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Retailer Michael George gets life sentence for wife’s murder

Michael George

Former retailer and convention organizer Michael George was sentenced this morning to life in prison for the 1990 murder of his first wife Barbara in their Clinton Township, Michigan, comic store.

George was found guilty a second time on Oct. 11 after his 2008 conviction was overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct and the release of potential new evidence. Prosecutors contend that George shot his wife in the head in the back room of their store July 13, 1990, and then staged the killing to look like a robbery so he could collect money from an insurance policy and a shared estate, and start over with another woman.

The Detroit News reports that 51-year-old Michael George, who maintains he was asleep on his mother’s sofa at the time of the shooting, was also ordered to pay restitution of $130,000 to John Hancock Life Insurance Co.

A tearful Michael George, sitting in a wheelchair, addressed the court, saying, “Something will be found. Someone will come forward. I have never harmed a woman in my life. Let’s not forget no one saw me there — no one.” He plans to appeal the conviction.

Barbara George’s sister and brother also spoke, directing their comments to Michael George as well as his daughters Tracie and Michelle, who supported their father but were absent from the courtroom today at his request.

“We think about you all the time,” Christine Ball said, reading from a prepared statement. “Your mother lost everything. She didn’t get to hold you and watch you grow up. I know we sit at opposite sides of the courtroom, but we have and always will love you.”



call me uninterested but this i s find as tabloid gossip news rather …other than the fact that this guy was a comics retailer why is it on this site?…sensationalist.. and pretty much not belonging on a comics news web site.

Exactly dinnertop

We dont need or want to know other peoples fucking problems.

Stick to comic news CBR, in fact get rid of the movie TV news too,

Whats next, Magic the Garhering tournament coverage?

Sorry guys, it’s called REALITY. Hate to intrude on your comic fantasy bubble but even people in the comic industry have real problems.

I can understand thinking it doesn’t belong here but, no, it’s neither “tabloid” nor “gossip”.

“Comic retailer dies in car crash!”

“Blogger, Joe Blow, gets divorced, may lose his laptop!”


What does personal shit have to do with me? or the Industry?

Lets report and gossip about everything!

No decency left in journalism, if ever there was. And whats worse, asshats want to read and watch all the terrible news. You can’t get enough of reality can you Paul?

This again? Dinnertop and Trey: Would you have expected ESPN to ignore the OJ trial? Things that happen to members of the comics community ARE comics news.

And there is NOTHING sensationalist in the post. It’s a just-the-facts recounting.

commenters except Paul & sean: you guys are schmucks.

interesting that it took two trials and michel george winds up once again convicted of the murder. and now continues the legal battle with appeals.

Guys, it’s not “personal shit.” It’s a legal proceeding, and those are part of the public record, and they ARE news. Is a random retailer’s divorce worthy of coverage? Of course not.

It’s also worth noting that George isn’t just your average comics retailer, he also used to run the Pittsburgh Comicon.

Just to be clear, do you object to the Detroit Free Press reporting on this trial, or is it just comics news sites linking to said coverage that gets your blood boiling?

regular news sites …no
comics news sites yes

OK. So another question: If Michael George was a more prominent member of the comics community — say, if Joe Quesada killed somebody — would Robot 6’s coverage be OK then?

I’m not trying to be a jerk, we can agree to disagree, I’m just genuinely curious where you draw the line.

And are you OK with stories that focus on the business of comics, like, say, a publisher going under?

Jerk got what he deserved.

Anyone with a love for comics should’ve known he wouldn’t get away with it, and that justice would prevail.

And the classic “I’m guilty as hell, and I know it” picture is back! Bless you, Kevin.

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