new year.

The only ones firmly in the list however are Animal Man, Birds of Prey, Batwing, and All-Star Western. Those have all had plots and characters that have intrigued me,

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