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Nicola Scott joins Superman for three issues

Art from Superman #3

Former Birds of Prey artist Nicola Scott will step in for Jesus Merino on three issues of Superman, beginning with this month’s Issue 3.

DC Comics announced this morning that Scott will illustrate issues 3, 5 and 6, with regular artist Merino penciling Issue 4 before returning for Issue 7, which features the debut of new writers Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen. The duo replaces George Perez, who leaves as writer and breakdown artist following the sixth issue.

Scott, a DC-exclusive artist who also worked on Secret Six and Wonder Woman, will next collaborate with James Robinson on the relaunched Justice Society of America.

Superman #3, which pits the Man of Steel against a new foe targeting those dearest to Clark Kent, goes on sale Nov. 23. Check out a preview of the issue below.



Man, I’m so glad to see her back on the scene. Definitely one of comicdom’s finest and most underrated.

Not sure how I feel about this…selfishly, I love the dynamic of the book through the first two issues and am not sure how I’m gonna do with this…

Lucky Superman readers. I’ve never seen a page from her I haven’t loved.

This marks the first (of many I am sure) lineup ‘substitutions’ for DC. After all they promised there’d be no delays, not that the creative teams would stay the same!

This marks the first (of many I am sure) lineup ‘substitutions’ for DC.

That’s not accurate at all. There have been substitutions and replacements since week 2, and many more have been announced before this one.

Can she step in PERMANENTLY please???

This is a pretty good substitution. But it’s sort of mindboggling it’s being announced so late.

Now I’m going to have to buy it, darn it!

Man, those new Superman costumes sure look silly.

Hey it’s all good, ………………………..till Jurgens shows up. (brrrrr)

I guess its the first of the books I am interested in to have a switch. Typical DC move though. Announce a new line (or book) on the backs of creators and then by issue 3 have a new team…it will certainly help me pair down books if they play too many games.

So, we get Nicola for three issues then Jesus Merino’s coming back for #7?

Where’s the bad news? :)

For a second,i thought they finally ditch the silly non brief costume & use the trouser one :P

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