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Robert Kirkman survives harrowing appearance on The View

As we noted on Sunday, The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman was a guest on The View‘s “Halloween Spectacular” episode, where he survived a gauntlet of questions about his popular creation, zombies and zombie survival. You can check out Kirkman’s appearance below; his “Zombies 101″ segment begins at about the 11:20 mark, after the first commercial break.



That went about as well as could be expected. Nice to see Kirkman get this kind of attention.

I think he did great!!

I wished he talked more about the comic series. The comic has the potential to be a big mainstream hit outside the typical comic book readership, since it already has a TV show, and is a horror story that’s not about superheroes.

Wow. I didn’t know zombies could be obese, annoying and facile all at once!

He did great and they weren’t as crazy and all talking at once as bad as they can be. (I’ve only seen the show a few times when people I like are on it.) Though I think it’s really weird of all talk shows he goes on *this* one.

It’s a shame the girls didn’t wear costumes for the occasion.

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