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Nicolas Cage’s copy of Action Comics #1 sells for record $2.16 million

A near-mint copy of Action Comics #1 owned by actor Nicolas Cage sold at auction tonight for a record $2.16 million.

Graded at 9.0, the rare 1938 comic easily surpassed the previous record of $1.5 million set in March 2010 for the same issue, featuring the first appearance of Superman. That copy was graded slightly lower, at 8.5.

Vincent Zurzolo, chief operating officer of ComicConnect/Metropolis Collectibles, told Comic Riffs that the issue that sold this evening — bidding closed at 7:25 p.m. ET — is the best copy of Action Comics he’s ever seen.

“The buyer was extremely excited about the prospect of bidding on this,” he said. “I think he had an adrenalin rush for the last two hours.”

The comic was stolen from Cage’s Los Angeles home in 2000, and discovered in April by an unidentified man who claims to have bought the contents of an abandoned San Fernando Valley, California, storage locker. Although Zurzolo wouldn’t reveal the comic’s previous owner, he did confirm that his company played a role in its recovery.

About 100 copies of Action Comics #1 are believed to exist, but only a handful of those are in good condition.



I’m content just to have read the stories in reprint form in Famous First Edition, but a copy of the original book in that shape is impressive and if the buyer thinks that’s money well spent, more power to them.

There was a movie where Nic Cage’s Action #1 gets stolen. Good times. Fun stuff.

surprised that it was able to be sold if it was stolen not to mention that Nick himself did not try and buy the thing back.otherwise the winning bidder has a rare treasure

Lucky guy. Not that he has a 9.0 Action Comics #1 but that he can spend over two million dollars on something like that.

Bill and Teds Shitty Adventure

December 1, 2011 at 5:37 am

I went to an Auction/Flea Market in Jersey called Englishtown Auction 5 years back and no joke saw a copy of Action Comics issue 1 in a pile of old beat up comics and I mean a lot of them the cover was ripped in half and all the edges were shot I didnt care cause I probably still could have got a buttload of money for it maybe even from Nic Cages crazy ass. Soon as I ask the guy how much he grabs it real quick and says not for sale….damn

I probably would have bought this if all I had left was 2.161 million. I would be one happy homeless guy.

Nic Cage didn’t bid because he has no money back and last I checked, was being sued for millions by like no less than 3 different parties for various things….

“surprised that it was able to be sold if it was stolen not to mention that Nick himself did not try and buy the thing back”

I’m pretty sure Cage is the one selling it. He owes a lot of money and has been selling a lot of assets. The explanation is more as to why it wasn’t sold off previously, either when he reportedly sold off his entire comic book collection or when he started selling his houses off (and just another interesting side to the story).

Actually, looking back at the original story — the comic was insured, and the insurance paid Cage off, so the insurance company is probably selling it off themselves because he can’t afford to pay them back.

Why wasn’t it returned to Cage if it was stolen?

9.0, that’s impressive, well worth the 2 mil.

However, it makes me sad that due to DC’s shenanigans, my first thought when I saw this story was “I guess they have to start saying Action Comics, Vol 1, #1 on stories like this.”

Personally I would have bought a mansion and an expensive car for 2.16 million, then gone on an overseas vacation, but that’s just me.

Sure, he/she obviously can afford it but still…

The sad part is Nicholas Cage geniunely needed the money if you know what’s been going on in his life.

If I had 2 mill, I would buy a nice house and a good car and spend it wisely.

Who are these millionaire comic book fans, who can afford to shell out so much?

I just bought the digital copy for this for $0.99

Stupidity, thy name is comic book collector. Talk about more money than brains!

if the guy has the cash whose business is it to complain if hes wealthy?

some of these posts are ridiculous.

i guess abel will always have his cain to bash him…

“thy brother is envious & jealous”

“Why wasn’t it returned to Cage if it was stolen?”

Gil – it was insured for a lot of money. The company paid Cage for his insurance claim. Therefore, if it’s recovered, the insurance company owns the comic. I believe standard practice (whether legally required or not) is that they allow him the chance to buy it back for the amount they gave him, but Cage is not doing well financially right now.

If I had that kind of money, I’d pay the Russian space program to take me to space instead of buying classic comics. For me, the value is in the reading not the item itself.

ahahaha Superbat bravo my friend bravo

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