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Please consider contributing to the Rosalie Lightning Hart Memorial Fund

Cartoonists Tom Hart (Hutch Owen) and Leela Corman (Queen’s Day) have experienced a terrible, devastating loss with the unexpected death of their young daughter, Rosalie Lightning. Vineyland creator Lauren Weinstein has set up a memorial fund via PayPal to help Hart and Corman in their time of need. Please consider giving if you have the time and financial ability to do so. Weinstein also says that anyone seeking information on where to send condolences should email

I’m sure I speak for everyone here at Robot 6 when I say we wish Tom and Leela our deepest condolences and hope they find the strength to carry on in the face of such a heart-rending, inexplicable tragedy.



never a good thing, find solace in each other.

never a good thing for a parent to lose a child . my condolences and sympathy to the family. for their unimaginable loss .

As a parent myself, I cannot fathom what Rosalie Lightning Hart’s parents are enduring right now. As folks in the industry react with their support, I was particularly touched by Tom Hart’s response to Jon Lewis’ essay.

“It’s a magical place, this town, where her soul was set free.”

Tom Hart and Leela Corman clearly are two people with many, many friends, and I hope they are able to lean on these friends in the tough times ahead. I also hope there are substantial donations.

Tom and Leela,

You and your family will be lifte up in prayer. We feel terrible for your loss – hope you can find comfort in knowing Rosalie is now in the arms of Jesus.

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