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Read a sneak preview of Guy Delisle’s Jerusalem

Oh man, this was an unexpected treat to find in my Google Reader today: A six-page preview of comics memoirist-cum-journalist Guy Delisle’s upcoming travelogue Jerusalem, courtesy of Drawn and Quarterly. Delisle recounts a trip to an Israeli checkpoint as Palestinians attempt to pass through to attend Friday services at the al-Aqsa Mosque, and the resulting pages are a gorgeous demonstration of how to convey controlled chaos with a handful of lines and graytones. The full book, Delisle’s longest to date, comes out in April 2012.



A full book? I can do it in one sentence:

Jerusalem is two kids fighting over who’s imaginary friend is the coolest.

It can be a pretty sensitive subject for some people. In a fictional sense, I think there was one person who was close to solving this age-old problem: Homer Simpson in the episode “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed”, when he develops “Jerusalem Syndrome” and thinks he’s the Messiah. Addressing all faiths at the Altar of the Rock (the only site in Jerusalem holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims), he said one of the best pieces of wisdom out there:
“…because when you get down to it, aren’t all religions the same? They tell you what to eat, when to pray; how this imperfect clay we call man can mold itself to resemble the divine–but we can never attain that ultimate grace while there is hatred in our hearts for each other. Celebrate your commonalities: some of us don’t eat pork; some of us don’t eat shellfish–but all of us love chicken…Spread the word! Peace, and chicken.”

that said, Jerusalem is incredibly beautiful. (the city not so much the modern populace)

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